A step-by-step overview for just how to chef chicken wings in an air fryer! consists of special an approach for extra CRISPY air fryer chicken wings, and also how to do frozen wait fryer wings.

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Full ingredients + instructions are on the recipe card at the end. Prior to you role or jump down, don"t miss out on the useful tips in the post!



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Ever because I do garlic Parmesan chicken wings in my slow cooker critical year, i’ve been adding wings come our low carbohydrate meal arrangement rotation an ext frequently. Yet when I acquired my GoWise USA waiting Fryer range a couple months ago and found how to make chicken wings in an wait fryer, I dropped in love with them in a whole new way. This waiting fryer wing recipe is so crispy, you won’t think they no deep fried!

Cooking chicken wings in the air fryer is a no-brainer. It renders just around anything at sight crispy, and also who doesn’t choose crispy waiting fryer chicken wings?!

But, I additionally have a special trick I usage to make this air fryer wings recipe extra crispy. I cover castle in a thin layer of baking flour first! That may sound a tiny odd if friend haven’t heard the this before. I’ll explain in a minute…

Are wait Fryer wing Healthy?

Yes, wait fryer wings room healthy! lock aren’t spanned in GMO oil or wheat flour like traditional fried chicken wings usually are. And, making fried chicken wing in an wait fryer cuts under on several of the calories that frying castle in oil would have actually added.

But what if you room on a keto diet? Fat is a an excellent thing, right? Yes, the legend of “fat being bad” has been debunked (no issue what diet friend follow), and it’s particularly necessary because that a keto diet.

However, chicken wings currently have part fat on your own. It’s really not vital to deep fried food them on height of that. These are absolutely keto waiting fryer chicken wings!

For anyone else, even if you no keto, this is a great way to eat chicken without any type of artificial ingredients.

PRO TIP: If you room concerned about the cornstarch in baking powder, you can easily make your own without it. Merely mix 1 component baking soda through 2 components cream that tartar.

How carry out You cook Frozen wings in an waiting Fryer?

Can you fry frozen chicken wings in an wait fryer? Sorry, no, i don’t recommend it.

If you want to make frozen wing in an wait fryer, you should thaw castle first. That’s most likely not the answer you to be looking for, however it’s the right way to carry out it. And also worth it!

Why do You have to Thaw The Wings?

Cooking frozen wings in an air fryer no a an excellent idea, because it boosts the chance of over- or under-cooking. They simply won’t warm evenly.

If you want to use your wait fryer for frozen wings, thaw them first!

How come Thaw Chicken Wings

If you’re do frozen wing in an wait fryer, you have actually 3 alternatives for how to thaw them:

1. Thaw Chicken wings In Cold Water

This is the fastest method if friend don’t have or usage a microwave. Put the wing in a zip lock bag (not straight right into the water!), then location the bag into a bowl. To fill the bowl v cold water and also use something heavy to submerge the wings in the water. You can need to revolve the bag over occasionally and adjust the water every 20-30 minutes.


don’t use heat water. This will begin to chef your wing early, which is the same problem as put frozen wing in the wait fryer best away. Don’t put the wings directly into the water. Generally I love act this with chicken (especially brining in salt water). However, with wings where we want a crispy skin, submerging directly in water isn’t a an excellent idea.

2. Thaw Chicken wings in the Microwave

The defrost setting on her microwave is by far the fastest method to thaw chicken wings. Pick the weight of wing you have, and also rotate commonly if her microwave doesn’t have a turntable.

Tip: You must cook the chicken wings in the air fryer ideal away if girlfriend defrost in the microwave, because some spots acquire warm and also they can spoil quickly.

3. Thaw Chicken wings in the Fridge

If you plan ahead, defrosting wing in the fridge is the best method! simply move the frozen wings from the freezer to the refrigerator at the very least a work before.

4. Buy new Chicken Wings

Of course, if you want to avoid taking care of the thawing process, just buy fresh wings instead!

How To cook Chicken wing in an air Fryer

Ready come learn just how to make chicken wing in wait fryer? it’s super easy.

To start, toss the (thawed!) wings v baking powder, sea salt and black pepper in a bowl. You could be thinking, What? Baking powder?! Yup, really. The the secret to obtaining the external super crisp!


Then, grease both racks for the air fryer oven. (Or grease simply the basket if that’s what her air fryer has.)

Arrange the chicken wings in a solitary layer on the racks or in the basket. Just make certain they no touching and make simply one layer. Otherwise, friend can cook them in batches if they don’t all fit.

Cook for around 15 minutes at a lower temperature (just 250 degrees), then turning back the racks and also flip the wing over. Air fried food for 15 to 20 minutes at a higher temperature (430 levels or as high as your air fryer goes!), till done and also crispy.

Here are just how the waiting fryer wings space spread out on the two racks, presented after wait frying:


See? super easy, crispy chicken wings in an air fryer!

How long To cook Chicken wing in an wait Fryer

What is the best air fryer chicken wings chef time? I’ve discovered that it’s finest to start with a low temperature, reverse the racks, then boost to together high as it go to end up cooking and also crisp up. I observed a similar trick because that GoWise wait Fryer Chicken wing in the pamphlet that came through my wait fryer oven, however modified a bit based upon my experimentation.

For this wait fryer wing recipe, right here is the recommended cook time:

15 minutes at 250 levels F revolve the racks (if you have actually two in your air fryer) and flip the wings over 15-20 an ext minutes in ~ 430 levels F (or together high together your waiting fryer goes!)

Can you Stack wings In An wait Fryer?

No, it’s no recommended come stack wing in an air fryer. The whole ide works based upon air flow, so foods touching or on optimal of each other will not gain that.

If you want the crispiest waiting fryer wings, execute them in a single layer, in batches if you have actually to.

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This is why ns love the GoWise USA air Fryer cooktop – the 2 racks enable me to chef a the majority of wings in ~ once!


What to Serve v Air Fryer Wings

The finest air fryer chicken wings need some fixings, right? below are a few ideas:

Celery rod Buffalo sauce for dipping

If you need side dish ideas, check my low carbohydrate side dishes here.

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