There space a handful of phone restore or anti-theft apps top top the Google Play save which have the right to be a lifesaver in case you desire to uncover a shed phone or, also worse, a steal phone. But many civilization might just realize that there space such apps after it gained lost. Climate it typically is as well late and also you have actually to face the ugly fact that the call is gone for good.

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Explore most innovative tracking features. Save abreast of your child’s online tasks with the cell phone tracker.

Find your Phone with Google and also its own servicesFind your lost phone making use of these third-party toolsInstall a Tracking app to Secure and also Find a shed Phone in the FutureFrequently asked QuestionsThings you must do ASAP if girlfriend find your device or end up getting a new one

How perform You Track and Locate her Android Phone? let us present you how.

To discover a shed Android phone call it usually still requirements a functioning internet connection in order to transmit the location. To get the best location outcomes it should have an energetic connection to a WiFi network. Whatever your case might be, we’ll cover below the many common alternatives as fine as more out-of-the-box philosophies to cover also edge cases.

A an important tool for tracking lost iPhones – mSpy!

Track the shed Android through ease.

There’s a tool used greatly for parental control but can help track under a shed iPhone. An ext than that, the software deserve to be used to monitor SMS, calls, general practitioners locations, routes, WhatsApp messages, etc.

So, because that example, if you have it energetic and misplaced your iPhone, or it gained stolen, you can use the app to follow the general practitioners location or route your iphone phone passed ~ the last time you saw it.

I supplied the application myself to see exactly how it works, and I must say, the terrific. You can use it for literally anything, and it offers your iPhone’s location precisely. Information is to update every 5 minutes, meaning that you will certainly get an exact location, or in case the device was switched off the closest feasible one.If girlfriend are looking for something straightforward to install and have no worries about your iPhone, mSpy is her app.

Find her Phone with Google and also its very own services

Find her phone utilizing Google’s discover My device (formerly Android device Manager)


Your maker is connected with your Google account.Your machine has access to the internet.Allowed Find My device to find your device (turned on through default). This can readjusted in the Google setups app.Allowed find My machine to lock your machine and erase that is data (turned off through default).

Find my Device is Google’s official and also easy-to-use device to monitor your lost Android phone call or tablet. The best thing about it is the you don’t have to install an application to be able to track her devices. The only necessity is that your Android phone is connected to her Google account, turn on and connected come the internet. All you have to do is visit the find My device website while gift logged right into your Google Account. When the website is invited it will certainly automatically try to track down your lost phone. If you have several Android tools registered, make certain the best one is preferred in the menu.

In a recent update, Google imposed some of the functions into their search results page. This means that you’re maybe to quickly locate any kind of registered Android maker right native the find results. By making use of the search phrase “where is mine phone”, Google screens a small map over the search outcomes in which it will try to discover your lost Android phone. Once found, you have the right to let that ring by clicking on “Ring”.


Although this provides it more convenient to find your shed phone quickly, the won’t offer you all the alternatives you gain with the complete interface of find My Device.

By using it, you space able to track your registered Android devices, let your call ring and wipe your phone’s data (which needs to be enabled on your phone). As well as that, discover Your an equipment doesn’t offer much more options to remote regulate your lost phone. Ns hope that Google keeps improving it and introduces more valuable features, such as taking a selfie the the person using that in instance it obtained stolen.

If there’s no laptop approximately when you lose your device, girlfriend can likewise use someone else’s phone call to track it. Instead of using the mobile browser, girlfriend can likewise use the find My machine app.

Download discover my an equipment App through Google llc by clicking here.

You have the right to sign in making use of guest mode and also your Google account credentials. now you should be able to track your lost device, let that ring or wipe that data.


Are you no able to find your shed Android phone this way? This can happen for several reasons. The one you have to hope because that is the your device is just not associated to the web or turned off. In that case, merely keep make the efforts to monitor it till it (hopefully) connects come Google’s services again.

Use Google Timeline to find your phone even if it’s turned off or the battery is dead


Your an equipment is linked with your Google account.Your maker has or had access to the net (before it was turned off).Location Reporting and also Location history need to be set off on your an equipment (can be excellent in the Google Settings app on her device).

Unlike the uncover Your machine tool, the Timeline feature that Google Maps doesn’t actually emphasis on tracking down a lost phone. You can use your place data for countless different things such together looking up previous travel routes. However, that is additionally a good way to find your lost phone. Together mentioned, if your Android an equipment is turned off, you have the right to use the location background data to determine the last recorded location. This means, even if your phone’s battery ran out you can still be able to find it.


Here’s what you must do. Walk to the Your Timeline (former Google Maps place History) and also make certain the present day is selected in the calendar. Another means is come go straight to Google Maps, opened the sidebar and selecting ‘Timeline’.

On the left sidebar, you can see a complete timeline of the day consisting of the name all videotaped locations. ~ above the right, you deserve to see every the places visualized ~ above a map.


Other than discover My Device, which additionally uses gps for tracking, Your Timeline only provides cell tower IDs and Wi-Fi location detection to collect ar data. This means that the accuracy deserve to vary significantly. The benefit of Timeline is the capacity to track her phone’s location typically over a duration of time. So also if someone stole it, you might identify frequently visited places, which might be the thief’s house or workplace. That might aid you and also the authorities to record the person.

Use Google picture location details to situate your phone.


Your machine has accessibility to the internet.Enabled ‘Backup & Sync’ option in Google Photos.Someone requirements to take images with your lost device.

In situation your machine actually obtained stolen, you might have the ability to find it utilizing the backup and also sync function of Google Photos. If you set off this choice in the app, then all pictures taken v your phone will certainly be uploaded to her Google image account. Why is that great news? Well, not simply the photo but likewise the place where it was taken is uploaded. So, in instance the theif didn’t log the end of her Google Account and tried out the camera on your phone, there might be some brand-new images popping up in Google Photos. Obviously, this just works if your lost phone has an active internet connection and also if you gave your photos app permission to use your location. Please be mindful in case you room able to determine the ar of your shed Android phone, i beg your pardon might very well be the home attend to of the thief. Don’t try to find it yourself! use that information and call your local authorities to take it it from there.


Assuming every those requirements are met, what carry out you have to do? right here it is, action by step:

Check if any kind of pictures to be taken after ~ your maker was stolen.If yes, then click the image.Now, click on the info symbol on the optimal right corner.In the appearing sidebar, you deserve to now see the image’s information including the located where it to be taken.

Find your shed phone making use of these third-party tools

Use Samsung’s uncover My Mobile


Your maker has accessibility to the internet.You need to have a Samsung account and your device registered v it.Find mine mobile requirements to be collection up on her Samsung call (enabling remote controls).

If you have actually a Samsung device, you might have the ability to find your lost phone making use of Samsung’s own tracking service ‘Find my mobile’.

Get the here

For this to work, you require a Samsung account and also registered your maker before you lost it. So try to mental if girlfriend did that.


You did? Awesome. Head over and sign in come the discover my mobile website. Check the left sidebar and make sure that your machine is connected to her account. Now, every you must do is choosing ‘Locate mine device’ in the sidebar and also click ~ above the locate button. If your device is online and remote controls is enabled, you need to see its almost right location. Find my cell phone also enables you come do various other things such as locking her device, letting the ring v a message and wiping that is data.

How to usage Dropbox to find your lost phone (Android & iOS)


Your machine has accessibility to the internet.Activated “Camera Upload” in her Dropbox app.Someone demands to take pictures with your lost device.

In situation your device was stolen, Dropbox can be your last resort if all other approaches don’t bring you any type of closer come finding your shed phone. Because that this come work, however, Dropbox demands to be installed on your phone and also the “Camera Upload” attribute has to it is in activated. This way, every time your phone’s thief takes a picture, it immediately gets uploaded to your Dropbox “Camera Uploads” folder. So, if the or she takes a nice selfie you might have the ability to identify the thief. And if she lucky, you can make the end the location by looking at the elevator of the uploaded pictures.

Should that be impossible, just start a blog and show the civilization all the photos your thief has taken. Yes sir one funny tumblr web page sharing images the Hafid, the guy who stole the call of the blog’s owner.

So far, it is the only means Dropbox can assist you. Dropbox doesn’t offer you the IP address of mobile gadgets which are linked to her Dropbox account. This is only feasible for desktop PCs and laptops until now.


I expect you are reading this simply out of pure interest and not due to the fact that you shed your phone! yet if that’s yes, really the case, ns truly hope the this article will aid you track it down. One of two people way, ns recommend installing a an excellent tracking app BEFORE her phone vanishes. An app I introduce is Cerberus, i m sorry is available top top Google Play.

Install a Tracking application to Secure and also Find a lost Phone in the Future

Although Google’s very own tools are more than likely the finest options, there space a couple of third-party devices we recommend. They generally offer more remote regulate features and can add an additional layer of security.

Cerberus (free through in-app purchases)

Cerberus is our optimal recommended tracking app which features a big selection of remote manage options. This includes straightforward location tracking, privately recording audio or video, acquisition remote pictures, triggering an alarm and wiping her data. There are a lot much more options that make Cerberus the Swiss army knife or tracking apps. What renders this app even much better are some of the much more advanced features. For example, you deserve to hide the Cerberus application in your application drawer which renders it harder to spot and also delete.

In situation you have a rooted Android device, you’re maybe to use a flashable ZIP file to install it on her phone. This way, even if someone else resets your lost Android phone earlier to manufacturing facility settings, Cerberus will still be mounted on her device. For much more infos ~ above that, examine out our short article on Cerberus.

Download Cerberus (free with in-app purchases)

Lost Android (free through in-app purchases)

Lost Android is quite comparable to Cerberus and also offers a many of various remote control options including tracking your lost phone, wiping its data and taking photos remotely. Don’t judge the rather simple look the the shed Android website which functions as the interface from which you have the right to locate and control her device. It does its job well and even the developer behind the app states on the website that he’s an engineer and not a net developer.

The surroundings is nice easy. After installation the application via the beat Store, open it and also give it maker administrator permissions. Done. Should you shed your phone, visit the lost Android website, log in in with the very same Google Account as on her phone and also choose among the available tracking features.

Download shed Android (free with in-app purchases)

Prey Anti Theft

Prey is well-known for its anti-theft devices not just for smartphones but additionally laptops. The convenient thing about Prey is the it supplies up to three tools you can track through their free account. Although that doesn’t sell as plenty of remote control choices as Cerberus, that covers all straightforward and most vital features together as gps tracking, taking images remotely and also even scanning surrounding WiFi networks for better tracking.

Download prey Anti Theft (free)

Frequently asked Questions

With a huge number the questions world posted in the comment section, we figured it provides sense to attend to the most asked ones. The way, this overview is much clearer and you can emphasis on finding your phone instead of posting your inquiry or sifting with the comments for an answer you’re looking for. The answers below might likewise bring part people back to reality because in some cases it’s simply not feasible to situate a shed phone.

Can i still discover my lost phone if that turned turn off / in plane mode / the battery is dead?

This is a common scenario. Your phone is lost and also its battery won’t last forever or a potential thief might have turned the off. What now? other than you’re working for the CIA, there no means to gain in call with her device. It demands to have actually an active internet connection to send its almost right location. However, you deserve to use your phone’s location background to watch where it to be located before its internet connection stopped. Because that this to work, location history needs come be set off on the phone. If you didn’t carry out that, friend don’t have actually another an option but wait and hope that someone transforms it on and also connects to the web.

–> Google Maps location history guide

I readjusted my Google account password. Have the right to I still situate my Android phone?

Changing your Google password ~ you shedding your phone call is a totally logical point to execute right? girlfriend don’t desire someone else has accessibility to all her emails, drive documents etc. You have the right to go ahead and change your password without shedding the capability to track her device. Methods like Android machine Manager will certainly still work. Shouldn’t you have the ability to locate your phone with ADM then I indicate you examine the critical recorded location using your phone’s ar history.

–> uncover My machine guide

–> how to usage Google Maps location history to uncover your phone

Can i track my lost phone if someone made a manufacturing facility reset?

That’s an easy one – No. As the name already implies, resetting a phone bring it back to its manufacturing facility settings. The most crucial thing you require – link to her Google account – won’t be over there anymore. If you haven’t mounted a tracking application with source access, such together Cerberus, climate you won’t be able to locate that anymore.

Can I uncover my phone making use of my IMEI number?

Locating your lost Android phone through its distinctive IMEI number isn’t really possible. In some cases, the police deserve to work along with a call provider to locate it making use of its IMEI number. But don’t think you have the right to just walk into a police station and expect them to execute that. A much more realistic thing you can do is to block your phone so the no one deserve to use the to do calls, send texts or usage the web. To carry out so, the ideal thing is to contact your provider.

By the way, you can discover out her phone’s IMEI number through dialing *#06#. This code should work on many phones. Don’t have your an equipment at hand? Here’s how to find the IMEI without having actually the phone.

Can I find my maker if someone adjusted the center card?

Even if who puts his SIM card in your phone, you might be able to locate it. An altering SIMs no disconnect the from your Google account, which is a an excellent thing. It means that tracking tools choose Android device Manager or Android shed should quiet work. The only required thing in this script is that your phone keeps an internet connection.

–> discover My maker guide

My phone call doesn’t present up on find My Device. Why is that?

This deserve to have numerous reasons. Your phone can be off, disconnected native the internet or her Google account. Store in mental that transforming your Google account password will automatically disconnect it from Google. Also, trying to find a an equipment with find My maker doesn’t constantly work. Ns recommend the you store trying to locate your lost phone every fifty percent hour or so. Your phone might have a negative connection or who else transforms it on and connects to the web. However if you adjusted your Google password, then discover My device won’t be able to track it.

–> find your lost phone using discover My Device

Do friend still have actually unanswered questions? You’re much more than welcome to post your inquiry in the comments!

Things you must do ASAP if friend find your device or finish up getting a brand-new one

We received a many emails, tweets and also comments the last months from civilization that found their shed phone thanks to this article. Unfortunately, the majority of the readers aren’t the lucky. Either way, if you uncovered your lost phone or plan to buy a replacement, you should be fine prepared prior to something favor that wake up again. Below are two basic steps you need to take to easily track down your an equipment should you shed it again.

Activate find My maker and place History

Make sure that both Find My maker and Location background are activated. Both tools can be a an excellent help once you shed your device. With find My machine you can track her device, make it ring and also erase the data. Location background shows you the last recorded areas on a map. If someone stole it, then this could assist you (and local authorities) come track down the thief’s house address, because that example.

To activate both services, pick “Google Settings” in your application drawer. Choose Security and also make sure both alternatives below “Find my Device” room enabled. Now, go one step earlier and pick “Location”. Click “Google location History” and turn that on. Currently you’re able to usage the tool to monitor your maker and Location background to see its last taped locations.


Set a lock display screen pattern or password

Quite a the majority of people already use lock display screens to keep unwanted world from accessing private files like images, texts or videos. For some people, unlocking a phone plenty of times a day have the right to be quite annoying, yet it’s precious it. This extra class of protection not just keeps her friends and also colleagues native secretly checking the end your latest images or texts.

It also prevents thieves of an altering any significant settings such together disabling mobile data or disconnecting your phone from your Google account. Together you learned, both a working link to the web and also a connected Google account are essential to get your Android phone’s current location.

Have you been able come get ago your mobile device after it got lost? how did you gain it back? re-publishing your experience with united state in the comments.

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Note: In situation you’re actually missing an Apple device, head over to my guide on how to monitor a lost iPhone or iPad. For home windows phones, examine out this post.