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How to solve Squeaky Floors

You simply can"t hide any kind of longer, we understand you have squeaky floors and now would certainly be the perfect time to fix them! Life"s just too quick to live through squeaky floors. . . Order your solve today!

According to Webster: "SQUEAK"ITIS is defined as a severe and debilitating mental condition, resulting from permanent exposure come unwanted and really, really annoying sounds."

Larry below suffers from it due to the fact that he just waited too lengthy to settle his squeaky floors. Please don"t let this take place to you! Just uncover the finest product that suits your needs and also be totally free from squeaks for the remainder of your life.

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Solution #1:

For Under the Floor Repairs



Squeak-Relief is designed for all flooring types whereby there is access to the subfloor one of two people via a basement or crawl space. Squeak Relief takes just seconds to install and also works perfectly with both typical joists (shown above) and also the new "I" Joists more commonly used in today"s brand-new construction.

The Squeak-Relief 6-Pack is affordably priced at only $24.95.

Squeaker Special: Take advantage of contractor pricing and also purchase the Squeak-Relief 12-Pack for only $39.95 and Squeaker will certainly throw in an Additional 2 Braces FREE because that a total of 14 repairs. That"s a full savings of $14 or 30%!

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Solution #2:

For Carpeted Floors

Squeak-No-More Pro


Squeak-No-More Pro is designed for carpeted floors wherein there is limited or no direct access to the subfloor.

The Squeak-No-More basic kit comes v 50 screws and also is priced at just $19.95. We now offer the Squeak-No-More pro kit with steel fixture for only $10 more. (Best Value)

Squeaker Special: Buy one of two people starter kit and we"ll includeOne Counter-Snap B straightforward FREE - A light-weight resin variation of ours professional-grade respond to Snap B come use through your 50 screws. In addition, we"ll likewise include one extra joist recognize screw v your order.

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Solution #3

For Hardwood Floors:

Counter-Snap Pro


Counter-Snap Pro is designed for hardwood and vinyl floors whereby there is limited or no direct access to the subfloor.

Separate kits room available: Counter-Snap A for "At" the joist repair and Counter-Snap B for "Between" the joist repair.

Prices start at only $9.95 because that individual kit (w/25 snap turn off screws).

Squeaker Special: purchase the Counter-Snap A + B Combo Kit (which most people do) and your price is only $17.95, a $2 savings!

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Tired of Squeaky Floors?

What causes floors to come to be squeaky?

For the most part, floor squeaks take place when the subfloor has functioned its way loosened from the joist. Once that happens, the floor is totally free to relocate up and down when it’s walked on which, in turn, allows the nail (which originally hosted the floor down) come rub against the fibers in the wood leading to the squeaky sound.

It really doesn’t matter exactly how old your house is: squeaky floors can construct at anytime for just around any reason. Few of the most usual include; bad workmanship, insufficient design and use that materials, inadequate use that fasteners and something that may surprise friend - mother Nature herself. Even a new home that is only a few years old can develop squeaky floors.

I can understand bad workmanship and maybe the builder no using enough fasteners, but Mother Nature? please explain!

It’s simple. Lumber is a really porous product (especially building grade pine) which repetitively expands and also contracts with alters in moisture content. Through climatic transforms constantly arising (dry winters and humid summers) along with our continuous use of heating and air air conditioning systems, lumber actually expands and contracts ~ above a constant basis, i beg your pardon can cause virtually any type of fastener to weaken over time. Keeping this in mind, you deserve to actually to speak that mom Nature is probably one the the most typical reasons squeaky floors develop.

How carry out I deal with a squeaky floor?

Simply speaking, what needs to be done is come permanently re-attach the floor to the joist. As soon as you recreate the initial bond, you prevent the floor native moving and you eliminate the squeak.

Can I fix squeaky floors myself (DIY)?

Yes, you can fix a squeaky floor yourself. However, exactly how much time and also effort girlfriend spend resolving them is completely up to you.

What are few of the means to repair squeaky floors?

Squeaky floors deserve to be repaired using cleats, bracing, gluing, re-screwing or a mix of every the above. Or you have the right to simply use Squeak-Relief to administer permanent re-attachment. Shims are never ever recommended, as they will actually damage the floor causing added problems.

If girlfriend don"t have accessibility to the joist and sub-flooring then you can use the Squeak-No-More Floor fix Kit that functions from the height surface! It renders quick second story floor repairs and works right through carpeting or other floor coverings.

Couldn’t you simply use shims to protect against the squeaking?

That’s more than likely one the the worst things you could do to deal with a squeaky floor. When you usage a shim and place it in between the floor and joist, what you’re actually doing is only filling the void that resulted in the squeak, however, you"re not really reattaching the subfloor ago to the joist.

Using shims is not just a short-term fix, it actually causes an ext damage and more squeaks by lifting the floor and also loosening the neighboring fasteners producing a bicycle that never ends. In addition, if you’re no careful, you could easily insert the shim too deep and also actually cause much more damage by raising the floor. Friend could additionally cause damages to the floor by developing a noticeable "hump" in the floor where the shim to be inserted.

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At, you’ll find not one, not two, yet three the the ideal DIY products to resolve virtually any type of squeaky floor. Don’t call a professional and spend a lot of money to resolve those annoying squeaks. Checkout our patented Squeak-Relief, Squeak-No-More and also Counter-Snap systems.

Checkout Our various other Videos For: Squeak-No-More Pro and also Counter-Snap Pro

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"Just want to let girlfriend know how pleased i am with your service. The products (Squeak Relief and Squeek-No-More) ns purchased operated as advertised. Had to purchase both kits due to my house access. I would certainly recommend stop searching and purchase these products. The squeaky floors around drove me nuts. Trouble solved in a issue of hours."- Jerry BiondoO"Fallon, MO"I just finished installing your product under my floors and I wanted to give thanks to you. Unbelievable, it functions great, I appreciate it so much, we had some serious squeaking walk on. If you ever need me to promote your product, just ask."Thanks again,-Paul Shirer"I just finished installation 42 the these gadgets I bought indigenous you back in may 2020, and they job-related FANTASTIC!! yes, really amazed just how the squeak is gone! I need a few more to complete the job. I"m the #1 fan of Squeak Relief!"-Mike Bono