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Our vending organization provides easy accessibility to solve beverages and also snacks Australian’s love and enjoy 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Whether it’s solitary or multiple equipments we deserve to tailor a solution that meets her requirements.

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Coke Vending is your one-stop-shop for beverage and snack vending.






Our brands

We room proud of our unrivalled portfolio of brands and beverages the we in your ar produce, package, distribute throughout our vending device network because that thirsty consumer Australia wide. Contact us today and also find the end which beverages we have the right to supply for you.

Our Vending Machines

Choosing the best vending an equipment is an essential decision, and also we’re right here to aid you make it. No issue what your requirement for size, environment and security, Coke Vending has a solution.

The Crane vending device is for indoor use yet does not should be put in one air-conditioned environment. This machine features an engaging touch display user interface to enhance the purchase experience. The huge glass front provides high product visibility for simpler selection. Easily accessible in snack or combination snack/beverage configurations v cabinet temperature electronically managed by a variable refrigeration system.

Capacity424 snacks / 352 comboFootprint 116cm wide x 83cm deep height 183cm Shelves6 snacks / 5 combo Selections42Weight north 330kg

The imperial Merlin Live display (available in typical or tall) has actually a partial glass front, permitting customers to clearly see the dimension and selection of assets on sale. This version is perfect for indoor use only.

Capacity 230 beverages Columns 10 - 12Footprint 79cm large x 90cm deep height 183cm family member humidity 32°C at 65% Selections6-9Weight empty 249kg

The imperial Merlin (model 542 or stole door) is because that indoor or the end use. It is a robust and also extremely versatile device and is available as a stole door for enhanced security.

Capacity230 beveragesColumns 10-12 Footprint 79cm wide x 90cm deep elevation 183cm Selections6-9Weight empty 249kg

This is ours most famous vending machine model. The RVV500 is for indoor use only yet does not must be inserted in an air-conditioned environment. The huge glass front provides high product visibility for much easier selection.

Capacity 280 beveragesColumns 8Facings 40 Footprint 95cm wide x 90cm deep height 183cm family member humidity 32°C at 65% Shelves 5 load empty 319kg

The Sega glass front mix (beverage & snack) vending machine is designed utilizing an advanced cyclopentane insulation system for energy effectiveness so makers are eco-friendly and also environmentally conscious. The smaller sized dimensions of these machines allow for location in a wide range of at home vending locations.

Selections 39Shelves 5 snacksCapacity 144 beverageHeight 183cmFootprint 105cm large x 98cm deepWeight north 355kg

There space two models the the Sielaff vending maker both of i beg your pardon are suitable for indoor and also outdoor use. The high security model attributes a large glass facia through anti-vandal protective movie & bolt down functions making it incredibly robust.

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Selections 30Shelves 5Capacity 424 snacksHeight 184cmFootprint 105cm wide x 107cm deep weight empty v

The Vendo Vue is available in 2 sizes (standard and also large). It is an ideal for indoor usage only yet does not need to be inserted in one air-conditioned environment. The huge glass front provides high product visibility for easier selection.

Capacity 240/320 snacksColumns 6/8Facings 30/40 Footprint 88cm broad x 89cm deep/107cm vast x 89cm deep height 183cm relative humidity 32°C at 65% Shelves 5 load empty 340kg/363kg