When her shoes rub against the ago of her heels, they reason friction. While ours skin deserve to safely take care of some friction there is no pain, like as soon as we scrape an itch, as soon as our shoes reason friction and pressure v every step, it’s only going to finish one way: pain and injury.

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The result can look favor blisters or division in the skin, both the which space prone to infection or also the advance of bony bumps dubbed a Haglund’s deformity in ~ the back of the hoe over time. Depending on the height of her shoes about your ankle, continuous rubbing may also irritate your Achilles tendon and also contribute to bursitis, amongst other conditions.

To help, our podiatrists have put together a couple of of their height tips for protecting against your pair of shoes from rubbing versus the back of her heel.

1. Throughout the shoes buying stage

When you shopping because that that brand-new pair the shoes:

Make certain the socks you’re wearing as soon as trying on your shoes are lasignoralaura.comparable to what you’ll be wearing daily. Many world make the mistake of conveniently ducking in to shot on shoes wearing stockings, only to wear much thicker noodle socks once wearing your shoes, to reduce the easily accessible space, adding tightness, and encouraging rubbing both in ~ the ago of the heel and also everywhere else around the shoeBuy shoes so late in the job to get a far better fit so they’re not too tight. Our feet swollen by increase to fifty percent a size throughout the day, which method shoes the fit perfect in the morning can not right so fine in the afternoon. Prevent shoes that are too loose – these are additionally a resource of rubbingKnow i beg your pardon foot is longer. Most human being have one foot that is slightly larger than the other, but tend lasignoralaura.come measure only one foot for specific size, presuming that if it’s a good fit ~ above one, it’s a great fit on the other. Constantly make certain your shoes fit your longest foot, or that foot will be at risk to rubbing at the ago of the heel

2. Choose the ideal socks

Blisters and also rubbing have the right to be led to when her socks nothing give enough cushioning between your feet and also the shoes. Part ‘fashion’ socks, while looking great, nothing prioritise protecting your feet or optimising her lasignoralaura.comfort. Opt because that socks that have actually some natural padding (so aren’t super thin) and also are make from products that draw moisture away from the skin, prefer merino wool. Cotton, ~ above the various other hand, tends to catch moisture between the skin and also the sock. 

Remember, together we age, ours skin often tends to belasignoralaura.come thinner and an ext fragile, with less natural padding and also protection. So if the skeleton in your feet space feeling an ext ‘prominent’ over the past couple of years, choosing socks v a an excellent amount the cushioning and support will also help promote your overall foot health and also lasignoralaura.comfort, alongside helping through the rubbing.

3. Use good insoles​

Pre-made orthotics that you slip right into the shoes without having them appropriately fitted or ensuring their suitability for your feet and also shoes can additionally lead to rubbing versus the back of her heel. Once you don’t regulate the height, shape or to the right of the insoles that you include inside her shoes, your heel may finish up sitting appropriate at the top of the back of your shoe which might encourage rubbing, especially if you have actually a significant heel or Achilles tendon. These orthotics may additionally take up more room 보다 you need to give, leave a tight fit that is prone to friction.

If your project requires you to was standing or walk throughout the day, orthotics are not something that you want to have a guess: v at and also leave to chance how they will influence your foot duty and lasignoralaura.comfort. If you discover your work boots rubbing versus your feet, orthotics – when well-fitted and designed – have the right to have the contrary effect and instead lull the rubbing and also friction.

4. Be mindful of shoes materials

Shoes do from materials like mesh, coarse fabric and also other synthetic textiles are an ext likely to reason friction and also heel blisters 보다 shoes do from herbal materials. If we always relasignoralaura.commend wearing shoes in, don’t intend them lasignoralaura.come stretch. Choose shoes make from great materials the feel lasignoralaura.comfortable and have a an excellent fit native the get-go. 

Suede – suede is a type of leather made indigenous the underside of the pet skin. As soon as it concerns suede, you desire to certain to get the appropriate fit to start with, and also not deteriorate the fit v the socks you selectLeather – leather can be hard and also inflexible through unforgiving edges, therefore take treatment to undertake them roughly the house prior to spending days in them. Cleaning and conditioning your leather will certainly also aid them lasignoralaura.come to be softer and an ext flexibleCanvas – while being soft and lasignoralaura.comfortable, canvas is a lasignoralaura.common resource of rubbing, specifically as these shoes are often worn v bare feet and also no sock protection. Wear these approximately the house, bending them backwards and also forwards, and also feel lasignoralaura.complimentary to adjust your lacing if her shoes room feeling as well tight or looseRubber – has actually a greater tendency to both rub and also trap moisture, which have the right to irritate the skin and make you more vulnerable to skin breaks. If her shoes are mostly rubber, make certain you’re wearing good, padded socks that wick moisture far from your feetDon’t forget to check the lining of her shoes – while some shoes have actually a softer and seamless lining, others have actually stitching and also connections that have the right to pose second rubbing and also irritation risk 

5. Alleviate the humidity in her shoes

Wet or damp feet boost the hazard of rubbing and blister formation. As well as excess friction due to slipping within the wet shoe, moisture additionally softens the skin and increases the chances of damaging the outer skin layers. If you wear breathable, water-resistant shoes, it help to store as much exterior moisture out of the shoe as feasible and boundaries sweating, unequal waterproof shoes, which can cause sweating. Remember, her feet have over 250,000 sweat glands, and also here in our Australian climate, anyone deserve to suffer native in-shoe dampness.

Try utilizing an absorbent powder favor talcum to aid keep the atmosphere in your shoe dry, or readjust your socks to a material that breathes much better and wicks moisture away from the feet. If girlfriend feel your feet are sweating excessively, girlfriend may have hyperhidrosis. Publication in with your podiatrist if you suspect this is the case.

6. Take into consideration stretching your shoes

While we always relasignoralaura.commend starting with the ideal fit, if you want to stretch the end or stay in a new pair of shoes to minimise your risk of pains rubbing, there room a pair of methods you deserve to go about it:

At home, placed your pair of shoes on wearing two pairs of thick socks. Nothing overdo that or remain in this shoes for long periods – and also take them turn off if they’re bring about you any kind of foot pain or cramps. But including to your amount say thickness can help with conveniently stretching her shoes and also has been used by many avid hikers for their brand-new hiking boots for years. The socks also assist prevent blisters. This works particularly well v leatherIf you desire to skip the hassle, take her shoes lasignoralaura.come your regional bootmaker or shoes repair store who should be able to stretch her shoes using professional equipment. There are sprays easily accessible that are designed to help shoes big – yet you want to be careful with these and patch-test them lasignoralaura.come make certain they don’t readjust the color of her shoes

7. Examine for unstable edges 

Sometimes, the seams and also the great of products at the ago of the heels can turn rough, the stitching have the right to lasignoralaura.come out, or they may be uneven or unrivaled to her foot features to begin with. If stormy edges are digging in, rubbing or irritating your skin, don’t resign yourself to making use of a bandage in ~ the back of her heel every time – deal with the shoes instead. You may choose to darn moleskin pads end the rough areas at the ago of your shoes, or bring your shoes in because that repairs to adjust any seams and also stitching that has lasignoralaura.come apart.

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Remember – think irreversible lasignoralaura.comfort & protection

While many civilization turn to temporary pads and bandaids because that some prompt relief indigenous the rubbing and blisters, the score should always be to assist you continue to be lasignoralaura.comfortable and pain-free because that the long-term. If she worried about your foot wellness or room experiencing any type of other pains or problems, your neighborhood My FootDr podiatry team is here to help.