I visited feed my iguana the otherday and found that it had actually not perfect the food indigenous its ahead meal. So, Idid a tiny research and also found some info on what to perform if your pet reptile stops eating.

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What perform you do when your pet iguana stops eating? Ensure that there is a an excellent water it is provided in your enclosure. Introduce a different kind of food to its diet. Shot feeding it by hand or v a syringe. If her reptile is emaciated, take it it come a herpetologist at a veterinarian clinic.

There deserve to be a number of reasons why iguanas do noteat, indigenous being all set to place eggs because that females to not receiving sufficient calcium. Readon to find out what is wrong with your iguana and also what you deserve to do about it.

WHAT to FEED your IGUANA and HOW TO execute IT

You should firstdetermine the last time your lizard ate and also keep record of what you room feedingit from below on out. An iguana should eat every day, and if it has been a fewdays, you require to get sustenance into your lizard as soon as possible.

If y­our iguana stilllooks healthy, very first attempt to readjust its diet. Shot giving the fruit if theyhave been primarily eating vegetables. Or include a various vegetable to itsregular diet. You deserve to also try to lure them right into eating by giving the foodto lock by hand.

If this doesn’twork, relocate on come syringe feeding.

The quickest andeasiest means to hand feeding them pureed greens, which space high in calcium. Thebest vegetable for this is collard greens. Collard greens have about 232mg that calcium every 100 grams.

But there areother vegetables that are additionally high in calcium and also safe for iguanas come eat.These include:


Make a vegetables Puree

You will require tomake a vegetables puree with extra electrolytes to hand feed her iguana. Inorder to perform this, you will need:

Ablender or puree machineReptileelectrolyte solution200mL of great drinking waterAsyringe Timeand patienceInstructions:Add roughly 200 mL of good drinking water to the maker and climate pull the greens personal into tiny pieces. The ratio of collard greens come water is roughly ¼ greens and ¾ water. Location these piece in the blender.Then, include 20 autumn of reptile electrolytes native your neighborhood pet save or as stated on the container. Constantly be certain to check out the product bottles for directions and check v your regional herpetologist if girlfriend have any kind of questions. After, use the blender and also puree until the piece are little enough to fit with the syringe. When picking a syringe, a 10cc syringe is good to use through juveniles and young adult iguanas, and also a medium sized syringe because that adults. Organize your iguana comfortably and also pull easy on the dewlap to open mouth slightly.Hold the syringe v your thumb on the depressor and place tip into the next of the iguana’s mouth. You do not want to feed him straight from the front. This method it is unlikely that your lizard may breathe in the liquid and choke. Progressively depress the syringe right into the side of the mouth, only allowing a bit to get in the lizard’s mouth at a time.Repeat until the iguana has actually ingested at least 10 mL that the pureed vegetable and electrolyte solution you have created.

Note: Be certain togive the lizard time to ingest what friend put right into its mouth. It might be a lengthytask and also patience and also care is essential when dealing with a possibly sick lizard.

LIGHT and also UV RAYS influence EATING HABITS

It may be time toobserve the reptile’s enclosure to determine if there are any type of bulbs burned outor if anything has disturbed the habitat. A disturbed habitat can additionally be areason that your iguana has actually stopped eating.

The lizard shouldhave ample UVA and also UVB light. UVA light, in particular, aids the reptile withcertain biological functions such together nutrient absorption. There is no the properlighting, iguanas deserve to suffer from various ailments which affects theirability to eat.

Sunlight is thebest. However, if not possible, make sure that you have the appropriate UVA/UVBlight bulbs and a good-sized heater bulb together a spot for basking. For sure bulbsare threaded properly to the light sockets and are placed at the elevation bestsuited for her lizard’s cage and also size.

Read thedirections and follow the bulb instructions for ideal results. Store in mind that greater bulb wattage willrequire setting the lamp at a greater height and lower wattage will need thelamp to be set lower.

One the the significant problemsthat iguanas face due come lighting worries is a lack of vitamin D. And also inconjunction v a lack of calcium, this can lead to a problem known asmetabolic bone an illness (MBD).

MBD is aweakening the the bones and also impaired to work of the body’s organs, whichoften causes the lizard to no eat. You will an alert swelling along the lowerjaw and also S-shaped curvature in the tail and/or back.

This is apreventable condition which needs special fist to ideal diet and temperaturesranges.

Ensure thatcalcium requirements are met by including more dark eco-friendly vegetables in that is diet, andusing supplementation, if possible. And ensure the lighting in that habitat issufficient because that absorption the vitamin D.


Iguanas deserve to alsostop eating because of illnesses led to by a dirty habitat.

Reptiles aresusceptible to skin and bacterial infections, so the is essential to maintaintheir cage on a consistent basis. Lizard faecal matter may lug salmonella whichcan also cause disease in humans.

Keep theenclosure and furnishings clean by scrubbing with warm water and reptilecleaning systems that deserve to be purchased at your regional pet store. You deserve to alsomake your own cleaner by mix with hot water and also dish detergent.

Make certain allcleaning tools such as brushes and cloths space only provided for the reptile cage toprevent cross-contamination.

Starting v thecage accessories, ar stones in boil water because that 30 minutes and also make suresticks and other accessories have been boil in the over at 200-235 degreesFahrenheit because that 30 minutes.

When place theaccessories back in the cage, be sure to no make any overt transforms as the cancause issues with her lizard’s well-being, especially if they are sick.

Place her lizardin an additional container and also begin by rinsing the end the enclosure and wiping under allsurfaces. Sanitize the surface ar with one-of-a-kind reptile enclosure cleaning soap or youcan usage dishwashing detergent, making sure the product does no contain phenolor pine scent. Be sure to to wash the soap turn off well so that does not make your petsick.

OTHER reasons YOUR IGUANA could NOT it is in EATING

Your iguana may be also cold or hot, and also that is why it is not touching its food. Seta thermometer in the cage near where they rest the most. If the temperature isnot between 80 and 88 degrees Fahrenheit, then you need to change the lamps. If it is too hot, adjust the lampfarther away. If that is too cold, try lowering the desk lamp in the enclosure.

If your iguana is female, she may be ready to layeggs. when a mrs ismature, she will certainly lay eggs v or without a masculine to fertilize them. If younoticed that she has been making a nest, she may simply be all set to lay her eggs.Give her a couple of days to check out if this is simply the case. Leaving food available, butbe sure to remove if it goes bad.

Some male iguanas will not eat during the matingseason. If girlfriend havenoticed any type of colour changes in their appearance, it may be indicative of themale being all set to mate. Leave food in the cage and also mark if any type of of it hasn’tbeen eaten in between checking ~ above them. Ifthe iguana still has not ate ~ a couple of days, relocate on come hand or syringe feeding.

Don’t anxiety it out. If you manage your iguana often, try limiting your communication with it. Over taking care of can stress and anxiety out her beloved pet and make that feel favor not eating.

If any of thesechanges carry out not help, call your veterinarian and also be sure to ask concerns andseek recommendations.


How come treat a dehydratediguana? You can providedaily mistings or soak your pet in lukewarm water. Make certain to administer enoughdrinking water. Significant dehydration may require a pilgrimage to her veterinarian forto carry out fluids via injection.

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What to feed her iguana? The main diet that iguanas room greens, vegetablesand fruits. Bread and grains deserve to occasionally be added to its diet. Friend canalso buy iguana food in ~ your local pet store. Contrary to other reptiles,iguanas carry out not eat insect; in fact, insects deserve to make her pet iguana sick.