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I was newly asked through a reader just how to fold a fitted sheet so that they protect against looking therefore messed up once in the cupboard. She had actually been having problems with the sheets that have actually elastic every around, since they simply kept springing out of shape as soon as she do the efforts to wrinkles them neatly. There had actually to be an easy way, right? well – yes – over there is!. Frankly, this is something the I’ve tried numerous methods for until I came throughout the one the worked finest for me, so I thought a action by step guide was in order today, and also I really hope this helps you too.

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How countless times have you got hold of an elasticated paper from the dryer and tried to put it away neatly? (a level sheet is so easy in comparison, right?!)

You finish up scrunching it up into a reasonably tidy (!) ball, and also stuffing it into the cupboard.

This means not only having actually a confusing space, but also not gift able to store as much in the cupboard since the rolled up sheets take up loads of room.

Makes you want to switch to using a level sheet for every bed, doesn’t it!

There must be a way to do it that doesn’t take it ages, and is also easy – right?

Follow the straightforward steps below and also you’ll it is in folding clothes like a pro prior to you know it, fairly than finishing up through something the looks an ext like this…

TIP – This method is easiest as soon as you have a flat surface choose a table, a bed or a floor to work on.

Folding fitted sheets – steps to follow

STEP 1 – place THE FITTED paper OUT

So you deserve to see exactly what’s what, place the sheet out onto a level surface, v the elastic edge dealing with you, choose in the photo below.

Please note that i am making use of a single sized sheet for the images as it’s simpler to photograph!

It’s precious a close-up below of a seam – so you have the right to see what I’m talking around in the next step! – there are 4 seams, one in every corner, and also these are what will help you to wrinkles the sheet an ext easily, for this reason make certain you can plainly see every one prior to you relocate on!


Take the 2 corners that room at the bottom and fold up and into the height 2 corners so that the seams align.

TIP – some people like to execute this lengthways, others do peak to bottom, it’s entirely whats easiest for you, i can’t see lot of a difference either method and think me I’ve tried everything!

STEP 3 – FOLD right into A long RECTANGLE

You now have actually a much more rectangular shaped paper to job-related from, together the elasticised edge are currently enclosed more. This step is to wrinkles the sheet so that you get a lengthy rectangular shape to occupational with in ~ the end.

Depending top top the dimension of your sheet, you may just have the ability to do a pair of folds from the bottom come the top, or you can lug the top 3rd down and the bottom third up come ensure nice right lines (it depends on how square you want your final result to be….).

TIP – remember to pat whatever down at every neat fold as then you’ll get a much crisper folded equipment sheet


The really last stage is to fold the left 3rd into the middle, and also then the right 3rd into the middle:-

All the moment you room creating much more squared off edges, and flattening it together you go – so friend should finish up through something prefer this:-

A perfectly folded sheet! – or at least this is the perfect way for me – it’s not too much of a hassle, and gives a nice crisp finish.

WANT an ALTERNATIVE method TO get A FOLDED equipment SHEET?

Another way I’ve found that that a great idea as well (although because that me it’s much more fiddly) is this one –


I’ve included it as you may prefer doing it this way, and also I desire anything girlfriend organise to be organised just how you uncover it easier – as that’s the entirety point!


IS IT precious DOING?

Now, you may be asking why bother v this, together it takes much more time than just rolling it increase or urgent as ideal you can – however you will save tonnes the time when it comes to finding what you require in her linen closet / cupboard – it will all be lot neater and easier come grab – no to mention quicker!

TIP – Why not keep the paper sets in a pillowcase from that specific bedding – having actually the perfectly folded sheets will help keep everything tidy inside.

There you have actually it – folding equipment sheets has actually never to be so easy!

This an approach works well for me, and I yes, really hope the does the very same for friend too.

P.S. If you’re all set to tackle an ext than just the sheets in your linen cupboard, then you’ll most certainly want to check THIS post out next!

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