we have male and also female Fennec two foxes available. They room hand raised, socialised , and also looking because that their brand-new home.


Red Fox female. Jae won & Shipping available!

Beautiful, female Red Fox. She is 5 - 6 months old. She will certainly make a an excellent breeder or display. Not aggressive, easy to work around, but too timid to it is in a pet.Just $299.99! To acquisition or because that information, come by the save or contact us at 850...

Fennec Foxes

I have 2 female Fennec Foxes for sale. They were born on Sept sixth 2021, and are still on the bottle. Pics in the include were tackled Oct 20th. Call or email if girlfriend live in a legal state and have questions.$3000.00 eachThanks,Ryan BlakleyWalte...

7 year old woman adult Fennec fox. Has never been exposed. She can be handled with time. She go not favor men. Closing ours zoo so many pets will be re-homed. Please severe enquirers only. Pick up in Stillwater, yes only.


Fennec fox female

The last and also tiniest of a litter of 4 girls born September 9th. 5 and also a half weeks old now. Hand fed since day 1. Walk 4 hrs now. Craig Nebraska. Ns dont ship. 3000.


Breeding Foxes because that sale

mine friend that owned Sundowner Fox Farm has died and I to be trying to aid his widow by offering his reproduction stock. There are about 25 reproduction pairs available, numerous color options including some albino whites, red, silver. The price is $150 a pair. Can s...

Fennec fox

Fennec fox breeder male

Fox for sale $350 to present fox owners. The is previous the bonding period but would certainly make a good companion for one more fox.Call because that inquires.1 male Silver Fox

reproduction pairs the fox. Marketing as a group.Marble fox - 1 male and 1 femalePink fox - 2 male and 1 femaleArctic fox - 1 male and also 1 femaleSilver fox - 3 male and 2 female$3500.00 for all

African Serval kittens

One month old , ~ above the bottle every 4 hrs , super basic to mix their formula will provide you the recipe we usage ( fox sink , kmr ,mixed v a couple of other healthy nutrients), great little eaters ! Cuddly , affectionate, human imprinted . Raised with...

marketing foxesMarble fox - 1 male and 1 femalePink fox - 2 males and 1 femaleArctic fox - 1 male and also 1 femaleSilver fox - 4 male and 2 femaleSelling as a group. $3500.00 for marble, pink,and arctic, silvers are totally free when purchasing all. Text...

Grant Zebra Colt ( video )

"Bing" Beautiful approve Zebra Colt 2 year old.. Used for events additionally started driving/cart training, complies with us anywhere has to know what her doing and also has to come up and visit with everyone. ( he"s sort of a busybody ) will stand all day through you a...

Should you choose a Fox?

Before thinking about buying a fox, there space some things you need to know. An initial of all, owning a fox is not like owning a cat or a dog. These room wild animals and also are subject to one-of-a-kind regulations. This regulations vary from state come state. Because that instance, if friend live in Arkansas, girlfriend cannot import foxes from other 19 states, consisting of Ohio, Texas, Montana or new York. However, girlfriend are permitted to record a fox in the wild and also keep it as your pet without any type of permit. In Indiana, Michigan, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Virginia, girlfriend can also capture two foxes in the wild, however you are compelled to salary a yearly fees of in between $15 and also $30. In Illinois and other several states you are not allowed to capture a fox in the wild, however you have to purchase one indigenous the store or a license is granted breeder. In many of these states, you have to keep your fox in a pen at every times. Thus it is essential to examine up v your state’s particular regulations concerning foxes together pets.

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Another essential thing you need to recognize is the foxes need to be domesticated. You must be all set to spend time domesticating castle if girlfriend really desire to reap the benefits of owning a fox together a pet.

Domesticating a fox

Domestication is much more than taming. If domesticated, a fox can exhibit affection in the direction of you. Domestication includes breeding, providing attention, playing v your fox and also careful monitoring. A an excellent daily habit has walking her fox top top a leash. However, you should ensure that it is legit in her state come walk her fox around.

Patting and brushing your fox should additionally be part of your day-to-day interactions with your little pet. Together she it s okay to understand you, you must make sure you treat she kindly and show her that you space not the grasp here, yet the friend. The fox should be used to you emotional it almost everywhere so that method when a vet touch the fox for health checkups, the fox will currently be offered to it/

Housing a fox - The importance of a for sure Environment

One that the many important facets of owning a fox as a pet is housing. Foxes can live either external or inside, however it is recommended to build a comfy housing that fits your new pet. Since foxes are extremely active creatures, they need a large pen of at the very least 200 square feet. When building the fence, destruction down about 2 feet in the ground and put the fence in the hole in stimulate to prevent foxes from digging and escaping the pen. Additionally, optimal off the fence in bespeak to protect against the fox from climbing out. There are countless reported instances where the fox has controlled to escape the pen through climbing the end of it.

In enhancement to the fence, you need to purchase or build a huge dog house and equip it through blankets and hay. Carry out not forget around the food.

A healthy Diet - allow your Fox to gain Life

Usually, two foxes eat fruits, vegetable and little animals once wandering in the wild. However, friend can likewise feed her fox raw meat, fish and top-quality dog food. Grown two foxes consume around 1.5 pounds the food every day. Carrots and cabbage space a have to in a healthy and balanced diet, together they aid improve the digestive process. However, try not come feed her fox potatoes and tomatoes. In the end, the quality of your fox’s diet deserve to be i found it by the problem of the fur.

The Bottom Line

Owning a fox as a pets is absolutely a one-in-a-lifetime experience, both exciting and time-consuming. Try to make her fox feel as comfortable as feasible by playing v her regularly, offering a shelter, food & water and by making use of a vacuum, shampoo, brush and also nail clippers to save her clean. In the end, your fox will be more than grateful for every little thing you’ve done for her.

A team of foxes are called a skulk or a leash.The masculine fox is referred to as a reynardThe mrs fox is called a vixenA infant fox is dubbed a kit.

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I stayed in Northern MN on the Red Lake, and also Squaw Lake appointments . I had a fox as a pet. They room a lot of fun and very loyal. Everyone needs to remember they can"t simply eat dog food. The persons we had actually had been taken by DNR and brought come us due to the fact that people didn"t do their early diligence. Prior to you acquire one please speak to zoo keepers, check out books, speak to DNR. It damaged my love to view them when we gained them. You must remember they are an extremely social animals and also need attention. Lock in a lot of of means like a 3 year old child. I"ll acquire off mine soap crate now. Ns love them.They execute make an excellent pets if you understand them.