Gone space the days once phone numbers to be as generally memorized as street addresses. While girlfriend once had actually your own phone number, your ideal friend’s, her crush’s, and the one for the neighborhood pizza shop every at the optimal of mind, the advent of smartphones has actually rendered this memory exercise moot. Like many people, you more than likely don’t call your very own phone number an extremely often — and also if friend do, it’s likely provided in her Favorites — so you may not understand it off the peak of her head.

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With that truth comes the acquainted grip the panic when a brand-new acquaintance asks for your mobile call number, and also you have no clue.

No concerns — you’re no alone. Nevertheless of whether you’re using an iOS or Android device, you can quickly locate your very own number on your phone, if you understand where to look. We’ll display you how to perform it.

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How to uncover your phone number in iOS





Looking up her phone number on an iOS machine is easy and convenient since most iOS users space running the same version. There space two means you can easily locate your phone number: The Contacts app or in the settings. We’ll show you the measures in iOS 14.

Contacts: open up the Phone app, tap Contacts, and also your number will certainly be the an initial listed.Settings: go to setups > Phone and My Number will certainly be the an initial field on the list. You deserve to of course change, or edit, this if you wish by tapping on the number.

How to uncover your phone number in Android

Do no be surprised to discover some sport in the procedures you should take because that finding your own mobile number on one Android device. That’s since Android users may be running different versions the the operation system and also because of sports in exactly how the operating mechanism is enforced across maker brands. So there are bound come be different interfaces depending upon which maker you use and which variation of the OS you run. Generally, however, all roads begin from the settings.

The example below is on an LG V40 ThinQ to run Android 10, but the process remains the exact same in Android 11.


Go come settings and also search for My phone call number in the search bar.The result will give you the path: System > about phone > Status.Alternately, start the contacts app and also you’ll watch your own call info appropriate at the top.

The screenshots listed below show an larger Samsung Galaxy S6 the runs Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

If you’re running stock Android, or something really close — for example, the Google Pixel or Nexus, or the Lenovo Moto G, X, or Z smartphones — pull up the contacts app. You’ll check out an entry title My info or Me; her phone number is listed in that contact information at the optimal of the list.

For every Android phone, regardless of manufacturer, you’ll have the ability to find her phone number if you go to setups > around Phone or About an equipment > standing > my phone number. Part Android phones will have actually SIM or center card status listed within Status. If this is the case with her phone, then your number will certainly be noted there. If girlfriend don’t desire to go through this plenty of different menus, you have the right to pull increase the search bar and kind in my Phone Number to straight pull up the pertinent information.

It’s not hard to find your call number once you know how to look because that it, so friend can assist others discover their number with simply a few steps.

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Getting a speak to from your very own number?

Now the you’ve found or memorized your phone number, it could come together a shock to view if pop-up ~ above your display as an just arrive call. The FTC has warned that part robocallers and scammers have taken number spoofing come the next level and also will usage your very own number in wishes you answer. Castle have also taken to this technique to get roughly number block, because after all, that blocks their very own number? If you see an incoming speak to with your number top top it, no it’s not you indigenous an alternative timeline, it’s a scam so don’t pick up.