Medically reviewed by Debra rose Wilson, Ph.D., MSN, R.N., IBCLC, AHN-BC, CHT — composed by Ruth Eagle on march 16, 2021

Chafing is one uncomfortable and annoying problem that generally occurs once skin rubs against skin or one more material such as clothing. However, home remedies may help prevent or provide relief from chafing discomfort, such as petroleum jelly or coconut oil.

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Doctors often refer come chafing together intertrigo. It generally occurs due to friction in human body folds, such as the groin, buttocks, or underarm, early to consistent or repetitive movements.

Chafing commonly presents as a rash and can cause redness, pain, and also sensitivity in the influenced skin. Other factors, such as sweating, can additionally contribute to chafing, which have the right to be an problem in the warmer months.

This short article explores a range of house remedies the may assist relieve chafing.

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Chafed skin have to heal top top its very own after a couple of days’ rest. However, if a human being cannot prevent the activity that causes chafing, they have to take preventative steps to minimize skin irritation.

The best method to avoid chafing is through preventative measures. The adhering to home publication may aid prevent chafing or promote the heal process. However, before applying a house remedy, the is recipient to cleanse and also pat dry the affected area gently.

Petroleum jelly

According come the American Academy of skin science Association, petroleum jelly can help heal young wounds and prevent chafing. A person deserve to simply use petroleum jelly come problem locations such together the thighs.

Petroleum jelly brands additionally suggest that their products can help lubricate skin and reduce friction that may lead to chafing.

Coconut oil

Research shows that coconut oil may aid reduce inflammation, encourage wound healing, and prevent the growth of possibly harmful bacteria top top the skin.

With this in mind, applying coconut oil may assist soothe chafed skin. However, when the substance may aid irritated skin, it may not stay on the influenced area because that long. So, a human being may should reapply coconut oil often for optimal results.

Argan oil

Research shows that argan oil may help improve skin elasticity and also hydration while softening and relaxing the skin.

Argan oil is a common ingredient in numerous beauty products. Manufacturers harvest the oil indigenous the kernels that the Argania spinosa tree, i beg your pardon grows nearly exclusively in a forested area the Morocco. However, this may make it among the an ext expensive release on this list.

Aloe vera gel

People have actually used the gel in the leaves of the aloe vera plant because that centuries come treat skin complaints.

Dermatologists state the aloe vera gel may possess antimicrobial, antiviral, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties. Research likewise notes that aloe vera is a medicine plant that can help improve skin integrity and also promote wound healing.

Another benefit of the problem is that it normally does no stain clothing, unlike other oils on this list.


Applying cornstarch to chafed skin may assist absorb extra moisture. This deserve to be useful when chafing occurs in sweat-prone areas, such together the groin or underarm.

Research suggests that cornstarch may have antibacterial properties, i beg your pardon may help prevent damaged skin from acquiring infections.

Chafing happens when skin rubs against other skin or material. The is more likely to happen when a person’s skin is moist or warm.

Areas that the body wherein chafing is most most likely to occur encompass the following:

inner thighsunder the breastsarmpitsgroinbuttocksfingerstoeswithin other folds that flesh

The many common reasons of chafed skin include:

Obesity or overweight: having actually excess load may rise the likelihood of skin rubbing and also irritation.Diapers: put on diapers that continue to be tight or wet for an extensive times deserve to lead come chafing or a diaper rash.Sports: tasks that incorporate repetitive movements may cause clothing to obstacle repeatedly versus an area that skin. Additionally, heat and sweat native physical tasks can make chafing worse.Nursing: world who breastfeed may experience skin damage approximately their nipples. They may likewise encounter further friction from maternity bras.Certain item of clothing: people who generally wear details clothing, such as skirts or shower suits, might experience chafing that the inside thigh, particularly in warmer weather.Ill-fitting clothes: poor fitting clothing may continuously rub and irritate the skin. For example, people may endure chafing indigenous ill-fitting bras and sports bras.

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Sweating: Sweat can irritate the skin. In particular, dried sweat deserve to leave a class of salt on the skin, making irritation from friction worse.