How to Repair her Flagpole ofpadmin | June 4, 2019

Our flag poles work hard through rain and wind, sleet and also snow, so occasionally after years of wear and also tear the interlocking sleeve will should be replaced.

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BUT, good news, one interlocking sleeve replacement is contained in her 7-year warranty as soon as you purchase a Titan Flagpole.

You deserve to download these step-by-step Pole repair Directions PDF or maintaining on scrollin’!


Step 1

Assemble your tools

Screwdrivers – star head; flat head and pliers

You will certainly be working through aluminum screws throughout


Step 2

Gently remove screws from peak ring; eliminate cap from peak of pole; then eliminate the harnesses (they will certainly slide off at this point)

Hint: leaving the sphere attached and it will certainly be easier to pull the end the optimal insert


Step 3

Your pole will now be bare


Step 4

 Bottom that pole – gently remove screws that host the insert in place



 Step 5

Use pliers to pull the end bottom insert

Alternatively – push the pole part from the top and they will press out the insert


Step 6

Push the pole sections down from the top until the locking system is exposed

This will expose the sponge and the bottom part of the interlocking sleeve

If the first mechanism is fine, finish Step 7 in stimulate to gain to the next pole section, and repeat till the broken component is found


Step 7

With both flat head and star head screwdrivers, simultaneously and also gently remove the article fasteners at base

Hint: useful to have actually a second person to help hold the pole steady

If this ar is the damaged part, slip on the brand-new locking sleeve and reassemble her pole. If going to one more section, press pole v until next bottom interlocking sleeve is revealed and repeat action 7


Step 8 & 9

Generally both top and also bottom of her interlocking sleeve will require replacement

At the optimal of the gotten rid of section that pole, push the pins in and also pull out the height of the interlocking sleeve

HINT: this is wherein a 2nd set of hands is exceptionally helpful!



You’ve now taken apart her flagpole to uncover the damaged interlocking sleeve.

Replace damaged interlocking sleeves and reassemble your pole in turning back of the way you’ve gotten rid of everything. Imagine a video clip in reverse.

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ALWAYS be GENTLE once working with the screws together they can strip easily.

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