Both the Mrs. And I wake up in ~ 5 a.m. We shot not come disturb our daughters while acquiring ready for work. But the squeaky floors in ours bedroom and hallway make this a challenge.

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After reading this post I guarantee you’ll find how to quickly fix the squeaky floors under your carpet in no time. Plus, there’s a surprise at the finish that friend don’t desire to miss.

The floor fix kit that solved our squeaky floor problem is referred to as Squeeeeek No More. After see it on an illustration of This Old house I automatically went to my neighborhood hardware store and bought one.

At roughly $20 this is there is no a doubt among the finest DIY purchases I’ve ever before made-right increase there v my affect driver.

Here’s what you need to fix your squeaky floors:

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It’s quite cool that the supply perform is brief (unlike my grocery list the boggles the person mind and also slims the wallet choose Jenny Craig). Few of the devices you might not need, so store that in mind.

I’m super excited to share mine tutorial through you!! Let’s get started