Your 1550 sat score is in reality much far better than her 35 action score. Especially once speaking in terms of an sat Score Percentile. I calculated the actual percentiles due to the fact that The college Board and also The act both say this scores are simply 99% and, truthfully speaking, the essay portions don’t yes, really matter.

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Additionally, this is a good question because we have to decide:

How lot does the essay score element into your total score?And, i m sorry is better: a 35 plot score or a 1550 sat score?

First, I want to i disbanded the essay portion. Colleges place very tiny weight on this scores and use them much more as a litmus test.

SAT Test fun Fact:

It’s an extremely easy come get a perfect score ~ above the essay section of the satellite test using this method.

Get A Perfect Score ~ above The satellite Essay
SAT Essay Scores: just how To acquire A Perfect Score

But, ns digress… The truth is, her 9/12 on the act essay is fine; as is your 18/24 ~ above the SAT.

Here’s some support to that:

Ostensibly, 35 (ACT) and 1550 (SAT) space equal top top a percentile basis:

The CollegeBoard claims 1550 is “99+%”And the ACT says 35 is 99 percentile

But we can dig deeper…

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What does The college Board average By “99+ Percentile”?

Another good question…

Even if castle told me what the “+” meant, ns can’t really trust their figures seeing as how they encompass a “-1” percentile rank.

The plus sign is no a number nor does it typical anything since there’s nothing over the 99th percentile. The 99th percentile covers whatever from 99.0 come 99.99999 (there’s no 100th percentile).

Why is there no 100th percentile ~ above the SAT?

Because a ‘percentile’ means part that 100 and also the first percentile consists 0 come 0.99999 while the second percentile covers indigenous 1 to 1.99999. So, the 99th percentile is actually the hundredth component of 100 due to the fact that we started counting at zero.

I i think “99+” means “99.XX and also we’re no going come tell girlfriend what the XX is.”

No matter; us can number it out.

Understanding The typical SAT Scores

Based on theirreleased data, I have the right to rebuild their distribution:

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Let’s make certain we’re right:

My circulation shows 0.86% of students through 1450 or greater; the college Board mirrors 1% (but we understand they round).My circulation shows 5.34% the students through 720 or less; the university Board mirrors 5%

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If friend Score 1550, What is Your satellite Score Percentile?

By mine calculations, your 1550 satellite score is the99.86% percentile.

Said differently, if 1 million world took the test, you would certainly score in ~ or over all but 1362 that them.

What Percentile Is your 35 action Score?

Thankfully, the action is a little much better at descriptive stats 보다 The university Board. They say that your 35 act score is in ~ or above 99 percent of students, however they again don’t offer us any decimal point out behind the ‘99.’

Again, no matter: we deserve to calculate an plot score percentile ourselves.

They give us the total number of students who took the check (1,914,817) and the complete number who scored at each level (55,009 score 35) , so us calculate a 35 act score to actually be in the98.912% percentile. It is a large clip reduced than your 1550 satellite score.

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The act is the less complicated test, however that doesn’t median it’s the finest test for every students come take.Let’s take a look in ~ the reasoning behind that and also find out which test you need to take.

How To boost Your sat Score Or your ACT Score

If you want to boost your sat score or her ACT score, the best technique is with study and also test prep.

Achieve allude Gains top top The ACT

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