Want to tow your Jeep come the trail or behind your RV for a weekend of camping? Jeeps are among the couple of vehicles that space actually designed come be flat towed. Which is just one of the an essential reasons you check out them gift towed behind RVs and also trucks everywhere the country. Level towing a Jeep is easy yet there are a couple of things to carry out to make certain you carry out not damages your rig.

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Preparation:Making certain your Jeep and also your tow rig are correctly equipped is vital to making certain things operation smoothly. Here’s wherein to start.
There room a lot of tow bars ~ above the market ranging from simply over one hundred dollars come well right into the thousands. Just put, the tow bar mounts onto the former bumper of her Jeep and also can it is in folded under to hook onto the hitch of your tow rig. Us recommend obtaining a tow bar that comes v chains equipped. Girlfriend will need safety chains and buying a tow bar the comes equipped v them will conserve you time and also ensure they space the right size for your setup.Most tow bars room designed to occupational with the factory mounts top top a share Jeep bumper. However if you have actually an aftermarket bumper there are several carriers that market adapters and also universal mounting plates. Keep in mind that some of the universal mounts top top the industry may need that girlfriend drill right into your bumper come secure the mount. No a huge deal yet just save that in mind once dong her research.3. Supplemental Braking System: If you execute a the majority of towing we highly recommend setup up your vehicle with a supplemental brake system. Some research studies have displayed it deserve to reduce braking street by up to 50%. In addition some states need supplemental electric braking systems as soon as towing. Make sure you are acquainted with your claims laws. We have used and like the brake buddy system. Inspect current pricing on Amazon.4. Towing Lights: You need to have actually towing lights to keep your rig and other drivers safe when flat towing a Jeep. There room two main approaches you have the right to take.A. Portable trailer lights. Portable lamp magnetically mountain to her Jeep offering you brake and turn signals. We have actually used a collection for several years, and also the only downside is ours our wireless which method they usage batteries and also the batteries need to be replaced. As soon as these dice we will get wired lights. We prefer this method because we deserve to transfer the lights to other trailers or vehicles if needed.B. Tapping into your Jeeps lights: If arrangement to carry out a many of level towing a much more permanent equipment is probably a far better option. Through a basic kit friend can connect to your Jeeps developed in lights making use of a flat 4 irradiate assembly. This system allows you attach your RV light controls to your Jeep without allowing power feedback that can hurt her Jeeps electrical and lighting systems. Once installed all you have to do is plug in the level 4 connector and your jeep lights will show when you room braking, avoiding or turning. See existing pricing top top Amazon.

How to flat Tow a Jeep Wrangler Behind an RV

On a flat surface with the parking brake ~ above or utilizing a wheel chock acquire into your Jeep Wrangler and take the complying with steps to flat tow your Jeep.1. placed the an essential in the ignition and also move it come the accessory position.2. action on the brake pedal and transition the transmission right into Neutral (N), or if you have a manual Jeep boring the clutch and also brake pedal and shift into Neutral.3. change the transfer instance into Neutral (this is the bar you use to change from 2 come 4 wheel drive)4. start the engine.5. change into drive on an automatic or put the hand-operated transmission into gear (most civilization recommend second or third gear)6. Let off of the brake pedal make certain that the automobile does no move.7. close up door the engine off and leave the crucial in the unlocked turn off position.8. transition the automatically transmission right into Park (P)9. Hook the Jeep approximately the tow vehicle and also check lights and also safety chain functionality.10. release the parking brake.Special Considerations:Do not change an automatically transmission right into park with the transfer case in neutral v your engine running, doing therefore could cause transmission issues.

How to Unhook Your flat Towed Jeep

Once you have made it come the trail or your destination you will should unhook. The adhering to steps need to be complied with to save from damaging her Jeep.1. begin your Jeep2. shift the transmission into neutral or boring the clutch pedal and also put the hand-operated transmission into neutral.3. transition the transfer situation lever right into either 2 or 4 wheel drive.4. transition the carry automatic transmission into Drive or move the hand-operated transmission right into gear and also then release the clutch pedal.5.

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Unhook the indigenous the tow rig and also secure her tow bar.Note: perform not use a bumper placed clamp-on tow bar ~ above the Jeep Wrangler or Wrangler limitless JK. The bumper confront bar deserve to be damaged. You can shop all the bumpers we sell hereNotes:ALWAYS refer to your owners hand-operated to follow those measures as lock occasionally readjust from version year to design year.Make certain your bumper and tow bar space compatible.

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