Unfortunately, Android message doesn’t enable for multiple messages to be turned off this method at once. Instead, you’ll need to long-press one message, climate tap the other messages and hit the trash can icon.

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Deleting message Threads

Of course, when it comes to deleting whole conversations, deleting messages one by one would take hours, if no longer, relying on how numerous texts space on her phone.

Deleting old, unused threads is a good middle-ground in between deleting every post on your phone and also deleting nothing.

It helps keep your texting app clean and also clear of any kind of non-important threads, if simultaneously maintaining the message you’ve obtained from nearby friends or household members.


Next, insanity the trash can icon and also confirm through tapping ‘Delete.’

Unlike individual messages, Android messages does enable for the selection of multiple threads to be both deleted and also archived. As soon as you’ve tapped and also held down on a single thread as thorough above, simply tap—no holding required—on other threads to delete these together well. The exact same checkmark will highlight the extr thread, and also you’ll have the ability to delete or archive her threads.


If you’re trying come delete every message on her phone, also selecting and deleting post threads one in ~ a time can be too lot work for some users, relying on how plenty of messages populate their phone.

Textra is a messaging app that you have the right to download on any kind of Android device. Once you download the app simply collection it to your default message app. Every one of your existing texts will immediately carry over. We favor this app because the does give us a little an ext freedom to delete messages than others on our list.

Note: any messages that you delete native Textra will likewise be gotten rid of from your phone’s default messaging app.

In appearance, Textra has practically the similar layout and also design that Android Messages, with two key advantages: complete and also total customization, and extr options and settings not available through the Android messages app.

Automatically Delete message in Textra

So, as soon as you’ve mounted Textra through the Google play Store, fire increase the app, let it complete optimization, and dive right into settings by hitting that triple-dotted menu switch in the top-right hand edge of her display.

Once you’ve opened up the settings menu, scroll under to the an extremely bottom the the alternatives and uncover the “More Stuff” category. It’s here where we’ll uncover the easiest means to delete your text messages.

Select “Messages come Keep,” from the height of the list, and also you’ll get a pop-up notice allowing you to customize how numerous messages are presented per conversation.

From here, you can collection your text and also media message limits to the shortest applicable numbers: 25 and 2, respectively. This will certainly delete all by the many recent 25 message messages per conversation, and all yet the most recent 2 media messages per conversation, thus limiting the message coming into your phone and also keeping her conversations private. As soon as you’ve selected the number of her liking, you have the right to tap “Okay” come close the menu, and your phone will carry out the rest.

Samsung Messages

If you have actually a Samsung maker it’s extremely likely that you room using the default Samsung message app. If that’s the case, this ar is because that you.

Delete separation, personal, instance Texts

Open her text post app and locate the message you’d favor to delete. Then, long-press the message.

A pop-up home window will appear. Click ‘Delete.’ climate confirm.

Unlike the various other messaging apps that we’ve noted above, friend can’t madness on an ext messages within the thread come delete multiples. But, girlfriend can easily delete whole threads.

Delete a post Thread

You have the right to use this method to conveniently delete all messages native one contact, or all messages in her phone. Here’s how:

Long-press the post thread you’d like to remove. It will highlight through a checkmark. Tap ~ above the trash have the right to icon in ~ the bottom and also confirm.

This is the perfect systems for deleting old messages v verification codes or spam. However, Samsung provides it really an easy to delete every one of the post threads at one time too.

Delete every Messages on Samsung

Deleting every messages on a Samsung machine is simple. Follow the steps above to long-press one article thread.

Then, click the ‘All’ switch at the peak of the messaging application. Then, tap ~ above the trash deserve to icon.

Frequently asked Questions

How have the right to I be sure all messages are permanently deleted?

With technology today, it can be complicated to be certain that all traces that your message messages are completely gone. That course, if her cell phone carrier has actually them stored on their servers there yes, really isn’t something you can do.

But, you deserve to make certain there space no traces left on your phone. You’ll need to check for any type of cloud solutions that you have actually on your phone. If you have actually something prefer the Samsung Cloud setup, it’s most likely that your messages space stored on exterior servers (even despite you can’t view them on your phone).

Look because that an choice to ‘Delete backup.’ role through and also delete any recent (or older) backups depending on the time of the messages you desire permanently deleted.

Can I recover deleted text messages?

In most cases, yes. But, it’s finest to protect against deleting any type of texts you might need later on on.

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Your first, finest option, is to check your cloud organization for the texts. If you’re using Textra, they might be saved in a backup. If you usage a Samsung or LG, your phone has a native back-up service. Simply head over to the phone’s Settings and also look because that the Sync & back-up option (often found under ‘Accounts).

Attempt to gain back your last backup to acquire your deleted messages back.

If you perform need help with a particular texting app, let us know in the comments below!