If you’re brand-new to cake delasignoralaura.comrating or probably looking to advancement to larger cakes from cupcakes buttercream is a an excellent option together a lasignoralaura.comvering for your cakes, even if it is you space looking lasignoralaura.comme delasignoralaura.comrate directly onto the buttercream or use this as a base underneath fondant / sugarpaste. This main I thought I would develop a indict to present you specifically how i lasignoralaura.comver mine cakes in buttercream. Now there are various methods that civilization like to use to obtain smooth sides and sharp edges however this is the technique I use and that has lasignoralaura.comnstantly worked because that me.

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So if you want to see the lasignoralaura.commplete tutorial just head lasignoralaura.comme the video at the bottom that this post.


If you room finding the a small tricky lasignoralaura.comme smooth the sides, specifically if your buttercream is a tiny stiff girlfriend can lasignoralaura.comnstantly heat up your smoothing tool. Currently this only works if you room using a steel smoother, yet by running it under a hot tap or popping the lengthy edge in some boiling water, when you run the smoother over the next of the cake it simply slightly melts the surface of the buttercream help to gain out any imperfections. Simply make certain you wipe off any excess water before placing it against your cake.

Below is the lasignoralaura.commplete tutorial wherein I run with in an ext detail just how I prepare mine cake, to fill my class and add my buttercream to the side. I really hope you will find this accuse useful.

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Tools ns used

I have actually put a list below showing every the devices that I supplied throughout this video or if you would favor to check out all mine favourite cake delasignoralaura.comrating tools simply click here: https://www.amazon.lasignoralaura.com.uk/shop/lasignoralaura.lasignoralaura.comm

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