California democratic Rep. Alan Lowenthal no Running in 2022

By staff - December 16, 2021, 2:15 afternoon ET

Five-term California Rep. Alan Lowenthal announced Thursday that he won"t operation for reelection next year. He becomes the 20th Democrat to announce they are retiring or seeking one more office in 2022.

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After serving the 47th ar of California for almost 10 year in Washington, D.C., i have decided not to run for reelection to conference in 2022. Check out my full statement to my constituents:

— Rep. Alan Lowenthal (
RepLowenthal) December 16, 2021

Currently, ar 47 is along the coast, south of Los Angeles, and includes long Beach and Catalina Island. In the latest proposed map placed out by California"s redistricting commission, Lowenthal would have actually fit many naturally into the new District 39, as would fellow Democrat Lucille Roybal-Allard (current CA-40). Lowenthal"s retirement stays clear of a potential intraparty primary in between two incumbents. California is losing a ar for the very first time because it acquired statehood.

Live Results: several State legislature Elections come Close the end the Year

By employee - December 14, 2021, 7:49 to be ET

The 2021 election calendar wraps increase Tuesday with two general and two main state legislative unique elections. If all 4 of the states have actually completed legislative redistricting, these elections will certainly be contested under the currently boundaries.

Special basic Elections

Connecticut State home District 116

The 151 member Connecticut house of to represent is comprised of 95 Democrats and 54 Republicans. Members offer two-year terms. The next scheduled elections room in in 2022. These will certainly be conducted using redistricted boundaries.

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There space vacancies in Districts 116 and 144. The one-of-a-kind election because that Stamford-area ar 144 will take place on January 25.

District 116 is located just southwest of brand-new Haven. That was formerly represented through Democrat Michael DiMassa, who resigned in October after gift indicted. He to be serving his 3rd term.

Nominees for one-of-a-kind elections in Connecticut space selected by the parties. Democracy nominatedTrenee McGee. The Republican nominee is Richard DePalma, who additionally represented the party in the 2016 and 2018 elections here. Those gyeongju were not competitive; DiMassa won by a nearly 50% margin both times. Live independence Portia prejudice is likewise on the ballot.

Polls close in ~ 8:00 PM eastern Time (ET).

Iowa State Senate ar 1

Republicans organize a 31-18 edge over Democrats in the 50-person Iowa State Senate. Members serve staggered four year terms; districts with even numbers were challenged in 2020 and also those v odd numbers scheduled for 2022. As a result ofredistricting, it is possible that one or more of the even-numbered districts, known as "holdover senatorial districts" will additionally be on the ballot. That remains to it is in determined. If any of those elections space needed, they will certainly be because that a reduce two-year term.

District 1 consists a greatly rural area in the northwest edge of the state. It has actually been vacant due to the fact that October, as soon as Republican Zach Whiting resigned to take a task in Texas. Whiting was in his an initial term; the ran unopposed in 2018.

Nominees for distinct elections in Iowa are selected by the parties. The Republicans determined Dave Rowley; the autonomous nominee is mark Lemke.

Polls close at 9:00 afternoon ET.

Special main Elections

Arkansas State Senate district 7

Republicans host a lopsided 26-7 margin over Democrats in the 35-person Arkansas State Senate. Term size is 4 years, other than two years because that the election that precedes a redistricting - as was the instance in 2020. The 2022 elections will certainly be challenged usingredistricted boundaries. Those will certainly be for four years terms, as will the ones in 2026.

District 7 is in the northwest part of the state. Republican Lance Eads resigned in October to take it a private sector job. Eads to be serving in his 2nd term, having actually run unopposed in the general election in 2016 and 2020.

Four Republicans room looking to succeed Eads, while two Democrats are seeking your party"s nomination. If no candidate it s okay a majority of the vote, a peak two runoff will certainly be hosted January 11. The ultimate nominees will breakthrough to the February 8 general election.

Polls close in ~ 8:30 afternoon ET.

Massachusetts State Senate first Suffolk & Middlesex District

Democrats have an overwhelming 36-3 membership advantage in the 40-person Massachusetts State Senate. Term length is two years; the next regularly booked elections room in 2022. These will certainly be contested under redistricted boundaries.

The vacancy in this Boston area district arisen in September, once incumbent Democrat Joseph Boncore resigned to take it a personal sector job. Boncore remained in his 3rd term.

No Republican has challenged this district because 2012. That streak will continue with the unique election. Two candidates are completing in the democratic primary with the nominee every but details to be chosen on January 11.

Polls close at 8:00 pm ET.


On January 11, there will be a unique election come in Florida"s 20th conference district. The seat has actually been vacant due to the fact that long-time autonomous Rep. Alcee Hastings died in April. Sheila Cherfilus-McCormick won the special autonomous primary by simply 5 votes end Dale Holness and also she will be a heavy favorite against Republican Jason Mariner.

This is the only right now open seat in the U.S. House. However, one more will take place at the end of 2021, together California Rep. Devin Nunes (R) announced he will resign to lead former president Donald Trump"s brand-new media venture.

The 2022 election Calendar (statewide primaries) kicks off in Texas on in march 1. It to be to have been followed the adhering to week by north Carolina"s primaries. However, these have been delay until may by the State supreme Court to enable time for legal challenges to redistricted maps newly approved by the basic Assembly.

There will also be number of legislative distinct elections in January and February.

Current home members are assigned to brand-new districts together appropriate. In some cases, redistricting will force two incumbents search reelection right into the exact same district. If they are of the exact same party (e.g., WV-2), the survivor will be determined in the party primary. Alternately, if there is one representative from each party (e.g., NC-11), and also both success their corresponding primaries, castle will meet in the general election.

Some says will it is in gray. Dark gray states, divided by district, have the right to be contained in your projection (i.e., changed to red/blue/toss-up), yet were not obtainable to it is in rated once the map was saved. (For maps that we save updated - such as those connected with professional experts - any kind of dark gray claims are those that have actually not however been rated by the forecaster).

Light gray states carry out not yet have a redistricted map available; these are not interactive. The counter above the map off districts in light gray indigenous those in dark. Together a result, the irradiate gray full at any given suggest in time will be the same throughout all home maps you look at. That number additionally reflects the variety of districts - out of 435 total - that continue to be to it is in redistricted.

The current 2022 agreement House estimate is below. Click because that an interaction version.


Use the drop under list over the map to view all districts, and their numbers, because that a selected state.

Use the buttons over the map come toggle in between the "Interactive Map" and also the "Current House". The current house map mirrors the existing district boundaries and also incumbents. For representation purposes, these borders are in effect until the brand-new Congress take away office in January, 2023. Current maps are available for all states, even those the haven"t completed redistricting.

Jodi Nelson easily won the Republican main on October 19, obtaining 78% the the vote in a three-person field.The democratic nominee is mary Eisner, who was unopposed. Eisner formerly served one hatchet in the house after being elected in 2018. In 2020, she finished an initial among 10 democracy on the ballot, however 11th overall, denying she reelection.

Polls close at 8:00 PM east Time.


The last elections that 2021 take location next Tuesday, December 14.

Arkansas State house District 7 (Primaries)Connecticut State house District 116Iowa State Senate ar 1Massachusetts State Senate very first Suffolk & Middlesex ar (Dem. Primary)

The 2022 choice Calendar (statewide major Election Days) kicks turn off in Texas on in march 1.

Republican Rep. Devin Nunes announced Monday that he will certainly resign from congress in the comes weeks. He has actually been hired as CEO of trump card Media & an innovation Group, which is preparing to beginning a brand-new social media platform referred to as TRUTH Social.

Nunes represents California"s 22nd district, located in the san Joaquin Valley.He did not fare well in the an initial draft of maps exit by California"s bipartisan redistricting committee critical month. If those borders were to hold, CA-22 would transition from a ar Trump carried by 5% to one Biden carried by 9%. Overall, the state is losing a congressional ar in Census apportionment because that the an initial time ever.

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At one September rally, trumped even argued 2018 autonomous nominee Stacey Abrams would be much better for the state 보다 Kemp. There"s a possibility that can play the end - Abrams gotten in the race last week and will virtually certainly be the party"s nominee again next year.

Perdue offered one ax in the Senate after ~ being chosen in 2014. He shed in a runoff to Democrat Jon Ossoff in January. In a little of irony, Trump"s repeated questioning that the integrity of Georgia"s poll in the presidential choice may have actually kept sufficient Republicans home during the runoff to cost Perdue his job.

Michigan, Nevada, and also Wisconsin were relocated from Leans autonomous to Toss-up. Of these races, chef cited Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers (D) together "probably the many endangered".

Maine is now viewed as an ext competitive, relocating from most likely to Leans Democratic. Still donate Democrats, however no much longer "Safe", brand-new Mexico and also Oregon were relocated to most likely Democratic. Iowa and also South Carolina, on the other hand, are seen as largely out that reach because that Democrats, moving from likely to safe Republican.

The lone race moving in the other direction is in brand-new York, which move from most likely to for sure Democratic.

Earlier in the week, Massachusetts was relocated from for sure Republican come Leans Democratic, as GOP Gov. Charlie Baker announced the wouldn"t look for a 3rd term. Chef notes this rating might be transitional "until every the main contours end up being clearer, but it appears destined to end up in most likely or hard Democrat very soon." Georgia was relocated from Leans Republican come Toss-up, after ~ 2018 autonomous nominee Stacey Abrams entered the race.

The chef map through these changes is below. Pick it for an interactive version to create and share your very own 2022 gubernatorial forecast.


staceyabrams) December 1, 2021

Kemp beat Abrams by 1.4% in 2018. It was the third closest gubernatorial race that year.

Abrams" entry right into the race has actually long been expected. She have to have tiny trouble securing the autonomous nomination. Kemp, on the various other hand, has actually alienated Donald Trump for refusing to aid overturn Joe Biden"s success in Georgia last November. Former Sen. David Perdue is considering a primary difficulty that would likely come through an endorsement from the previous president.

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If Abrams to be to win next November, she would end up being the first Black woman elected governor in U.S. History.

RepPeterDeFazio) December 1, 2021

DeFazio to be reelected by around 5% in 2020. It to be the closest race of his whole House career. The just other time he winner by less than double digits to be when an initial elected in 1986. That year, he winner by 8%.

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While the seat is back in play because that 2022, the Democrat that attempts to success DeFazio will have the benefit of a an ext favorable district. Follow to FiveThirtyEight, the partisan skinny of the 4th district moved from R+1 come D+9 in the state"s newly completed redistricting.