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A cupcake is the epitome of American desserts. With the fluffy cake base and also the smooth, luscious piped frosting, the cupcake is truly a versatile and delicious dessert.

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When you watch a cupcake at the store or in a bakery, one often tends to excellent the slim perfection of the frosting on top. Whether it it is in a round dome the frosting, a piped frosting displaying ridges, or anything in between, this is the part of the cupcake the you want to watch good.

As friend know, numerous bakeries and stores that produce cupcakes usage a selection of sophisticated piping tips to gain that smooth look. Piping tips room sometimes hard to acquire (although Amazon currently makes it easy to discover a nice, affordable set), and oftentimes inconvenient come use.

Baking cupcakes, yet don’t have actually a piping tip? No problem.

On a associated note, make certain to learn exactly how to to fill cupcakes without any tools, exactly how to do cupcakes there is no a pan, and how to bake cupcakes without liners as well.


To obtain that nice frosting on the cupcake without a tip, you have the right to use one of 4 methods:

Use a Ziplock bagUse a knifeDip the cupcakeUse a cookie dough scooper

Before we take a look at these 4 methods in much more detail, let’s take a rapid look at the benefits and drawbacks of using a piping tip.

Benefits of using a Piping Tip

You gain a smooth and sharp end up to the frostingIt eliminates the mess and permits for simple manipulation and control that the pipingThere are plenty of different methods in i m sorry you could frost her cupcake- piping tips come in miscellaneous shapes and also designsIt doesn’t take that long to pipeline frosting top top the cupcake

Check out this quick video clip that reflects a few different tips and also the results you can accomplish with them:

Drawbacks of using a Piping Tip

Hard to cleanNot much control of just how much frosting is put on the cupcake if you only have one dimension of tipFrosting is wasted in the tipIt needs pastry bags which you much purchase in ~ a store together with the tips, many of i m sorry can’t be reused

Ways to Frost Cupcakes without a Piping Tip

1 – use a Plastic Ziploc Bag

Using aZiploc bagas a piping pointer is fast and also easy. Girlfriend don’t need to purchase one more bag or one more tip, it’s all in one.

The benefits of making use of a Ziploc bag room that it’s basic to use, fast, cheap, and readily available. The drawbacks space that it can acquire messy, and it’s tough to gain that perfect circle.

This video gives a quite demonstration that piping through a Ziploc bag:

How to use it:

To get the Ziploc bag prepared to frost your cupcakes, begin with the bag open and, using a spatula, carry the frosting right into the Ziploc bag.Push the frosting in the direction of one corner of the bag. Using scissors, cut the corner of the bag come the dimension of the “tip” you desire it to be. Save in mental the edge of the Ziploc bag will broaden into a circle once you cut the corner, therefore don’t reduced it too far up unless you want a huge tip.Point the edge of the Ziploc bag through the frosting down towards the cupcake and squeeze the frosting the end in a circle, or, if in search of a smoother dome, press the edge of the bag gently against the middle of the cupcake and also squeeze, while at the same time holding the bag under so the frosting forms around the “tip” and also creates a quite circle on height of the cupcake.

2 – walk Old school With a Knife

One that the easiest means to frost a cupcake is through a knife. A knife is straightforward to use, available, and also doesn’t take that much time.

The knife, though, requires time and also patience if you want to use it to create a sharp and perfect look.

How to use it:Using a knife or a silicone spatula, scoop desired amount of frosting top top cupcake (it doesn’t issue what the frosting looks choose at this point, it’s okay if it just looks like a substantial glob ~ above the cupcake, you’ll smooth it out later).Take the knife and smooth out the frosting to type an even layer on top of the cupcake, moving the frosting until it reaches the edge of the cupcake. If this looks good enough come you, great. You have the right to even type a little swirl on top of the frosting making use of your knife for a much better effect.For a more bakery-style cupcake, at this point take your knife and also tilt the so it’s almost vertical, but at a slight angle far from you at the edge of the cupcake. Relocate the knife about the cupcake to kind a flat edge of frosting approximately the edge of the cupcake.

3 – Dipping the Cupcake

This an approach of frosting cupcakes is most likely the easiest, and the least time-consuming. Especially if you’re making use of a ganache frosting, or a thin liquid frosting, this way is definitely the easiest.

There isn’t too much mess, the doesn’t require any kind of extra equipment, and also it looks good. The only drawbacks come this method is that it won’t work as well with a more thick buttercream mixture.

Check out this video around the 9:20 note for an example:

How to perform it:Line your cupcakes increase on a baking rack v a sheet pan under (to record the dripping frosting). Collection your frosting in a big bowl beside your cupcakes.One by one, take her cupcakes by the bottom, stop them firmly in your hand, and also dip them into your frosting mixture cake next down. Make sure the whole dome that the cupcake is covered.Swirl approximately to cloak the cupcake, and remove the cupcake from the frosting, letting the drip. In one smooth motion, turn the cupcake appropriate side up and put it earlier on the baking rack.

4 – Cookie Dough Scooper


This method of piping is straightforward and fun. The services of using a cookie dough scooperare that it’s fast and easy.

The drawbacks to using a cookie dough scooper space that it’s messy and also requires multiple tools- a scooper, and also a knife to smooth the end the frosting.

How to usage it:Using the cookie dough scooper, scoop the end the frosting. Relax the scoop the frosting top top the middle of the cupcake.Use a knife come smooth the end the frosting in whichever way you like, similar to the means in which you would frost a cupcake using the knife method.

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Sometimes using a piping reminder isn’t convenient. Prepared to frost those bland cupcakes there is no one?

Give these methods a try. You’ll be certain to do beautiful looking, bakery-worthy cupcakes in no time.

Looking for an ext cupcake hacks? permit me display you several distinct ways to fill your cupcakes there is no a tool and also some simple ways to do frosting without the main ingredients!