#GoingVegetarian: All veggie enchiladas


I know, I know. I am late posting. Have to say this was one hell of an hectic week. Going to the hospital every other day for check-ups, my Mac crashing (I had to initialize it, I lost everything on it)…but then we had also very positive notes such as temperature dropping, heavy rain and […]

September 3, 2017

#Mealplanner week 1 and my pantry staples list

Meal Planner

Ok, toddler is sleeping. Baby is sleeping. House is clean. I got lunch. Time to write, even if I’m not sure this peaceful moment will last. It’s Monday and the only positive thing about Monday is that I get to know what’s in my grocery boxes this week. I know it doesn’t look super fun […]

August 28, 2017

#CocktailOClock: Southside

Cocktail O'Clock

Pregnancy is over. And breastfeeding almost never started. I gave formula to my first child who was too lazy to properly look for the nipple and I gave formula to the new baby. Actually I wanted to give the whole breastfeeding thing a try but he was born heavily underweight so – even if the […]

August 27, 2017

#MealPlanner 0 and I’m back blogging!

Meal Planner

Disclaimer: I have a newborn sleeping on my chest and a toddler sleeping on my legs. I’m in the dark and pretty sleepy. My english is crappy and I am not overthinking or proofreading it. Live with it. Sorry. Hello! I know you didn’t miss me much as I’m not a really constant writer but […]

August 25, 2017

#MommyBlog: 5 weeks to go

Mommy Blog

So, here we are. Almost end of June, almost end of the time. The baby is supposed to come on July 30th but he decided to really decrease his growing rate so both my ob/gyn and the hospital where I am gonna deliver the baby agreed on keeping a closer eye on it and I […]

June 21, 2017

#SkyandBlanket: Twin Peaks, S3E1and E2

Sky and Blanket

Twin Peaks. 25 years ago I was…well, in elementary school and my mom (oddly) didn’t want me to watch a tv show starting with a dead girl floating on a river. More oddly everyone else in my school was allowed to watch it and guess what? They also made fun of me ’cause my name […]

May 23, 2017

#TheSourdoughBaker: Sticky Lemon Rolls

The Sourdough Baker

Scorrete in basso per l’italiano As you know I adopted some sourdough and, oddly, it is still alive. What I failed to consider is that everytime you refresh it you have a really hard choice to make: throw the exceeding dough away or bake something. How can you put your little creature in the trash […]

May 5, 2017

#NetflixAndBlanket : 13 Reasons Why

Netflix and Blanket

Scorrete in basso per l’italiano   So, the show of the moment isn’t it? Did you watch it? If not I have to advise you this post contains spoilers so quit reading now.  I finally managed to finish it during this long weekend, while the baby and my husband were out for walks. The building […]

May 2, 2017