Free cruise offers always sound suspicious, and with great reason. There are plenty the scams on the web that promise totally free cruises, but there are additionally some sanctioned methods to gain a free cruise.

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What constitutes "free"? Essentially, an market to no pay anything more for the cruise fare (other than perhaps taxes and also fees). That is not to to speak you may not have to spend money in other places in order to qualify for a free cruise.

In addition, a free cruise way you will certainly still have to pay for cruise add-on costs, such together gratuities, shore excursions, drinks, etc. Plus there are other travel costs that might be forced to gain you to and from the cruise.


Here is what you need (in addition to a little bit the luck) come snag a totally free cruise.

Casino offers


If friend gamble sufficient in the casino on a royal Caribbean cruise, you can qualify for a totally free cruise (as well as other offers and also discounts).

Casino Royale recognizes its optimal spenders, lot like Crown and Anchor society gives rewards to world who cruise the most.

If you deserve to spend sufficient in the casino top top a few cruises to qualify because that entry into the program, complimentary cruises are one of the perks regularly available to members.

The best means to acquire into Casino Royale together a member is come speak come the casino host once you gain on a cruise and ask to it is in tracked in stimulate to join the program.

Organize a group


If you cruise with enough friends or family, you could get a totally free cruise for you yourself too.

Typically a group can be created if 16 full-fare guest in eight staterooms are booked v the very same travel agent. If so, you can qualify to be the tour leader (sometimes referred to as tour conductor) and create a group.

By producing a group with the imperial Caribbean teams department, the tour leader deserve to earn a portion of the expense of all the rooms that have the right to be redeemed in the direction of the cost of her cruise fare.

The amount of credit transaction you acquire depends ~ above what her friends or family members book. The much more they invest on the rooms, the more you obtain in tour conductor credits.

You could likewise just bag the money or apply it in other ways to the cruise.

Being a tourism conductor is just one of the finest ways to spend as tiny as possible and acquire a totally free cruise among every one of the approaches outlined in this post.

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Credit map points


Depending top top the credit card you have, there may be an alternative to pay down the price of a cruise or even earn a cost-free sailing.

The royal Caribbean credit transaction card is the simplest means to earn complimentary cruises. Spend sufficient on your credit transaction card to earn points, and also with sufficient points saved, you can redeem the points because that a free cruise.

Other credit transaction cards companion with various outlets to provide ways to redeem your points because that travel, including cruises.

Using credit transaction card points come redeem a cost-free cruise is rarely a great value in terms of credit card allude strategies, but it is an alternative for anyone with a the majority of points.

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On some rare occasions, there room actually cost-free cruises available in contests.

Royal Caribbean will infrequently sell a contest for a totally free cruise, however they are few and far between.

More commonly, you may uncover local radio train station or car dealerships offering a free cruise indigenous time come time.

The bottom line is dispute to offer free cruises are very rare, however they carry out exist. It is really important to be leery the any free offer, especially offers you view on social media. Double check the entity offering is legitimate and not a copycat information collecting scam.

Mobile games


There is a complimentary game you can play ~ above your computer or mobile device called MyVegas, which native time to time offers cost-free cruises and also onboard credit.

Playing MyVegas way choosing in between different games, such together blackjack or slots, and winning points the go in the direction of your profile.The gamings reward girlfriend for gaining to the following level.

If you play the video game regularly and earn sufficient points, you can actually cash out the points for one-of-a-kind offers, including totally free cruises or onboard credits. MyVegas provides these type of uses for various other cruise lines together well, including MSC or Norwegian Cruise Line.

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The availability of a totally free Royal Caribbean cruise will certainly vary and is not always easily accessible as one option.