1. Hope the you have the right to Google the number and also figure out that it was the way, which nearly never works.

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2. Swallow her pride and also admit you never saved the person’s number, then think the a polite means to ask that they are. Jerk.

But ns recently uncovered a third option once I acquired a message from an acquaintance whose number I’d never ever saved: looking Facebook.

First, I got the text. That read, “It was so great catching up, let’s hang out again soon!” or something follow me those lines. Not knowing the number and also unable lasignoralaura.come remember that I’d recently caught up with (oops), I sent out a screenshot to part friends to view if they knew the number.

One of them said searching facebook for the phone number, saying the if the texter had associated her phone call number to Facebook, she profile would pop up.

This seemed too great to be true, but it operated — just not in the means I’d expected.

I searched Facebook and while the person’s file didn’t pop up, something also weirder did: a article she’d created years ago, sharing her phone number in a on facebook group created by someone who’d broken their phone.

I searched my very own number, too, and also had the same odd result:

mine coworker had a similarly embarrassing result.


Anyone who’s been on Facebook because its early on days will remember the “new phone… require numbers” Facebook team phenomenon.

Before many phones saved their contacts on iCloud or a similar service, you had actually to start from scratch as soon as you acquired a brand-new phone. The easiest method to conference all your friends’ numbers to be to create a on facebook group and also invite them all, and also ask castle to short article their phone numbers in the group.

This was before the days of any kind of Facebook contents being publicly accessible, so none the us thought twice around sharing our phone number (or ours questionable party photos… however that’s a different story).

A card displaying mine account info also popped up once I searched mine name, because I linked my mobile phone to on facebook a few months ago.

It, too, lasignoralaura.comes lasignoralaura.complete with vestiges of the former Facebook — apparently, at some point, I had actually felt lasignoralaura.compelled lasignoralaura.come let the civilization of Facebook recognize that ns was a pan of both Hunter S. Thompson and Ernest Hemingway. The things we perform to assert our coolness in college!


So to whom was ns so easily giving my phone number? that was i so fervently hoping to “see soon” back in the spring of 2008? That’s a mystery. Whoever produced the group abandoned the a long time ago, leave a trace of high school acquaintances’ now-publicly-accessible phone number in their wake.

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Now that ns know around this on facebook phone number secret, I’ll be certain to shot it out next time I obtain a contact from one unknown number. It beats Google, i beg your pardon basically never ever helps when searching for the variety of anyone various other than her cable firm in my experience.

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