Windows 7 slowed down? taking a long time to start up and shut down, don’t worry! This short article will teach you exactly how to deal with a slow Windows computer effectively with 6 methods.

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4. Then it will certainly pop up the performance checking program, and follow the instructions and fix the detect problem. Then view if the “Windows 7 slow” problem is fixed.

│Method 2. Turn off unnecessary programs

Windows 7 slow is usually brought about by too countless programs running at the same time, i beg your pardon takes up handling power and reduces the power of the PC. Even if some programs room closed, castle will proceed to run in the lift or start automatically when you begin the computer.

To check out which elevator programs space running on your PC and how much capacity and processing power they occupy, please open up the "Task Manager", which friend can access by pressing CTRL + ALT + DELETE.


│Method 3. Defrag your difficult disk

When we normally use computers, repeated deletions and downloads will type disk fragments. Since the document storage sectors are not continuous, the reading time will come to be longer, so home windows 7 will certainly run slow. Yet fortunately, we have the right to solve this trouble through defragmentation.

The objective of defragmentation is to reorganize scattered papers together consistently to improve the seek speed that the computer.

You can try the defragmentation tool that comes v Windows 7:

Step 1. Open "This PC" on the desktop, and also right-click ~ above a drive, like C drive, and choose "Properties".

Step 2. select the "Tools" tab, and click "Optimize"

Step 3. analyze all the journey one by one, and also click "Defragment Disk".

│Method 4. Clean up the dust

The fan on the computer system CPU is used to dissipate heat, yet it attractive a most dust as result of static electricity. If the hasn"t to be cleaned in a lengthy time, dust will certainly accumulate in the wait outlet, resulting in the windows 7 running slow. You can generally clean up the dust to enhance the computer"s warm dissipation efficiency.

│Method 5. Prolong system partition

If your device partition is acquiring full, windows 7 will run very slow, in this situation, friend should extend your system partition.

Fortunately, AOMEI Partition Assistant expert can assist you fix the problem. It is a professional disk administration tool, the features of expanding system drive and Partition Alignment can assist you improve the performance of your pc easily and quickly. And it likewise supports creating, shrinking, relocating your partitions for regulating your disk more flexibly.

Now, ns will present you how to extend system partition through AOMEI Partition Assistant step by step, you deserve to download the Demo variation to have actually a shot firstly.

Step 1. Install and launch AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro. Then, every disks and also partitions will show up on the key interface.

Step 2. In this demonstrator, there is unallocated space behind the C drive. Then, right-click the partition (here is C drive) you desire to extend and also select "Resize Partition".


Step 3. In the pop-up window, position the computer mouse pointer top top the best border of the partition and also drag the border rightwards to prolong the partition. Then click "OK". (If there"s no unallocated an are beside the partition, you could not drag the border).


Step 4. Then that will back to the key interface and you might preview the C journey that has been being extended. Click the "Apply" on the toolbar come commit the operation.


PS.: If over there is no unallocated space on the system hard drive or nearby unallocated an are behind the device partition, you re welcome refer to how to allocate cost-free space.

│Method 6. Align SSD partition

It is believed that SSD is far better than HDD, if you still want to pursue a quicker read and write performance, you deserve to Migrate OS indigenous HDD come SSD. However if friend are already using SSD, You should not neglect 4K alignment.

Partition misalignment is another an extremely common factor why windows 7 operation slow. It causes slowdowns in performance. And also AOMEI Partition Assistant professional could enable you to inspect whether SSD partitions space aligned, and enable you to realize partition 4K alignment easily.

Step 1. Install and launch the software, right-click the SSD partition and choose "Advanced" > "Partition Alignment".


Step 2. You can set partition 4K alignment in this mini window. Usually, us recommend the "2048 Sector". And click "OK" to continue.


Step 3. Finally, click "Apply" to conserve changes.



After analysis this article, I believe you have much more understanding around how to fix “Windows 7 slow”. Prior to performing these operations, you need to use anti-virus software application to scan the computer to ensure the there room no viruses that affect computer performance.

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By the way, If your computer system is running through Windows Server system, you deserve to turn come AOMEI Partition Assistant Server Edition.