I collection a nice hefty an individual reading goal this year—one hundred books. That’s 30 more than I regulated to obtain through last year, and I won’t lie, the a an overwhelming task. In order to handle this, ns going to have to utilize a few tricks for zooming with a book…including just how to review a whole book in one day!

Now, this could sound difficult unless you have a lengthy day v zero obligations in former of you, or a book that’s around twenty pages long—but it’s actually easier than you could think! with these tips, you’ll be able to tackle a publication in a breezy 12-to-24-hour period, also if you have other points to get done.

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1. Find out to walk and read in ~ the exact same time.

I don’t median walk through your confront in a book down a sidewalk or street—that’s dangerous and also silly. However sitting for too long will be sure to make you feeling stiff and also creaky. Pacing your living room with a publication in hand has the advantage of making friend look choose a brilliant, tortured pundit while also preventing your knees indigenous locking!


2. Shot a plot-driven book.

It is one irrefutable fact that you will certainly read quicker when you’re yes, really immersed in a book.Try young adult or scientific research fiction publications if you looking for good plots! The last book I review in a day to be the young adult urban fantasy City that Ashes—it had actually the perfect, unputdownable mix that action, adventure, and also romance.


3. Shake up her formats!

I recommend ebooks or paperbacks if you trying to review a book in a day, due to the fact that they’re simpler to lug around and also not as heavy. But if you’re a hardcover diehard, i recommend picking up a much less hefty book, prefer Catherynne M. Valente’s rip-roaring science fiction glam-rock adventure space Opera. Try something brand-new and pat around!


All through Myself, Alone

by mar Higgins Clark
4. Try an audiobook as soon as you’re ~ above the go!

Audiobooks are good if you have a many running about to do, a commute wherein you drive, or if you start to acquire eye strain. Plus, audiobooks phone call you ideal away just how much time you need to commit—Mary Higgins Clark’s nail-biter All through Myself, Alone will just take friend six and a half hours to obtain through!

5. Provide graphic novels a shot.

The visual format of a graphic novel has constantly appealed to me, and I tend to rate through them. Emily Carroll’s masterful fear comic collection Through the Woods took me one hour and a fifty percent to gain through—the art is therefore beautiful it’s challenging to tear her eyes away.

6. Review on your commute.

I have a 45-minute commute to and from job-related that is an excellent for getting a huge chunk of reading done. I almost finished Iain Reid’s strange and also terrifying I’m reasoning of finishing Things just riding the M Train! you will do it be shocked how much time you invest traveling—and just how easy that is to spend that time reading, too.

7. Read in line.

I have finished more than one book waiting for my ticket come come up in ~ the DMV. Simply saying. Try something prefer Dating You/Hating You by Christina Lauren—a publication so fun that it will make friend forget you’ve been waiting for 2 hours!

8. Read as soon as you eat.

You don’t need to take a break for a meal! In fact, a good book is part of a balanced diet. Food can additionally enhance the experience of what you reading—I certainly recommend Emily Nunn’s The lull Food Diaries with a side helping that pie.

9. Take it breaks.

This is so, for this reason important—put the publication down sometimes. It sounds counter-intuitive, yet you’re an ext likely to maintain what you’re reading if you give your mind a break. Yet make sure every little thing you seize is an excellent enough the you’ll be dice to choose it ago up again.

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Casey is a previous subsidiary civil liberties assistant because that Simon & Schuster Children"s Books. She was born and also raised in Chicago, IL, and attended Emerson university in Boston, MA. Recently she"s to be really right into romantic comedies, however she"s always a sucker because that a great dystopia or thriller. Exterior of reading and writing, she also enjoys long, indifferent walks with the city, listening to podcasts, petting dogs, and drinking what might be considered an unhealthy quantity of coffee.

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