Sunless tanning is notoriously tricky. Also if you"ve been faking a golden glow due to the fact that that hilarious illustration of girlfriend (you understand the one), mistakes deserve to still happen. We spoke through St. Tropez celebrity self-tan artist Sophie Evans for she tricks and tips on fixing the most typical sunless tanning issues.

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If your tan is streaking...

Tan streaks and patches happen when you’re no using sufficient product indigenous the get-go. Evans claims if friend feel choose you’re pulling and rubbing your skin, friend are most likely not using enough of the tanner and the result will it is in streaky.

If you’re already past that point, don’t worry. Evans claims to easy exfoliate your whole body and also use a wash cloth or one exfoliating mitt to lift darker streaks turn off the skin. The one thing she states to never do is reapply self-tanner without first exfoliating. “It you apply an ext self-tanner top top an uneven surface, the self-tan will still be uneven,” she says. “Always exfoliate the darker locations first.”


If your tan is fading fast...

Even the many flawless fake tan deserve to fade because that a variety of reasons. Evans lists chop clothing, excessive sweating, high-intensity exercise, and using exfoliating assets as the usual reasons your tan deserve to fade unevenly. To stop premature fading, Evans states to constantly pat the skin dry after showering and also to moisturize daily with a non-oil based lotion. We love the St. Tropez steady Tan Watermelon Infusion body Lotion (left).

If you find your tan fading unevenly, use a gentle human body scrub or dried brush to lightly exfoliate every two to 3 days. This will keep your tan even and permit for re-application there is no the fear of buildup. Evans emphasize again to never just reapply much more sunless tanner without first exfoliating.


If her tan is uneven...

Sometimes, you don’t get it right on the first go. When your tan isn’t used evenly in ~ first, Evans says the only way to also it the end is to—can girlfriend guess?—exfoliate. If over there is a severe dark spot that can’t be removed by exfoliation, she states to rub moisturizer ~ above the area and then use the self-tanner top top top. “The moisturizer will dilute it and also act together a obstacle so that the tan will not build too dark and the skin deserve to remain a uniform color," she adds.

If there is buildup...

Buildup happens when you apply brand-new layers of product on one old self-tan. Come avoid and also correct this, over there is only one thing you deserve to do: exfoliate. Evans states to do it every two or 3 days v a scrub or dry brush gentle enough not to rip or tear the skin.

If you desire to eliminate your tanner...

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If you desire to take off her self-tanner every at once, you"ll require a committed tan-removing product (unless girlfriend feel choose scrubbing her skin raw). Evans suggests the St. Tropez Tan Remover Mousse. She states to apply it over the entire body and also leave that on for 5 minutes. Then shower off and use one exfoliating mitt or wash fabric to lift all traces the the old self-tan.

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