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There’s not a single woman or guy in the civilization who didn’t ask self this one inquiry ” exactly how to solve a hole in leggings “. Anyone who wear leggings ~ above the continual have come across a hole or train, it’s simply a matter of time.

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By being among the many popular garments items in the world, the a offered that civilization should know exactly how to take treatment of this issue, however to our surprise, it’s not that common knowledge. We will shot and aid you out here and teach you how to repair a hole in her leggings.

How to settle a feet in leggings favor a pro

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Before getting into the process of solving a hole in her legging, let’s recognize why holes are made in the very first place. The most typical reason holes appear in leggings is wear and tear. Particularly if her thighs space rubbing or emotional each other as soon as you walk.

Most keep bought leggings room made from vulnerable fabrics ( uneven you go with faux leather legging or comparable ). So as soon as you undertake them, through time the fabric starts come tear, you have the right to usually se it happen close to the seams, the fabric begins to tear, you will see many very small holes that will certainly gradually flourish into one big hole, at this stage, girlfriend either throw the leggings away, or you shot and deal with them.

If you made decision the second option, keep analysis below.

To fix a feet in her leggings, you have two significant options:

Sew it v a sewing machine.Sew it by hand if friend don’t have a machine.

Fixing a hole in her leggings with a sewing machine

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The first thing you desire to execute is rotate the leggings within out, because it’s much much easier to sew when you have the right to see the seams.

If you must fix the inside seam ( i m sorry is most likely the situation ) then you can just monitor it follow me from one leg every the method up to the crotch and also down the various other leg, straightforward does that right? This is the easiest method to resolve a feet in leggings because you basically just follow the original seam, friend only should ” take ” 1/4 of the towel from the inside so you have the right to cover the holes.

It will certainly make the leggings a little bit an ext tight, yet that’s the price friend pay as soon as you desire to deal with it yourself and also not simply throw that away. Your call.

Make sure once you carry out this to not sew end a torn fabric section. You want to be inside the legs enough to sew v the cloth that is intact. The rest must be reduced away from your machine.

Another point to think about is the if you execute not usage a sewing machine that cuts away the extra cloth automatically, you have to just reduced it by yourself with scissors after your sew the brand-new seam or you deserve to just squash the torn locations together and also sew them under ( i beg your pardon is much less recommended due to the fact that it’s simply looks bad )


Elastic structure are challenging to stitch v sewing machines, if you just use a continual straight seam the will most likely just bend and break. You need to use a stitching method that will provide a little bit that extra fabric. Utilizing a Zigzag stitch is a better idea for leggings fabrics. 

Fixing a feet in leggings through hand


So to solve a hole in your leggings by hand might be a small bit more advanced, you first need to select the right needle size and right thread, listed below are several of the actions to repair a hole in leggings through hand:

For most legging fabrics i would determined a slim needle together the cloth is an extremely delicate and you don’t desire a special needle the will gain in and also out also easily.Next, stop make sure we have enough thread so us won’t get stuck without. Take it at the very least 10 inches much more than what friend need. Remember that the thicker the fabric, the an ext thread you need so think abut it before cutting.Next stop thread the needle by obtaining the pointer of the object wet through our mouth and also threading it nicely so it i will not ~ tear.Now stop tie the thread therefore it won’t pass v the towel every time we stick the needle through. Depending upon the fabric form you can want to make 1 knot or more.Turn the towel inside out. We always want to upper and lower reversal the fabrics so we acquire a far better view that the seam, and also not expose our brand-new stitch to the outside.If the hole in the leggings occurred in the seam, an interpretation where the 2 fabrics come together, you deserve to just use your fingers to hold the cloth together and stitch it where the initial seam would be.Stitch follow me the original seam line, make sure to do small and secure seams therefore it will certainly last longer and also won’t break easily.

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Here’s a short video showing you just how to repair a feet in your leggings if it’s not close to the main seam:

That’s pretty lot it, it’s not overly complex to repair a feet in leggings and with a small bit the patience, girlfriend can get it done in choose 30 minutes. We hope this post helped you.