Don’t worry around viruses. complimentary Antivirus scans and cleans the viruses currently on your device, and stops future viruses and also threats native infecting her system. And it"s 100% totally free and straightforward to use.

You are watching: How to fix computer virus for free finds and also removes viruses faster, an ext thoroughly, and an ext accurately than any type of other virus scanner. free Antivirus lets you:

hit back against viruses

We don’t simply detect and also delete currently viruses — we’ll prevent them native infecting friend again.

Receive continuous updates

You’ll never ever be captured off-guard by more recent threats: updates itself thousands of times a day come ensure your protection is cutting-edge.

Stop various other threats

Online protection doesn’t begin and end with viruses. We additionally protect your pc from negative browser extensions, outdated software, and other common risks.

endure the best protection in the people

After rigorously testing 18 of the world"s most well-known antiviruses, independent test lab AV-Comparatives has actually named totally free Antivirus Product that the Year 2018.

We’ve packed the world’s biggest threat-detection network and also machine-learning malware protection right into a single, lightweight malware scan and also removal device that won’t sluggish down your PC. And did us mention, it’s 100% free?

We’re not just talk

We’re really great at what we do, and the pros recognize it. It is why we’re rojo in accolades, recommendations, and five-star reviews.


The UI because that your software program - amazing. An excellent work end the years. Can"t say enough good things!

Ryan R.

Thank you,, for the great work girlfriend do. I run your antivirus software on both my Mac OS X and also my home windows machines. You have actually the finest products on the market, period.

Eric S.

I’ve been utilizing because that over a year and also have discovered it among the best free software protection tools on market.

Daryl C.

Mobiles? Macs? We’ve obtained it all covered

We likewise protect every an equipment that demands virus security, including your Mac and also mobile machine (which room in risk of infection, too).


We’ve brought the same trusted scans and also real-time protection pc users gain over come Mac v our cost-free security for Mac. Us then take things one step further and also secure her network, guarding your residence Wi-Fi network versus intruders and also threats.


For her favorite Android devices, we have actually another totally free solution: Mobile protection for Android. Scan because that viruses, remove them, and protect you yourself from future infection. But it doesn’t prevent there — we can also protect your photos, optimize your phone’s battery, aid you discover your an equipment if it gets lost, and more.

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Download our cost-free virus scanner and remover

There’s no far better way come find and also destroy viruses than cost-free Antivirus. And at the low, low price the $0, it’d be costlier no to have it protecting you.

The easiest method by much is by downloading a totally free virus scanner and also removal tool, like totally free Antivirus. But if you desire to learn just how to eliminate a virus from a specific form of device, we’ve got you covered:

Unfortunately, yes. Any maker that have the right to go digital can gain viruses. That has mobile tools like phones and tablets, and even Macs — whose danger of obtaining infected with viruses has actually been farming every year. However while Android devices are much more likely to get viruses than iPhones/iPads, iOS tools are delicate to various other security threats.

windows Defender lacks plenty of essential functions that other totally free antiviruses provide, and routinely blocks for sure or unauthorized files. That far better to usage a professional totally free virus scanner and remover like totally free Antivirus to keep your data safe.