Maybe you’ve to be here prior to too: You’re ordering her morning coffee, making small talk with your favorite, dreamy barista, as soon as they hand friend a deliciously warm drink, their fingers to brush lightly against yours. Eye call game strong, castle smile. Is this your opening? You’ve thought around leaving her number before. After all, they’re understatedly flirty, the most vital provider in your life, and the first person you desire to view in the morning—a recipe because that love, right? climate again, perhaps you’re gift creepy, and also they’re just doing their job. Just how do you tell the difference between an excellent chemistry and an excellent customer service?

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“Read the room” is a safe ar to start, states Gabrielle, a barista at a high-end brand-new York City cafe. “That’s really the most important thing for any and also all society situations.” take environmental components into account when deciding whether currently is a good time to begin your flirtation, she says: “Is that crowded? Is the barista busy, or do they have time to speak through you?”

Gabrielle has received phone number from several customers, constantly male, and also while she’s never ever called any of them for various reasons, as long as they to be respectful, she’s admired your pluck. “I think it’s a an excellent trait,” she says. Taylor, a former barista in san Luis Obispo, CA, agrees. “If you want to leave her number for a barista, i don’t view why friend shouldn’t! it is completely harmless, and also maybe she or he will certainly call.”

If you decide to walk for it, definitely have a conversation beforehand, our barista panel advised unanimously. Beyond the obvious—helping you determine whether your developments are welcome—it will additionally make clear to the barista who number lock received.

“I think everyone has actually a story of acquiring a number and also trying so difficult to number out who it’s from,” states Julia, that works at a coffee shop in Somerville, MA. “It renders it weird because it’s like, ‘Are you Mike through the large dark roast?’ but I think it’s entirely fine to leave her number if you feel choose you interacted long enough with them to feeling confident that they’ll remember you and that you were obtaining a warmth response.”



That might mean do the ask face-to-face, rather than in writing, states Taylor. “I think leave a note is a cute idea,” she says, yet the critical time someone left one for she she couldn’t identify whom it to be from. “It is a liven coffee shop and also long shift, for this reason I had no idea. For all ns know, it might have to be an 80-year-old woman (not mine type).”

How carry out you recognize whether you are someone’s type? tough to say for sure, but Ben, who supplied to guy the food was standing at an art festival in Laguna Beach, CA, states a cute, flirty line is a good litmus test. “Say the funny thing, and also if lock laugh or smile, walk ahead and give the number. If your look is like, ‘Get the end of my face,’ you’re no doing it for them, and also it’s more than likely not worth your while. Save it light and also breezy. Lock probably get asked out all the time.”

Most that the baristas interviewed for this story agreed that receiving a number—whether in a tip jar, top top the earlier of a receipt, in person, or even through Craigslist’s let go Connections—is flattering, even if the conference is occasionally exasperating or awkward. “I love the courage and also confidence,” states Avery, currently a barista abroad and formerly a server in a Detroit pastry shop. “Definitely charming and also a huge turn on.”

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But there are particular situations the are just not okay. In December, because that example, a 37-year-old male in Spokane, Washington, to be banned indigenous his regional Starbucks for asking the end a 16-year-old barista. That’s a definite no, together is what one client did to Katie, a Starbucks barista: “An older man, a regular, carried me a existing on Valentine’s Day—a huge Victoria’s secret bag with 3 sparkly thongs inside. I quietly said to him that ns couldn’t expropriate the gift, that apologized, and we left it at that.”

And keep in mind, states Alexandra, who has operated as a Starbucks barista in Cambridge, MA, and also Arlington, VA, that your audience is captive—but not necessarily captivated. “You clear can’t walk far or be rude, therefore it’s straightforward for someone to take that for you being interested,” she says. “I to be on bar once, and this guy kept asking me because that my number, which i wouldn’t offer him, yet I was in the center of do drinks, so i couldn’t simply stop and also leave. That wasn’t overly aggressive in what he to be saying, he just wasn’t taking a note or take it no for an answer.”