Reader Question: “Hi Wally, I’m holding the end on upgrading home windows 8 because of all the complaints that I’m reading about it on blogs. Ns hear the its really rapid though however i desire to have actually the ideal of both civilizations by do my slow Windows 7 computer run fast again, and please don’t tell me come reinstall. Is there any other way?” - Vincent S., USA

Before addressing any type of computer issue, I always recommend scanning and also repairing any underlying problems affecting your computer health and performance:Step 2 : Click “Start Scan” to find Windows registry worries that could be bring about PC problems.

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Step 3 : Click “Repair All” to settle all issues.

Setting increase weekly (or daily) automatic scans will assist prevent mechanism problems and keep your computer running fast and trouble-free.

Wally’s Answer: Even despite Microsoft released home windows 8, home windows 7 still continues to be the many sought after and dominant windows operating mechanism on the planet. Home windows 7 was a lot needed huge leap forward and also is may be still much better than home windows 8, only doing not have in speed.

Most human being who room using windows 7 have actually been utilizing it for a while and so it’s understandable that their home windows 7 installations might have accumulated some problems over the years, making their computer systems run slow. Do a slow Windows 7 pc run much faster is a piece of cake.

Manage Startup programs

Many programs add themselves come the list of Startup programs once they room installed yet chances are that you might not desire to use every one of them all the time. Friend can control startup program by adhering to these instructions:

Press Windows key > type msconfig > push EnterIn the System Configuration dialog box, select the Startup tabLook v the programs and also uncheck those the you don’t need. Click OK when you are done.

Some of these programs might be important so try to only remove the ones the you deserve to understand. If you room confused, look at at Paul PacMan Collins’ Startup Applications list to see which programs and also services must be eliminated to do your sluggish Windows 7 pc faster.

Manage running services

Services run in the background and assist applications running on the computer. Here’s how to regulate them:

Press Windows key
 > type msconfig > press EnterIn the System Configuration dialog box, choose the Services tab, and check Hide every Microsoft services.Look with the remaining services and uncheck those that you don’t need. Just uncheck ones that you can identify. Click OK when you space done.

If friend are confused around which ones to uncheck, look v this perform to see which services you have the right to safely disable.

Remove unnecessary programs

Most human being dealing through a slow-moving Windows 7 pc will notification that they have countless programs mounted on the computer that they never ever use. Few of these programs can have been roughly from the time they purchase the computer or set up Windows 7 for the very first time. Here’s how to manage installed programs.

Open Control dashboard > Add/Remove Programs.

Is the difficult drive too full?

Make sure that the Windows system partition (C: drive for most computers) is no full. If it’s full, delete and also move files to make some room. Prevent storing stuff on the desktop because this stuff is additionally stored top top the Windows mechanism partition. Save shortcuts come files and folders ~ above the desktop instead.

Is a hardware upgrade needed?

Open the software application you usage in your everyday routine, and press the Windows crucial > form taskmanager > push Enter. Examine in the Performance tab to view if processor usage is constantly in ~ 99%.

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If so watch what is causing it in the Processes tab. If nothing’s wrong climate you can need come reinstall home windows or upgrade the computer. If storage is being offered at 90%, you might need come upgrade her computer’s RAM.

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Is Your pc Healthy?

I constantly recommend come my reader to on regular basis use a trusted registry cleaner and also optimizer such together WinThruster or CCleaner. Many problems that you encounter deserve to be attributed come a corrupt and bloated registry. Happy Computing!