Camping in an RV is just one of those memorable experiences the you deserve to enjoy as a family, alone or with friends. When the experience can be memorable, driving her RV right into town isn’t exactly ideal.

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RVs are just too cumbersome, i m sorry is why a smaller vehicle is preferred. However, this way that you have actually to flat tow the car behind the motorhome.

Most cars can be flat towed, yet the easiest to setup is the Jeep Wrangler. RVers often tend to favor Jeep Wranglers (1997-2018) as they have the right to be for sure towed nevertheless of whether they have actually an automatically or hand-operated transmission.

Also, its usually size renders it straightforward to tow because that both class A and C motorhomes.

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Can a Jeep Wrangler Be level Towed?

Yes a wrangler have the right to be flat towed – but, prior to you can flat tow her Jeep, friend will need at least 5 towing components. These include base plates, tow bar, safety cables, tow bar wiring and supplemental braking system.

1. Basic Plates

You need attachment points set up on the Jeep’s frame as it renders it much easier to attach the tow bar. Right here you will require a custom-fit attachment allude that is particular to your vehicle.

Typically, basic plates room compatible v 2007-2018 Jeep Wranglers that have actually the standard manufacturing facility bumper. Environment of the base plates often requires drilling holes and also trimming the absent guard.

For example, you have the right to use the Roadmaster Direct-Connect base Plates, i beg your pardon is make in the USA, has actually a systematized design, and also doesn’t call for a Quick-Disconnect crossbar.

2. Tow Bars

The following step requires using a towing bar. Unlike basic parts, tow bars space not custom-fit components; thus, you’ll require a tow bar that’s compatible through the basic part.

Preferably, pick a tow bar that’s made by the same agency as the basic plate. Therefore, if you supplied Roadmaster base plates, the tow bars should also be by Roadmaster.

Most rigs will use either Roadmaster or Blue Ox. Once installed, ensure the you clean the bar every couple of weeks to eliminate the grime and keep it functioning smoothly.

3. Safety Cables

Even with the basic plates and the towing bar installed, you still require a back up in instance the towing bar malfunctions. 

To attach the safety and security cables or chain to her Jeep you require attachment points.

The most typical attachment points are D-rings and also tow hooks. You deserve to purchase the hooks as you to buy the security cables.

However, if you’re making use of Blue Ox tow bars, you acquire safety cables as component of the package. Roadmaster also includes the safety cables in your tow bar kit yet only in limited models.

Depending ~ above your flat towing setup, you have the right to use coiled or straight safety and security cables

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4. Tow Bar Wiring

Tow bar wiring, you have the right to switch top top the taillights, activate the role stop and turn while towing the vehicle. This means that you have to wire the auto for flat towing.

For starters, install a custom-fit plug-in harness that will be provided with the present lights. Friend can additionally hardwire the Jeep to work with the existing lights or use a global lighting kit.

Since having towing lamp is a legit requirement, you have the right to either use the over option or removable tail lights. The an initial option involves permanently tapping right into your Jeep’s wiring device while the second option is quicker, cheaper and removable.

Portable/removable tail lights space magnetically placed on your Jeep, thus giving you turn and also brake signals. You can use either wired or wireless tail lights. The fence of wireless is that you need to keep replacing the batteries.

5. Tow Bar Braking System

It can also be referred to as the supplemental braking system and helps sluggish down your Jeep together the Motorhome slowly down.

In most states, that a need to have actually a supplemental braking system. Not just does that shorten the braking distance, however it additionally reduces wear and also tear.

You can either install a fixed supplemental device or usage a portable system. A fixed system may bring up problems afterwards when you decision to sell your Jeep.

Depending on preference, you can pick an digital or hand-operated braking system. Typically, an digital braking device comprises a main unit that is installed in the motorhome and is supplied to communicate with the unit in the Jeep.

Such systems incorporate the Roadmaster InvisiBrake, which is permanently fixed.

Check the Towing Capacity

Before you can tow your off-roader, ensure the you check your motorhome’s towing capacity. Also, use this together a factor to consider when shopping because that a motorhome.

For example, a class A motorhome have the right to tow as much as 10,000 lbs. They are recognized to have actually the greatest towing capacity. Some can tow as much as 15,000 pounds.

However, heavier class A motorhomes that have actually smaller engines often tend to have actually the reduced towing capacity. Class C motorhomes have comparable towing capacities together the class A motorhomes.

They frequently have heavy-duty truck-chassis that boost their towing volume to 10,000 lbs. Also, class C motorhomes can pull longer loads without violating legal length restrictions the bind course A motorhomes.

Class B motorhomes have actually a towing volume of not much more than 5,000 lbs. Castle are typically smaller 보다 their course A and also C counterparts; thus have the right to only tow smaller objects such together boats, snowmobiles, and ATVs. A 5,000 lbs. Towing capacity will likewise accommodate a Jeep Wrangler. However, this might not use to Jeeps that have been customized and also are heavier 보다 5,000 pounds.

Also, remember the loading your Jeep through extra cargo will only rise its weight previous the towing capacity.

Towing the Jeep Wrangler

With setup complete, and all that stays is hitting the road. There is one critical thing; you have to put the Wrangler in tow mode.

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Check your hand-operated to check the procedure to placed the Jeep in tow mode. The procedure is rather simple, however if not careful, you might easily damage the Jeep’s transmission.

You want to tow the wrangler with both the continual transmission and the transfer instance in NEUTRAL.

However, as soon as attaching the Jeep to the towing system, it’s best to have the parking brake on and have the infection in equipment to stop rolling. Just make sure you go earlier to neutral and turn off the parking brake prior to you tow!