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Do you recognize what gifts you possess and also how you deserve to serve the church? In this new edition that Discover your God-Given Gifts Don and Katie Fortune discover the seven presents the apostle Paul outlines in Romans 12. These presents are: perceiving, exhorting, serving, teaching, giving, administrating and also compassion. Learn which giftings girlfriend have and also how to usage them best!
Title: find Your God-Given Gifts, Revised and also Updated EditionBy: Don Fortune, Katie FortuneFormat: PaperbackNumber the Pages: 304Vendor: liked BooksPublication Date: 2009Dimensions: 10.00 X 7.00 (inches)Weight: 1 pound 7 ouncesISBN: 0800794672ISBN-13: 9780800794675Stock No: WW794675

Don and also Katie Fortune have updated their bestselling handbook uncover Your God-Given Gifts, now fully revised and also expanded because that a whole new generation. Making use of the listing in Romans 12:6-8, the Fortunes aid readers see exactly how these "motivational" presents are the driving pressure in ours lives. They shape our individualities and help us offer God and others much more fully.With interactine worksheets and guides, Don and Katie assist readers recognize their own unique gifts and also why lock act and also think the means they do. V this knowledge, readers will certainly be empowered to use their motivational gifts to more the kingdom--bringing the best sense the joy and also fulfillment lock have ever known.

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Don and also Katie Fortune have developed and also taught the "Discover your God-Given Gifts" seminar for almost thirty years, instructing believer in the U.S. And also around the world around their gifts. Katie was global vice chairman of Women"s Aglow Fellowship and founder and editor that Aglow magazine. She and Don live in Kingston, Washington.

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