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There room many varieties of corkscrews ~ above the market today. Each has its own technique for pulling the cork the end of the bottle, and also some people may like certain species over others.

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However, removed a cork from any type of corkscrew must be a an easy task regardless of that is type, size, and pulling method.

If you want to acquisition a corkscrew but you are unsure whether it’s easy to eliminate a cork from it afterward, review on. In this article, us will explain how come use few of the most famous corkscrews about to administer context once we walk on to explain how to remove the corks ~ opening.

Using a Corkscrew correctly

It’s extremely easy to remove a cork indigenous a corkscrew after ~ pulling it out from the bottle. Of course, this is just true if you provided the corkscrew properly. Otherwise, the cork can get stuck or damaged, which can make it much more difficult to remove.

Remove a Cork indigenous a an easy Corkscrew

A straightforward corkscrew is T-shaped through a handle on top and also a steel spiral worm. These space the simplest and the most common corkscrews and also using one is straightforward. You just need come follow this steps.

Remove the foil from the alcohol bottle through a knife. Make certain that friend stick the top of the corkscrew into the facility of the cork. If the corkscrew is closer to the edge, yes a opportunity it will get will stuck. There’s also a higher chance because that it to obtain damaged.Twist the corkscrew clockwise until the spiral is fully in the cork.Pull the take care of until the cork is out.Remove the cork from the corkscrew by turning it counter-clockwise.


Remove a Cork from a ‘Winged’ Corkscrew

Besides the basic corkscrew, the ‘winged’ corkscrew is one more widely provided corkscrew type. It has a handle on top and also two wings that make it much easier to eliminate the cork ~ the spiral is totally in the fully. This kind of corkscrew is also known as a butterfly corkscrew. This is how you have to use it:

Mount the corkscrew top top the bottle.Twist the handle clockwise. Unequal a basic corkscrew, i beg your pardon you’d need to turn the totality thing, friend only have to work the manage with this one.Once the spiral is completely in, push the two wings downward to pull the end the cork.To remove the cork, you should return the wings to their regular position. This will expose the cork. After ~ that, rotate the cork counter-clockwise until it’s totally out.

Remove a Cork indigenous a bar Corkscrew

Lever corkscrews are popular amongst professionals and also in restaurants and also cafés. These space the many convenient corkscrews come use yet require a lot of drawer an are since castle are much bigger than basic and winged corkscrews.

Removing the cork from these corkscrews is also reasonably easy if friend do whatever correctly. Simply follow this steps:

Set the corkscrew top top a bottle. Most lever corkscrews have actually a socket that instantly centers the spiral worm.Pull the lever down to totally pierce the cork.Move the lever up and it will pull out the cork too.To remove it, simply turn the cork in the contrary direction the the spiral.

Remove a Cork from an Ah-So wine Opener

If the cork is damaged or very old, continuous corkscrews deserve to make it crumble and also break apart. The pieces of cork can fall into the wine, perhaps transforming the taste in an instant. If you have a damaged cork, you should use an Ah-So wine opener made especially for these more sensitive corks.

Instead that a classic spiral worm, this opener has two uneven size prongs. You must insert them follow me the edge of the cork instead of the center. This is how you perform it:

Insert the long prong very first between the cork and the glass.Push it a small and then insert the much shorter prong.Wiggle the corkscrew earlier and forth together it go deeper into the neck that the bottle.Be incredibly careful due to the fact that you deserve to push the cork into the bottle and also ruin everything.Once that reaches the end, twist and pull up the corkscrew to eliminate the cork.Take the damaged cork the end of the corkscrew.


As you have the right to see, remove a cork is an extremely easy task. It might differ a small bit relying on the corkscrew, but it comes down to simply twisting it until it come off.

Even if the cork is damaged or stuck, you must turn it counter-clockwise till you eliminate it from the corkscrew. This is the only means to eliminate the cork indigenous a corkscrew there is no the cork break apart.

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So, if you wondering even if it is a certain type of corkscrew will certainly make it daunting for you to eliminate the cork – that won’t. You deserve to go ahead and also purchase whichever one girlfriend like.