If you live in your house long enough, sooner or later on you’re walk to have to attend to damaged walls and ceilings. The interiors of most houses are covered with gypsum wallboard, i m sorry is frequently known together drywall. (You may likewise know it by the well-known trade name, Sheetrock.) nevertheless of what you contact it, drywall is conveniently damaged v the natural course of everyday living. And also these problems, no surprisingly, are exacerbated in dwellings with rambunctious children and pets.

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Holes, cracks, dents, and also peeling share tape room unavoidable and also unsightly drywall repair issues, and they must be repaired before you can apply a fresh coat that paint. Fortunately, most drywall damages can be repaired quickly and also easily. Every you require are some an easy hand tools, the right materials, and a couple of tricks the the trade.

Here, we’ll current detailed DIY instructions for solving the most typical drywall problems—from doorknob damage to crack under the home window to saggy ceilings—but first, let’s discuss safety.

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Lift Carefully: Most house centers market 2-ft.-sq. Piece of drywall, which space convenient because that making little repairs. However, once patching comprehensive damage, it’s finest to buy full 4x8-ft. Sheets of drywall, and also then reduced them down to size, together needed. But, be advised the a full sheet of traditional 1/2-in. Drywall weighs about 54 lbs.

Plus, drywall sheets room awkward to lift and carry. To avoid straining your back, constantly work through a helper, and also lift v your knees, no your back. Also, be mindful when leaning drywall sheets versus a wall. If a sheet should autumn over, it can severely damaged someone, particularly a child.

Empty Bucket Warning: Premixed joint compound comes in assorted size buckets, which space handy come use roughly the house and also yard when they’re empty. However, 5-gal. Buckets pose a major threat to toddlers. The buckets are simply the right height that if a little child leans end the edge, they have the right to tumble in headfirst and be unable to scramble out. Therefore, if you usage the bucket for transporting water, never ever leave the bucket unattended, also if it’s holding simply a couple of inches of water. And also never leaving buckets outdoors whereby they deserve to fill v rainwater, producing a potential drown hazard.

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And if you use the buckets mainly for carrying and also storing tools, gardening supplies, and also other dry goods, get rid of the possibility of a kid drowning through drilling drainage holes with the side and bottom of the bucket.

Clean up the Dust: Making drywall repairs typically requires sanding joint compound to produce a smooth, unblemished surface. However, joint compound dust is a respiratory irritant that has super-fine gypsum and also silica particulates. As soon as sanding share compound, constantly wear a dust mask, or much better yet, a dual-cartridge respirator, to defend your lungs.

It’s likewise a good idea to spread a drop towel on the floor whereby you’re sanding. Once done sanding, wipe the dust turn off the drop cloth with a wet sponge, climate clean the surrounding areas with a shop vacuum fitted through a HEPA filter. Once the air has settled, end up up through vacuuming through your household vacuum. This two-step clean is necessary since most household vacuums can’t record super-fine sanding dust, and also will only blow it back into the air.