Sex is among the most wonderful and intimate activities that you and your spouse have the right to share.

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It enhances your bond, rises your desire for each other, promotes good health, and also offers the capability to adopt calls of desire from her spouse.

If you have started to experiment to get to understand each other’s bodies or if you have actually been married for a while and need some positions to reconnect with your spouse, we have actually curated the 20 finest sex positions because that you to perform so!

We have actually curated the 20 best sex positions for married couples come reconnect with each other!

1. Missionary


Why: Ok, for this reason this could not be a brand-new sex position to try, yet the classic missionary is a standard for a reason!

This is a perform of the “best sex positions to attach with her spouse” after ~ all, and also there’s nothing an ext intimate, nothing closer, nothing much more comforting than missionary style, which is why that is in the optimal spot in our 20 best sexual positions.

Benefit: We have to provide credit to this classic position because that the intimacy it offers to the couples.

In this position, you have the right to look into each other’s eyes while do love.

And there’s nothing sweeter than looking into your lover’s eyes together you make love.

Technique: In this position, the mrs lies top top her back with her legs lying level on the bed. The husband enters her while in this position.

Tip: You deserve to give this place a twisted by placing a small pillow under the woman’s buttocks to elevate she a little more. This twist provides deeper penetration, which is an excellent for when you room trying to conceive.

Another twisted you deserve to do in this place is come lie ~ above the bed dealing with each other; the woman have the right to wrap her legs end the hips of she husband.

2. Spooning


Why: as soon as you’re both worn down from functioning all day yet are both feeling frisky, you deserve to both reap the relaxing means that spooning allows you it is in intimate v your spouse.

Benefit: the helps males relax, however still offers them full accessibility to your woman.

Technique: just how do you carry out this position?

Lay down side through side. The husband is behind the wife and also enters she from there.

Tip: Get her cuddling game on by convert positions so the you get to endure being the tiny and the big spoon.

3. Cowgirl


Why: Otherwise well-known as girl-on-top, and it’s number 3 in the 20 finest sex location to shot with your spouse. This position is one of those that uses partners face-to-face access to kiss and smile at each other!

Benefit: This is a favorite among women since it help them have actually faster, multiple, and more intense orgasms.

And not only that, this position seems come raise the to trust of women, having been rated as the place they feeling sexiest gift in.

Technique: As the name suggests, in the position the male lays top top the bed if the mrs mounts him and grinds choose she is speak a horse.

Tip: When lied on the bed the guy have the right to thrust his hips to accomplish deeper penetration.

4. Cuddle squat


Why: There’s nothing that satisfies those snuggle cravings more than tangling up your legs through your partners’.

Benefit: This position also gives you confront to face accessibility to your partner.

Technique: To perform this position, the husband must be sit down facing his spouse. The mrs is set to sit on peak of she spouse’s erection; she then bounces up and also down.

Tip: It’s the many perfect ‘cuddle squat’ you can do with your spouse!

5. 69

Why: Performing dental sex action (fellatio because that males and also cunnilingus for females) is just one of the most intimate points that you have the right to do to her spouse.

Performing together an act needs so much vulnerability. When you’re fragile to your partner, there would certainly be no difficulty for you come share each other in this position.

Benefit: This place was rated by ladies as one of the many in i m sorry they feel most connected to your partner. It can be because of the quantity of vulnerability involved in this position.

And there’s probably nothing that claims “I want you” or “I crave you” than having your deals with in former of every other’s genitals.

Technique: In this position, among the partner lies on peak of another while dealing with each various other groin region. Keep a tiny space between you and also your partner sitting on every fours so together to allow easy breathing.

Tip: You can try this place by lie on the bed, next by side.

6. The koala


Why: Great because that spicing up her sex life.

Benefit: It’s one exceptional, intimate, and also satisfying position, i beg your pardon if that wasn’t a little bit an overwhelming might have found its means closer to the top of the list of 20 best sex positions because that couples.

Technique: by its name, you can probably tell exactly how this position is done.

Let her husband carry you together you drape your arms end his shoulders and your legs end his hips. Husbands must position your hands as if recording your spouse’s buttocks to assistance her together you go into her.

Tip: The difficulty of this position might be 8 out of 20, through 20 gift the many difficult, but if her husband likes delivering you, why not give this position a shot tonight?

7. The kneel


Why: The kneel sex place is a simple, intimate sex position.

Benefit: The beauty, beauty of this unique sex place is the you gain close enough to her spouse together if in the missionary position, confront to challenge with her hands-free to touch each various other as well.

Technique: together the name implies, you and your husband will certainly be in a kneeling position dealing with each other. Whether you do it on the bed or the floor, it’s your choice.

Tip: for partners v drastically different heights, the much shorter partner can kneel on thick pillows or blankets to carry both partner’s pelvises more in line.

8. Spider


Why: amongst our perform of 20 best sex positions, this one might sound the trickiest the all.

Benefit: The best component of this themed position is the woman deserve to take control – mirroring a spider recording a paris in your carefully-spun web.

Technique: To perform this hot sex position, the guy sits with his legs extended out and also leans earlier resting on his hands for support. The woman sits straddling him, facing her husband.

She additionally leans back on her hands and also can use them to help her rock ago and forth

Tip: Mix it up v long, sweet kisses, and opening and shutting your knees together you check out fit.

9. Reclining lotus


Why: This intimate place is very close to the missionary.

Technique: if lying back on the bed, the woman’s legs must come near to she chest, as if law the child’s pose through her feet in the air. The husband then supports his weight on his arms and penetrates his mam from the top.

Benefit: You can modify this place to vary the edge of penetration.

To do so, you deserve to place a pillow under the wife’s buttocks. The pillow deserve to also provide a support device in situation of the husband tires indigenous his early position.

Tip: one more variation the you have the right to do come deepen the penetration is to placed your wife’s ankles over her shoulder.

10. Dividing bamboo


Why: separating bamboo is a classic Kama Sutra sex position that adds a nice small twist come the missionary position.

Benefit: Splitting bamboo is a reasonably comfortable position that leaves both of her wife’s hands-free to caress herself or her spouse.

Technique: To attain this couple’s sexual position, the wife must be lie on her ago with one leg extended out and the other resting on her spouse’s shoulder.

Tip: because that a more straightforward example, the legs of the woman have to be in one L-shaped position. The guy straddles she thigh while holding on come his spouse’s increased leg come balance himself.

11. Lapdance


Why: Inspired by an really lapdance, this position is number 11 ~ above our finest sex location list.

Benefit: rather than jumping best to sex, you and your spouse have the right to indulge in some striptease and also intensify the passion you are about to experience.

Technique: In this sexual place for married couples, the females grind she buttocks against her husband’s groin similar to a stripper would.

Tip: Switch roles with your companion so the both the you acquire to reap the place to that fullest.

12. Guy chair


Why: This delicate, light and also incredibly intimate place is perfect for two romantic natures who prefer to experiment.

Benefit: It’s a great position for super-deep penetration!

Technique: The place is together it sounds, the man or the husband sit on the sheet of a bed, chair, or also a stair while the ladies sit on height of him together she would certainly on a chair with her ago facing she husband.

Tip: Swaying movements and also the lovers concentrated on this pleasurable process are the an essential features that this exotic position.

13. Little dipper


Why: an excellent way to burn part calories.

Benefit: A bit complicated position because that the wife, however if done right, it supplies easy penetration and resembles a ‘T’ formation.

Technique: The husband lies top top the ago with his legs extended out when the mam sits top top him through her legs closed and also stretched out in the direction of her husband’s head.

Tip: An alternative way to perform the little Dipper the will enable you to critical a small bit longer is to just organize yourself in place while your male thrusts in and out.

14. Gold gate


Why: Another adaptation the the standard ’69’ position.

Benefit: There is other mysterious and enticing in this position, it can not be referred to as comfortable, especially for the woman, yet maybe, if we take together position, the human being will turn upside down, as well as feelings.

Technique: In this husband and also wife’s sex position, the wife sits on her husband’s face and then archer ago to taker she husband in her mouth.

Tip: Again, a very an overwhelming position to attain and sustain, it definitely requires a most flexibility.

15. Butter churner


Why:An advanced sex position to know how nimble friend are.

Benefit: Blood rushing come the head have the right to intensify the orgasm.

Technique: below the woman is lied on her ago with she legs elevated up and also curled over her head to type a ‘C’, exposing her vagina. Then the man squats over her and also inserts his penis.

Tip: guys need come be cautious in this position, as vigorous thrusting could reason neck injuries.

16. Ballet dancer


Why: A quite straightforward position whereby both the partners are standing up.

Benefit: It is an excellent for sex within tight soldier or quickies in semi-public areas.

Technique: The woman raises one of her foot to allows the man to penetrate her and also then for support wraps her elevated leg roughly the guy’s waist.

Tip: The man holds ~ above the ladies to sell her balance and support.

17. Hoover maneuver


Why: This position can acquire a little bit tricky however can be really electrifying if you get it right.

Benefit: Great for deep penetration and losing part calories.

Technique: she the male while standing increase penetrates his partner from behind; the companion then extends she arms front fro assistance while the male picker her up from her pelvic region.

Tip: the is beneficial if the females wrap she legs around the guys earlier after that picks she up.

18. Thighmaster


Why: Fun and also frisky position to mix things up.

Benefit: The steady rocking motion and thrusting produce a pleasure buildup that primes you because that the large O.

Technique: opposite of the splitting bamboo, in this position, the man lies ~ above his back with one leg, extended out while the other bent at the knee.

Then women then squat and also straddle herself onto his bending leg and leave enough room because that penetration.

Tip: In this pose, your stomach is virtually touching his bend knee; use it for support and leverage as you rock earlier and forth, and up and also down.

19. The socket


Why: An extension of the reverse cowgirl.

Benefit: The position can cater to her foot fetish if you have one.

Technique: In this different sex position, the male is lied on his ago while the woman sits on peak of him with her back facing him.

She then bends every the way forward and also stretches her legs, providing the male a great view of she butt.

Tip: If you find it tiring maintaining your waist hosted upwards, then try putting a pillow under your back to give you part support.

20. Stand O


Why: one more one that the oral sex positions the couples need to try.

Benefit: The essence of consummation is to carry married couples also closer to each other.

This is likewise to teach us that together partners, the husband and wife should have the ability to find lull in each other’s bodies to re-publishing in one of the many beautiful experiences that a pair can have.

Technique: below one the the partner stands upright when the various other goes down on your knees to perform oral stimulation.

The partner standing up climate wraps among their legs about their partner’s neck. To make the struggle even, girlfriend can additionally restrain the hand of the partner standing up and also tie them approximately a beam keeping their hands out of reach.

Tip: Feel complimentary to skinny on a wall surface or other surface behind or in front of you for support.

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We hope that these great sex positions will aid you enhance your closeness further.