Caressing Women: advanced Erotic tips For guys

The entire body is an erotic playground. Gently excite every one of it.

posted March 31, 2013 | the review by Lybi Ma

Compared through men, the takes most women longer to end up being sufficiently aroused to enjoy genital play. Exactly how much longer? Usually, a lot of longer.

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“It bring away me a an excellent 20 come 30 minutes,” claims women’s sexuality educator Betty Dodson, Ph.D. “It takes countless women even longer. Men should slow-moving down—then sluggish down more.”

Every Square Inch

Okay, for this reason you slow-moving down, yet what execute you do? Gently caress her everywhere. Every square customs of the body is a sensual playground, and many females feel disappointed that so numerous men focus on just a couple of corners. Many locations on a woman"s body deserve to sizzle with erotic sensations and contribute to she responsiveness and enthusiasm together a lover.

“Coach Me”

As girlfriend caress her, ask exactly how she feels. That much easier to say that something feels good than bad. Don’t ask, “Does this feel good?” which could elicit a “No.” Instead, ask, “Would you like lighter touch here?” that way, “yes” is a inquiry for one adjustment, and “no” way all’s well. Or shot asking, “Would you favor me to touch you somewhere else?” Or just invite her to tell you what she enjoys by saying, “Coach me.”

Ticklishness way Discomfort

Watch out for ticklishness. In lovemaking, ticklishness often method discomfort. Different women have various ticklish spots. However ticklishness may depend less on the spot 보다 the method it’s touched. Because that example, a finger tracing number eights top top a woman’s belly might feel ticklish, when a warmth palm inserted gently ~ above the exact same area might not.

The subtle Art that Kissing

One kind of erotic touch that seldom gets its early is kissing. “A kiss,” a wit once said, “can be a comma, period, concern mark, or exclamation point.” Kissing is a dance. The poet Percy Bysshe Shelley identified kissing together “soul meeting heart on lovers’ lips.” put some soul right into it.

Breast Play: The best Way

In pornography, men often maul women’s breasts. Large mistake. Breasts and also nipples are very sensitive. Be very gentle v them. Caress lock lightly. When aroused, part women gain somewhat firmer nipple caresses, perhaps also pinching. Examine in v her about what she likes. Ask for coaching.

Leisurely, Playful, Whole-Body Sensuality

In porn, the man and woman say, “Hello,” and virtually immediately, the male grabs the women’s breasts or reaches between her legs. Another huge mistake. That doesn’t enable a woman enough warm-up time, i m sorry is the whole point of taking the time to caress her all over. Questioning if she feel ready. When she says yes, you might even say, “In a small while,” and also continue come tease her. Delaying breast and also genital play heats up the anticipation and enables women the time they have to respond come genital sex.

Now, some guys like their penises fondled early on in lovemaking. There’s nothing wrong v that. Feel totally free to ask for it. However understand that many women like to warm up to genital caresses. Ask just how much non-genital touch your lover would certainly like prior to you touch her in between the legs.

Better yet, say: “I’m not precisely clear once you feel all set for genital play, for this reason I’m no going to touch girlfriend there—until you place my hand there.” This permits women to postpone genital play till they feeling truly ready.

Be Extra Gentle down There

In porn, the men frequently pull at vaginal lips as though they’re opened a Ziploc plastic bag. Major mistake. The vaginal lips develop from the very same cells that, in men, become the scrotum. Do you favor your scrotum abused? Fondle her really gently. Together women become sexually aroused, their lips open like flowers.

Be extra-gentle with the clitoris. The guys in erotic don’t spend lot time caressing women’s pleasure organ, but when lock do, they often go at it like parched dogs readily available a key of water. Large mistake. The clitoris has actually just as many touch-sensitive nerve endings as the head of the penis, yet it’s only around one-tenth the size, so all those nerve endings room packed tightly together, and also super-sensitive come touch.

In fact, the clitoris is so sensitive that numerous women don’t prefer (or can not stand) your clitoris being touched. They prefer caresses roughly it. Ask her lover what she likes. Then together you gently explore her, ask, “Is this OK?”

When room Women all set for Intercourse?

Despite what you watch in porn, wet no necessarily average ready.

Sexual arousal begins with enhanced blood flow into the genitals. In men, this produce an erection, in women, quality lubrication. However, part perfectly normal women don’t self-lubricate very well (commercial lubricants help), and among those that do, a wet vagina walk not average that women feel prepared for intercourse. They’re just starting to come to be aroused.

When space women ready for intercourse? that varies. Numerous women would love to hear men say, “I i will not ~ presume you ready. Ns going to caress you almost everywhere until friend invite me inside you.”

Appreciate Afterglow

Many females complain the after orgasm, men just roll over and fall asleep. Instead, check out post-orgasmic sensuality. Hold each various other close. Kiss one another in unexplained places. Try some irradiate massage. Facial massage can feel wonderful, especially if girlfriend gaze right into each other’s eyes. The truth is, “afterglow” is a misnomer. In important sensual lovemaking, it must be referred to as “et cetera.”

Ancient keys of the Kama Sutra

For more on advanced caressing, check out the video, The ancient Secrets of the Kama Sutra: The standard Art the Lovemaking. This 60-minute erotic tourism de pressure is a wonderfully sensual take on the old Indian Kama Sutra’s eight step of lovemaking: preparation (bathing), massage, ambiance (candlelight, music, etc.), seduction (undressing), kissing, lingual love (oral sex), intercourse (many positions), and union (intimate spiritual merging throughout afterglow). This video clip is explicitly sexual, yet it’s no pornography. It’s sensual, beautiful, and erotic.

Now for Women’s Suggestions

Ladies, here’s your possibility to reaction to mine suggestions. What do you think the them? how long walk it take it you to become fully aroused? and what type of caresses arouse you most? guys would love come know.


Michael Castleman, M.A.

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, is a san Francisco-based journalist. He has written around sexuality for 36 years.





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