Chances room you"ve currently searched with the listings ~ above Craiglist once you were interested in to buy something. However have friend ever considered being on the other side of the screen? you know, the one in reality making money by flipping top top Craigslist?

Becoming a seller, rather of or in addition to a continual buyer, gives you the opportunity to make some extra cash top top items friend no longer use or want. Better yet, you might buy and resell items on Craigslist and turn what once provided to be just a fun flipping project right into a legit money-making business!

While there are several places to offer online, Craigslist is perhaps one of the best if you desire to make money flipping – no matter what that is you wish to sell. Cars, second-hand furniture, vintage electronics… There room dozens of items you deserve to flip top top Craigslist to revolve a handsome profit. Sounds straightforward enough, right?

If that seems like a side hustle you would certainly be interested in pursuing, keep analysis below. In this comprehensive guide to flipping on Craigslist, I will teach you everything you need to understand to make your an initial successful market on the communication (and then some!).

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How To make Money Flipping stuff on CraigslistWhere To discover Items to Resell

How To make Money Flipping stuff on Craigslist

What Is Craigslist Flipping?

Craigslist flipping is a means to generate revenue by to buy in-demand items in ~ a discount and then upselling them for a profit. It is a generally straight-forward method to do money and can ultimately turn right into a secure stream the passive income.

The art of flipping is composed of purchase under industry value and then offering after that worth increases. The more the value goes up, for this reason does her profit margin.

What"s an excellent about flipping top top Craigslist is friend have control over exactly how much money you desire to make. Carry out you want to simply hustle top top weekends for a couple of extra hundred a month? Or could you view yourself finding bargains, probably doing a bit of handiwork to deal with the item(s) up, and reselling typically to generate full-time income?

No matter just how much investment (both time and also money) you great to dedicate come flipping ~ above Craigslist, it"s a lucrative business possibility that overcome the test of time.

Best item To flip On Craigslist

So you"ve decided to begin flipping on Craigslist, however there"s simply one problem. What the heck carry out you in reality flip? What sells well on Craiglist vs what doesn"t?

According to professional sellers, the ideal items to flip on Craigslist for profit are:

Home Appliances: Kitchen gadgets and also electronics, second-hand washers and dryers, fridges… There"s constantly someone in require of a newer, far better replacement.Electronics: electronics in basic will always sell fine on marketplaces favor Craigslist. Whether it"s a vintage video clip game console or a modern-day DVD player.

Of course, the list of what you have the right to buy and flip ~ above Craigslist is practically endless. Bikes, cookware, clothing, strength tools… every one of those can additionally be bought and sold ~ above Craigslist for profit.

But if you haven"t noticed, the items mentioned over tend to be high-ticket. Meaning, offering those items will certainly be far better worth your time quite than low-end stuff that would require double or triple the amount of sales to complement the exact same amount the profits.

You also want to take into consideration what sells quick on the platform, and also that has tendency to it is in things prefer phones, furniture, electronics – also cars. Points that world want an ext of, or at the very least a much better version of.

Also, remember the flipping is no the same as investing, for this reason you desire to target rapid turn arounds in stimulate to create the most profit and also have a kind cash flow.

Where To uncover Items to Resell

Once you have the items in mind that you wish to sell, where perform you actually find them at a low price? Maybe even for free?

Online Marketplaces

One the the finest places to find stuff to flip is the same as wherein to market it – top top Craigslist! as a buyer and seller, you have actually the benefit of sorting through listings v potential.

Sometimes flipping have the right to be as straightforward as – deserve to I bring an ext value come the listing and earn a profit the way? for example, just cleaning up or easy ameliorating the product and posting it with better, higher-quality picture can result in you offering the product for an ext than what friend paid for it (with minimal job-related involved).

But past the platform, wherein else have the right to you find stuff to sell?

Another method to do is to search on alternate marketplaces. Think eBay or on facebook Marketplace. Merely selling on another platform, whereby the regarded value may be higher, deserve to be a strategy to discover items to sell.

Local vs worldwide Markets

You could also take this strategy to the next level and find items to sell in a different country, whereby again the regarded value might be higher.

For example, Apple products are cheaper in the USA contrasted to Europe or Latin America, together this is wherein the distribution is widest. You could buy new or lightly supplied in one country and also sell “for a discount” in another, yet still benefit a few hundred bucks native the transaction.

Of course, the logistics would certainly be a bit more complicated, v shipping and also all, yet it"s still feasible.

Yard Sales

Yard or garage sales are regularly gold mines for finding items at a low price that you have the right to upsell after offering them a makeover.

More often than not, item are method underpriced at garden sales since the owner simply wants to get rid of them there is no tossing them right into the trash.

If you have actually the opportunity to scour yard sales in your neighborhood, don"t happen up the opportunity.

Pawn Shops

Pawn shops are one more option because that finding items to flip on Craigslist, particularly so if you want to sell standard or vintage-style things (i.e. Jewelry, furniture, etc.,).

In fact, choose a niche for your seller profile on Craigslist is a brilliant means to lure a certain audience and also increase sales (and profits).

Flea Markets

Flea sectors are another way to mine because that second-hand gems. This items space usually on sale with huge discounts because they commonly need tiny repairs or fixes to do them redeemable because that reselling on Craigslist.

How To flip On Craigslist for Profit

Now you have actually your seller account set up and also the items you wish to flip prepared to roll. The following step is to do your first successful sale!

Here space some tips for acquiring started flipping on Craigslist.

Take high-quality photos: You"d be surprised at just how much an ext money you deserve to make flipping by just posting attractive image of the product. The highest bidders desire quality and the very first impression one has actually on Craigslist is via the featured photos.

Reply to client ASAP: Flipping needs that friend sell fairly quickly. And in bespeak to carry out that, you must reply to interested buyers as soon as possible. The much faster you room to respond, the much more trustworthy and authoritative her listing will certainly seem.

Price it greater than her willing to sell it for: If you"ve ever purchased miscellaneous online, climate you recognize that you always try to negotiate for a better price. Buyers on Craigslist will perform the same, for this reason anticipate this by pricing her product greater than what your target revenue price is. That way, you can offer a slim “discount” and also make your customer happy.

Detect scams: The finest sellers ~ above Craigslist space those who have the right to smell a BS market from a mile away. Don"t meet up in sketchy places (and make certain it"s always somewhere public) make certain to obtain the payment upfront.

Pros & cons Of Flipping on Craigslist

While flipping top top Craigslist is a great way to make money, it"s no without its own faults.


Flipping on Craigslist is a proven organization model that works (better possibilities of success if you have the right to copy effective sellers).Flexible working hours; you deserve to work as much or as tiny as girlfriend like.Big market opportunity with several room for improvement.Can end up being a means to create passive revenue once the process is set up.Offers financial-freedom and also opportunity to do money top top your very own terms.


There are a most “fluff” offers and scams to detect and also avoid.Sales can fall through or buyers don"t present up.Requires knowledge of her product and simple marketing skills.May require reupholstering, repainting, or outsourcing a experienced to upgrade the item prior to you can resell it for profit.Storage may end up being an issue, depending on what it is you desire to resell (i.e. Furniture takes increase a lot of space).

Can girlfriend Really make A Living selling On Craigslist?

Yes, there"s definitely potential to do money marketing on Craigslist. The question is no “if” however rather “how much”. To answer that question, girlfriend will require to figure out what that is you want to sell; if that matches your budget and profit margin target; and how lot time you"d prefer to invest in the project.

You deserve to flip on Craigslist a couple of days a month and also earn a pair of extra grand, or you can pursue this full-time. One of two people or, marketing on Craigslist is a profitable business opportunity because the platform remains one of the many used sites in the human being for buying and also selling things.

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If girlfriend aren"t a seller on Craigslist yet, there"s not much risk in trying that out. Sure, there space a few scams and also risks. However with endure comes wiser buying and selling choices and that means more income. Perhaps even passive income if you"re ready to outsource the mass of the work.

Have you ever before thought around selling on Craigslist to do money? If so, what"s organized you back thus far?