#SkyandBlanket: Twin Peaks, S3E1and E2

Sky and Blanket

Twin Peaks. 25 years ago I was…well, in elementary school and my mom (oddly) didn’t want me to watch a tv show starting with a dead girl floating on a river. More oddly everyone else in my school was allowed to watch it and guess what? They also made fun of me ’cause my name […]

May 23, 2017

#NetflixAndBlanket : 13 Reasons Why

Netflix and Blanket

Scorrete in basso per l’italiano   So, the show of the moment isn’t it? Did you watch it? If not I have to advise you this post contains spoilers so quit reading now.  I finally managed to finish it during this long weekend, while the baby and my husband were out for walks. The building […]

May 2, 2017