The "Baywatch" star shred under to 5 per cent body fat for the movie over just 12 weeks. Patrick Murphy expose his training secrets


The guy behind the abs? That would certainly be legend Hollywood trainer Patrick Murphy.

Unlike numerous celebrity trainers, Murphy’s emphasis is ~ above longevity. Sure, actors desire to watch good, however they need to be able to perform top top cue, and maintain that capability over a long career.

“I ended up being known as the trainer who produces low risk, supervisor high-benefit practice programmes,” Murphy says. “My foundational strategy is high-intensity training, with low-risk, non-ego thrust exercises the yield remarkable results, with the included benefit of developing perfect posture and also alignment.”

It’s technique that has actually served Murphy well, landing the clients consisting of Jason Segel and Jennifer Lawrence.

His standout work, however, is quiet Efron’s coast body. So well-known was the change that it introduced Murphy’s very own Baywatch body Workout plan, incorporating everything from nutrition come balance training and corrective moves.

Want to don your own pair of red speedos this summer? climate let’s dive in.


The Mission

“I was in Rome, maintain Keanu Reeves and Ruby rose for John Wick 2,” Murphy humble-brags. “About a week before production ended, ns got referred to as to train Zac Efron and Alexandra Daddario for the Baywatch movie.”

The call, Murphy says, left the “more than thrilled.” here was an possibility to apply 25 years of finding out to a huge project.

“Early in our training relationship, Zac and also I had actually many great conversations about our approach and also ultimate goal,” Murphy says. “We bounced around many concepts for ‘the look’ and realised he was acting next to the large man, Dwayne Johnson. There was no means we were going to complete with his size, right?”

Efron and Murphy knew it would certainly be near impossible to try and complement Johnson’s bulk. Instead, they went a various route; obtain ripped. Or, as Murphy place it: “The Bruce Lee look”.


Insider Info

Getting Efron into the finest shape that his life required a multi-pronged strategy based top top Murphy’s foundational tenets that stabilisation, strength and also power. Without any kind of postural problems or injuries to get over prior come training, they were able to move conveniently for an excellent results.

“We had actually 10-12 weeks to prepare prior to shooting started,” that says. “But we decided to gain where he essential to it is in in eight weeks, and also then setup his ‘leanest days’ for details shoot dates.”

From the start, Murphy states Efron to be “100 every cent committed” to achieving the look of one uber-ripped lifeguard. Before they even set foot in a gym together Efron was already around 10 per cent body fat. Throughout the training home window he diminished this through half, while adding 3.6kg of lean muscle.

“He never ever missed a workout,” Murphy says. “He was always super nice and also gracious with the people about him in the gym. Who knows, probably it to be a stall tactic to gain a little more rest prior to getting into an additional rep?”

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The Method

You can’t cut fifty percent of your body fat without putting in part serious job-related in the gym. Likewise, you’ll probably need to do a few tweaks in the kitchen. Murphy is wake up to provide away Efron’s diet plan, yet stresses that with both weights and meals, continually adjusting the formula is the an essential to success.

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“My nutritional programs develop from a totality foods diet,” Murphy says. “In order come maximise fat lose and include lean gains, ns made certain to change my training schemes and Zac’s nutritional macros to stop a plateau.”

When it concerned Efron’s training, the plan followed a pre-programmed progression. Phase one focused on a full-body circuit. Phase two integrated push/pull workouts split between upper and also lower body parts in a superset format (ie two push arm exercises automatically followed through a pull eight exercise).

The final phase is one Murphy phone call ‘Show & Go’. And with good reason. Through Efron losing fat and also building muscle, this final part combined rep schemes design to an increase muscle mass while at the same time scorching far fat. In various other words: the finishing touches.

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The Zac Efron Baywatch Workout

To get help you accomplish that bronzes adonis physique, Murphy has actually put together an equipment-free top body workout focused on building muscular endurance if ramping up her heart rate, for the ultimate calorie burn.

Over 30 minutes, complete as numerous rounds as possible (or, ‘AMRAP’) of the following, with 10 reps that each practice per round.

“Accomplishing 12 ring (960reps) would be a great goal,” Murphy says. Don"t beat you yourself up if you"re not there yet.

Prisoner squat through calf raise

Sets: As plenty of as possible

Reps: 10

Rest: None

Squat down with your hand behind your head. Drive back up, however lift onto your reminder toes, to work-related your calves. Lower earlier down again prior to pushing through your heels to return to the start position. Once you"ve finished your 10 reps, get in the wall press.

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Wall press

Sets: As plenty of as possible

Reps: 10

Rest: None

Lean forward to perform a upright press-up against a wall. Yes, it sound simple, yet it will activate her chest muscle ahead of the next, tougher move.