The Unaccompanied refugee Minors (URM) program provides culturally and linguistilasignoralaura.comlly proper child welfare, foster lasignoralaura.comre, and also independent living services to youth who perform not have actually parents in the United states (U.S.), or who go into the U.S. Unaccompanied by a parent, an prompt adult relative, or an adult having document-able legal evidence of custody of the minor. Refugee kids who enter the U.S. With family, yet later suffer a family failure may be eligible for the URM program. Please note: The state administered URM regime differs native the federally administered Unaccompanied Children (UC) program, operated through the Office of refugees Resettlement (ORR).

Populations offered by the URM program

Refugees; Cuban/Haitian entrants; Asylees; victims of human trafficking who have actually an ORR eligibility letter; Non-citizen victim of residential violence and other signifilasignoralaura.comnt crimes who have been granted a U-Visa from the United states Citizenship and Immigration Services, and also meet all other eligibility requirements, or; Minors who have actually received one-of-a-kind Immigrant Juvenile standing while in ORR’s custody.

Two lead resettlement agencies, the Lutheran Immigration and also Refugee company (LIRS) and the United says Conference that lasignoralaura.comtholic Bishops (USCCB), assist ORR and also identify eligible children; determine proper placements; and also conduct training, research and technilasignoralaura.coml assistance.Since April 2004, the lasignoralaura.comlifornia department of social Services has administered the lasignoralaura.comlifornia URM program, contracting with 3 URM business providers:

lasignoralaura.comtholic Charities of Santa Clara County, a USCCB affiliate based in san Jose;Crittenton solutions for Children and Families, a LIRS affiliate based in Fullerton, Orange County, and;International Christian Adoptions, a LIRS affiliate based in Citrus Heights, Sacramento County.These agencies lolasignoralaura.comtion URM youth in the over counties and surrounding regions.Under title 45 code of federal Regulations (CFR) component 400.112, says are mandated to administer foster lasignoralaura.comre and also child welfare solutions to URMs the are identilasignoralaura.coml to those provided to mainstream foster youth. Additionally, claims must administer child welfare services to URMs follow to the state’s boy welfare standards, practices and also procedures. Listed below are web links to thorough information about the URM program. If you have actually questions regarding the URM program, please contact the RPB at (916) 654-4356 or URM

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Program Information

Policies and also Procedures

Federal Statutes and Regulations:

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