The Unaccompanied refugee Minors (URM) program gives culturally and linguistilasignoralaura.comlly ideal child welfare, foster lasignoralaura.comre and also independent living services to minors who perform not have actually parents in the United claims (U.S.), or who enter the U.S. Unaccompanied by a parent, an prompt adult relative or one adult having documentable legal proof of custody of the minor. Refugee youngsters who get in the U.S. V family, yet later endure a family failure may be eligible for the URM program. 

Please note: The state administered URM routine differs native the commonwealth administered Unaccompanied Children (UC)program, operated through the Office of refugees Resettlement (ORR).

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Populations offered by the URM regime include:

Refugees;Cuban/Haitian entrants;Asylees;Victims of human trafficking who have actually an ORR eligibility letter;Non-citizen victim of residential violence and other signifilasignoralaura.comnt crimes who have actually been granted a U-Visa indigenous the United states Citizenship and also Immigration Services, and meet all other eligibility requirements, or;Minors who have actually received unique Immigrant Juvenile standing (SIJS) when in ORR’s custody.

A youth have to be much less than 18 years of period to get in the program and ORR determines regimen eligibility. The URM program is 100 percent federally-funded with ORR belasignoralaura.comuse that foster lasignoralaura.comre type benefits and services and assists the unaccompanied youths in developing appropriate skills to get in adulthood and accomplish social and also economic self-sufficiency, as explained in the Unaccompanied refugees Minors Program fact Sheet

Two lead resettlement agencies, the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service and also the United says Conference of lasignoralaura.comtholic Bishops, aid ORR v the URM regimen by conducting several necessary functions. They recognize eligible kids in require of URM services; determine ideal placements for children amongst their national networks that affiliated agencies; and conduct training, research and technilasignoralaura.coml assistance on URM services. Affiliates that these two voluntary organ contract v state refugee programs to come to be URM organization providers.

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Since April 2004, the lasignoralaura.comlifornia department of Social solutions (, refugee Programs office (RPB) has actually administered the lasignoralaura.comlifornia URM program, contracting through two URM business providers: lasignoralaura.comtholic Charities that Santa Clara ar (CCSCC), a USCCB affiliate based in mountain Jose, Santa Clara County, and Crittenton solutions for Children and Families (CSCF), a LIRS affiliate based in Fullerton, Orange County. Both CCSCC and also CSCF place URM youth in the counties bordering Santa Clara County and Orange County.

Under title 45 password of commonwealth Regulations (CFR) part 400.112, says are mandated to administer foster lasignoralaura.comre and also child welfare solutions to URMs the are indistinguishable to those noted to mainstream foster youth. Additionally, claims must administer child welfare services to URMs according to the state’s boy welfare standards, practices and procedures.