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Need Christmas help this year? This Christmas aid programs list have the right to help.

I understand firsthand what it’s favor to need holiday aid for your children. One year, our vacation was saved by a shoebox gift detailed by our low income housing project. One more year, us were surprised by a generous secret Santa who had embraced our family. If her holiday season is an ext stressed and also depressed 보다 merry and bright, ns hope this list will help.

We have discovered alotof programs that can assist with the holidays. However, each of these agencies receive much more requests for aid than they have the right to fill. It’s always a an excellent idea to contact them as early in the season together possible. some of these agencies begin accepting applications as beforehand as September or October!

Of course, we’ve done our ideal to uncover resources the can assist you through last-minute needs but it’s constantly easier come get help if girlfriend start at an early stage in the season.

This list has actually been updated because that the 2021 vacation season.


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1.12 Agencies the Provide cost-free Christmas aid for Low revenue Families
1.1.Angel Tree & Adopt-a-Family
1.2.Cars 4 Christmas
1.3.Catholic Charities
1.4.Lions Club
1.5.My 2 Front Teeth
1.6.Operation Christmas Child
1.7.Operation Homefront
1.8.Santa’s tiny Helpers
1.9.St. Vincent de Paul
1.10.Toys for Tots
1.11.United Way
1.12.USPS operation Santa
1.13.What about Make-a-Wish?
2.3 methods to Get totally free Christmas Trees!
2.1.Christmas Tree Project
2.2.Christmas Tree Santas
2.3.Trees for Troops
3.Get cost-free Christmas presents & cost-free Christmas Dinner in her area!
4.Last Minute Christmas assist Near You!
4.1.Buy Nothing
4.2.Food Bank
4.3.Library of Things
4.4.Try these free & cheap vacation traditions and gifts!
5.Get more totally free stuff!

12 Agencies that Provide totally free Christmas aid for Low income Families

This is our list of nationwide carriers that are offering complimentary Christmas help in 2021. There are other agencies in your area that may have the ability to assist you, so be certain to check out the state-by-state list reduced in this article!

Angel Tree & Adopt-a-Family

The Salvation military can help with holiday meals, toys and clothing come low income families, including families of prisoners. They sell several holiday programs, including the famous Angel Tree and also Adopt-a-Family programs.

Angel Tree

This year, the Salvation army is partnering with Walmart come #RescueChrsitmas because that over 2.6 million youngsters in require through their annual Angel Tree program. Through the angel Tree program, Christmas tree are placed inside Walmart stores roughly the country. Every tree is covered in tags, which carry out the age and also requested presents for each child. Shoppers have the right to pick up a tag, purchase the items and turn in the donations before they leaving the store.

In order to find assist through this program, girlfriend will need to call your regional Salvation army branch to view what services are obtainable in her area. Friend can find your local Salvation army by looking their website for her zip code or city/state.


The Adopt-a-Family routine is a little different. It does no involve names held on a tree. Instead, whole family is embraced and might receive donations that gifts, toys, food, clean supplies, toiletries, and more. The sponsors can also donate gift cards!

If friend visit your website, you have the right to search for your local Salvation military chapter. Some neighborhood agencies begin taking registrations as early on as October, for this reason you’ll desire to contact your neighborhood Corps Community center as at an early stage as possible!

Cars 4 Christmas

Cars 4 Christmas gives vehicles away every year to those in need. Each auto is filled with groceries, including a Smithfield Christmas ham, as well as cleaning products, child safety seats, gas cards, playthings for the children, and also more. Strength wheelchairs may additionally be detailed to veterans who room selected come win.

However, the number of vehicles that they offer is limited. Girlfriend will need to use on your website. If selected, you will certainly be notified by the organization.

Catholic Charities

Catholic Charities is a nationwide faith-based company that may offer vacation help. We’ve uncovered that they carry out offer cost-free Christmas gifts and totally free holiday meals in numerous locations around the country, but there is no guarantee that they market this company in her area. Friend will have to reach the end to your neighborhood chapter (or select your state in our list below) for much more information.

Lions Club

The Lions Club worldwide is a non-political service organization through branches everywhere the world. Many of their clubs sell holiday assistance programs for low earnings seniors and/or children. This programs spread out holiday cheer by providing cost-free Christmas gifts, food and also companionship.

My 2 Front Teeth

This organization helps affix donors with youngsters who need to be sponsored. They attach with various community agencies that offer low earnings children. In stimulate to receive a gift native them, you need to be ad by a companion agency. Girlfriend will require to discover a partner company in your area in order to obtain a gift from this program.

Operation Christmas kid

Operation Christmas child is a task by The Samaritan’s Purse. This organization gathers millions of presents into shoeboxes which room then shipped about the world to short income youngsters in more than 160 countries! The gifts are sent to local churches, which then distribute them to the children.

Operation Homefront

Military households can receive Christmas assist from procedure Homefront! This organization gives holiday meals for armed forces families, and also a holiday toy drive. Donations space gathered at local Dollar Tree stores in November and also December, and also then spread to military families in the area.

Santa’s little Helpers

This Reddit below is allegedly “the Happiest location on Reddit!” This neighborhood of end 28,000 civilization pools their sources to aid thousands of civilization each vacation season. The an remarkable community.

Of course, friend will should abide through the rules in bespeak to get help. Among the rules is that you need to register in ~ this link prior to requesting Christmas assist in the forum. Registration usually opens up at the start of November each year, for this reason be certain to check earlier for updates on or about November 1, 2021.

Remember the they execute not compensation money or gift cards; just non-monetary presents are provided. Girlfriend must additionally update your write-up when you get a gift so that they are mindful of who has actually been helped.

St. Vincent de Paul

St. Vincent de Paul is an additional nationwide faith-based organization that assists low revenue families across the united States. With their assorted organizations, St. Vincent de Paul is well-known to aid with utilities, relocating costs, clothing, food, an easy needs, infant supplies, Thanksgiving meals, Christmas aid and so much more. Call your neighborhood St. Vincent de Paul for much more information around their Christmas aid programs.

Toys because that Tots

Register for toys for Tots byvisiting the marine Toys because that Tots page. You’ll be motivated to go into your state and also select a neighborhood area. This will redirect you to your neighborhood Toys because that Tots page, wherein you deserve to receive more directions.

The application instructions and opening dates for applications may vary through state, for this reason it’s crucial to be all set as at an early stage in the season as possible.

For example, in Washington, eligible families are directed to visit the Washington State DSHS office come apply. All other applicants are encouraged to speak to a phone call number to reach their local coordinator. Our regional organization starts accepting applications at the finish of November 2021 but many begin earlier.

United Way

The United method is a an excellent place to uncover referrals and also a local Christmas assistance programs list. Girlfriend can likewise check our state-by-state lists below to discover information around additional holiday assist in her area.

USPS operation Santa

We’ve reported on the it is in an Elf routine for years… and in 2019, the USPS increased the program nationwide. That is now referred to as USPS operation Santa.

When her child sends out a letter come Santa through USPS, a volunteer will certainly open and also scan the letter. They will be uploaded to the website however the family members names and also addresses are redacted. Volunteers deserve to print the end the letter and also an encoded deal with label. They shop because that the asked for items and then delivery the item with the encoded label. You can learn an ext about the procedure here.

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The website includes tips top top writing reliable letters and also some great information about how this all-volunteer program works. Please visit this linkfor much more information. Remember to send the letter between Thanksgiving and the very first of December!

What about Make-a-Wish?

A most readers have actually asked me if Make-a-Wish offers Christmas aid to low earnings families. This is a rumor that has actually been perpetuated by various other websites.

I have reached the end to Make-a-Wish directly but there is nothing on their website to indicate that they offer general holiday help for low revenue families. Make-a-Wish provides memorable once-in-a-lifetime experiences for kids (ages 2 1/2 to 18 year old) with crucial illnesses.