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Let"s be honest, urgent a fitted sheet have the right to be a real doozy. The rounded sides deserve to make the a little challenging, and an ext often 보다 we"d favor to admit, we finish up through a messy, weirdly-shaped lump of fabric.

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Until now!

Clea Shearer, one of the females behind the Nashville-based, full-service house organization agency Home Edit, offered us the scoop top top the best, simplest method to wrinkles a equipment sheet.

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2.Bring increase the bottom corners come the peak corners and tuck one into one side and the other into the other side, making a square. Readjust the edges so that every little thing is straight and tucked in.

And there you have it, fitted paper success!

If you"re quiet baffled, watch Clea demonstrate in the video above.

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