* is giving a totally free $50 gift card. If you’re choose me, I’m constantly looking for means to get cost-free stuff indigenous companies. As soon as I discover a means to to win them, i take advantage of it. Occasionally it just takes a small computer know-how to find the best portal and sometimes it doesn’t. As with everything ns do and share, it’s every legal and above board. I’m simply going to get you where you must go so the you can get your free $50 gift map at no expense to you.

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1. First, if you don’t have an account you will must open one. There is no expense in opened an account. If you currently use Amazon, you have the right to skip this step.

Go come by clicking HERE

. You will see an additional browser window has opened (this website will also remain open on an additional tab, so you deserve to refer earlier to this instructions). The alternative to open up a brand-new account is discovered in the dropdown food selection under the words, “My Account”. Fill out the asked for information and submit. You will receive an email from Amazon v your new account information.


2. Now, click this LINK.

You will certainly arrive at a page that has actually an sell on the right side for an Amazon credit card. Fill out the application and also you will obtain a $50 credit transaction in the type of a gift card to your account. The credit transaction is good immediately upon entry of your application and also can be applied to any online purchase.

3. Close her browsers home windows that are open to Keep this browser home window ( OPEN.

4. Now, go back to by click HERE

. You will see another browser home window has opened up (this website will additionally remain open on another tab, therefore you have the right to refer ago to these instructions. In the deal with bar (the lengthy box close to the top of your screen that reflects the website address) you have to see a long resolve consisting the symbols and numbers that finish with “compgamecent-20″.

5. girlfriend are now ready to shop ~ above Amazon. Usage their “search” option and find what you’ve been putting off buying. In ~ the perfect of her purchases, you will certainly be offered a payment option. Select “Amazon Visa” and also your $50 gift card will be used automatically. Check your complete balance due on her order come verify the $50 to be applied, before completing the purchase process.

It’s the simple.

If girlfriend are favor me and don’t want the credit transaction card girlfriend were approved for, simply cancel it when it arrives (company information is listed when the is mailed). Ns have sufficient credit cards ns don’t use. I canceled mine the exact same day it pertained to me. No penalties. No chargebacks. The $50 gift map I used on Amazon come order devices was still honored.

BONUS – complimentary VIDEO STREAMING and also 2-DAY DELIVERY

Amazon element offers cost-free video streaming of the latest movies and complimentary 2-Day Shipping through no minimum order size (without Amazon Prime slow ground shipping is totally free only v a minimum that $25 purchase).

Click this LINK because that a 30-Day cost-free Trial.


NOTE: If you only want the complimentary trial for 30 days be certain to note your calendar to cancel your subscription, to protect against automatic yearly billing of the Amazon prime membership, or you can cancel her membership after your initial bespeak is shipped. If you have trouble figuring out just how to cancel her membership to Amazon Prime, click HERE.

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