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This is a 16-hour multi-jurisdiction (Maryland, D.C. & Virginia) approved guns safety training course thatsatisfies the training demands to use for the Maryland covert “Wear and Carry” Permit, the D.C.Concealed carry Permit, the Virginia Concealed carry Permit and the Maryland equipped Guard Permit. As a bonus,this class also satisfies the training needs to use for the Maryland Handgun Qualification license (HQL). This course is for residents and also non-residents who wish to use for the early Concealed bring Permit in Maryland, D.C. And/or Virginia. This course is also for Maryland armed Security police officers that need the initial firearms training required by the Maryland State Police to carry a firearm in Maryland in link with their employment.Disclaimer: effective completion of this course does no guarantee the issuance of any type of Concealed carry Permits.


This 16-hour course is break-up into 2 8-hour days. The an initial day that this class consists the classroom accuse only. The 2nd day that this class consists of both great instruction and also up to 2-hours of selection time. During the classroom part of this class, the following topics will be discussed: applications Process, State Firearm Law, residence Firearm Safety and Handgun Mechanisms and also Operation. Throughout the range part of this class, there will certainly be a “live-fire” component in i beg your pardon each student must show gun safety and also proficiency with a minimum score that 70% accuracy. Upon successful completion that this class, each student will obtain CCP training certificate to cover all 3 jurisdictions (MD, D.C. & VA).


16 hrs (Two 8-Hour Days)


$280.00 every Person


·Students must lug a precious driver’s patent or state approve ID to class with them because that verification.·Students must arrive top top time and also be present for the entire duration of class.


This class includes class instruction, range time and CCP training certificate to cover all 3 jurisdictions (Maryland, D.C. And Virginia). In addition, the expense of this class covers the usage of a firearm, ammunition, targets, ear protection and eye protection, if needed.

NOTE:We encourage each college student to carry the handgun that they will bring concealed to usage on the variety on the second DAY the class. The instructor will supply the ammunition for students if their handgun is a .38 caliber. Student who pick to carry any other caliber handgun will must supply their very own ammunition. All personal firearms and also ammunition brought to the facility have to be unloaded and cased, and kept locked in the student’s vehicle until details guidelines are noted by the instructor.


This class does no include any state application fees, fingerprints, or any type of other documentation that might be required to use for the initial Concealed lug Permit in Maryland, D.C. And/or Virginia. The application process for a Concealed bring Permit might vary indigenous state come state. The instructor will cover the application procedure for each individual Concealed carry Permit during class.


The training provided in this course for both Civilians and also Maryland equipped Security police officers is just valid for 2 (2) years. Therefore, students must use for their Civilian Concealed lug Permit / Maryland equipped Guard allow within two (2) years of completing this class.

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Again, if the "Register Now" switch redirects you come the homepage of our website, please try again later. This way that every one of our great are currently full and/or we perform not have any type of dates/times accessible for this certain class in ~ this time.