The 2021 season is underway and that means the coaching warm seat is starting back up through a new wave of names that will be among the next NFL coaches fired.

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Change is unavoidable in the nationwide Football organization as organizations set greater standards for excellence and patience wears thin. While adjust is expected, no one observed the Jon Gruden story coming. He became the very first of the NFL coaches fired, but he won’t it is in the last.

With that in mind, let’s examine the head coaches who might be fired by the end of the 2021 season.

NFL coaches fired

Jon Gruden, ras Vegas Raiders (resigned)

Jon Gruden resigned as the ras Vegas Raiders head coach on October 11, complying with the recent release the emails containing attack language.

Gruden, who signed a 10-year, $100 million contract in 2018, come under fire before Week 5 after ~ the wall surface Street journal reported the top coach provided racially charged language as soon as referring to NFLPA executive DeMaurice blacksmith in 2011. He later apologized for the email, which was sent as soon as he functioned for ESPN, saying it come at a time of great frustration.


The emails were acquired as component of the NFL’s investigation right into the Washington football Team. ~ above Oct. 11, the new York times reported there were added emails from 2011-2018, include sexist, homophobic, misogynistic and racist language aimed at commission i get it Goodell and others in ~ the league.

Shortly after the story broke, Gruden resigned from his position. The Raiders have actually named well-off Bisaccia as their interim coach.

Deflategate was an NFL conflict involving the allegation that brand-new England Patriots QB Tom Brady bespeak the intentional deflation that footballs used in the Patriots" victory versus the Indianapolis Colts in the 2014 AFC Championship Game. The dispute resulted in Brady being suspended for 4 games; the team was fined $1 million and also forfeited 2 draft selections in 2016.

NFL coaches top top the warm seat: that will be the following NFL coach fired?

Urban Meyer, Jacksonville Jaguars

Nathan ray Seebeck-USA this day Sports

It was simple to check out this comes from a mile away. The Jacksonville Jaguars thought they to win gold through Urban Meyer, basically ignoring the search procedure because they just wanted one guy. As we’ve already seen, getting locked on come a coach with zero NFL experience have the right to backfire.


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Meyer hired his friend kris Doyle months right into the job, in spite of multiple insurance claims from Iowaof his racism in the direction of student-athletes. If Doyle resigned a job later, following the backlash, it confirmed Meyer’s naivety for how numerous things won’t be tolerated in the NFL. Naturally, Meyer followed that up through the failure Tim Tebow experiment, fines for violating the NFL’s practice rules, that is dealing with NFL players favor college athletes and also creating extr concerns.

Keep in mind, Meyer was among our favorites to be one of the an initial NFL coaches fired prior to the video came out. Now he has lost what little respect he had left from the locker room. While that is no longer winless, it would certainly still it is in a surprise if Meyer isn’t among the NFL coaches fired ~ the season.


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Matt Nagy, Chicago Bears

Oct 10, 2021; Paradise, Nevada, USA; Chicago bears head coach Matt Nagy is pictured during a game versus the las Vegas Raiders at Allegiant Stadium. Causing obligation Credit: Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA this day Sports

The Chicago bear should have fired Matt Nagy this previous offseason. Yet he, in addition to general manager Ryan Pace, survived due to the fact that the team walk on a so late winning streak come sneak them into the playoffs. However Chicago based that is decision turn off wins against the likes the the Houston Texans and also Jacksonville Jaguars and they space paying the price because that it now.


In the last 3 seasons, Nagy’s record sits at 19-19 and also the offense has obtained worse with each passing year. He is hurting the development of Justin Fields, the player this franchise requirements to construct around. Once did fields start getting an ext comfortable together a starter? when Nagy provided play-calling duties to offensive coordinator invoice Lazor. Nagy offer no function to this team.

Vic Fangio, Denver Broncos

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Denver Broncos head coach Vic Fangio directly avoided being one of the NFL coaches fired this previous offseason. Start the summer ~ above the hot seat, a 3-0 begin to the season injected hope into the organization. The positive outlook is easily fading away.

Facing legit NFL competition, rather of adversaries like the Giants, Jaguars and brand-new York Jets, the Broncos have actually crumbled. 4 consecutive losses, getting outscored 101-64 and losing double at home. Denver still has to face the Cleveland Browns, Dallas Cowboys, Los Angeles Chargers (twice), Kansas City Chiefs (twice) and also Cincinnati Bengals this year.


Realistically, the Broncos are headed for 7 wins. It could be worse than that considering this defense was simply shredded through a Browns’ lineup filled through backups. Begin the countdown, it’s a matter of weeks till Fangio is gone. Besides, Denver could want a head-coaching vacancy to rental Nathaniel Hackett before pursuing one Aaron Rodgers trade.

Joe Judge, brand-new York Giants

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Maybe there’s a factor everyone wondered about the new York Giants for hiring Joe Judge the end of nowhere. Turn off the consensus list that NFL coaching candidates, numerous were stunned when brand-new York made decision the brand-new England Patriots’ special-teams coordinator. Unsurprisingly, another attempt at finding the next Bill Belichick is failing.

Joe judge record: 7-15

Treating experienced athletes like they room still in university or high school practically never works. We’re additionally not seeing any adjust or growth in his 2nd season. New York average 5.1 penalties per video game in 2020 and is averaging 7.7 this year. Referee doesn’t understand how analytics should be used and also it’s difficult to view this team winning much more than six games in 2021. Yet, ownership won’t change their ways and also that might make that safe.

Unfortunately because that the fans, this is headed in a predictable outcome. Brand-new York fires Gettleman in 2022 and also brings in a brand-new general manager. Yet the Mara family members won’t let the brand-new executive do the coaching decision, requiring judge hangs around another year. Fast forward come October 2022, we’ll be talking about why Judge requirements to be amongst the NFL coaches fired in the following cycle.

Mike Zimmer, Minnesota Vikings

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The most accomplished name among our candidates because that NFL coaches fired, Mike Zimmer appears to be taking care of some press from ownership. Complying with a 7-9 season, the Vikings got off come a slow-moving start and also every win to get earlier to the 3-3 record has actually come under to the wire.

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Mike Zimmer record: 67-50-1, 2-3 in NFL Playoffs

But the focus on Meyer isn’t strictly on the regular season. Minnesota is in a short home window and we’re not even thinking around them as a Super key contender. If this team doesn’t make the playoffs or it s okay knocked out immediately, Zimmer can be in trouble.

Who will be the next NFL coaches fired?1. Metropolitan Meyer2. Vic Fangio3. Joe Judge4. Mike Zimmer5. Brian Flores

NFL coaches fired: How many head coaches were fired critical season?

Aug 15, 2019; Jacksonville, FL, USA; Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Doug Marrone (left) and Philadelphia Eagles head coach Doug Pederson shake hands after a video game at TIAA bank Field. Obligated Credit: Reinhold Matay-USA this particular day Sports