Wait a second, you have the right to earn complimentary gift cards, no way?! when it comes to buying presents for other people, such as at Christmas, it have the right to be a little overwhelming once it concerns cost, because even if you small the world down that you want to offer presents to, over there are most likely still walking to be a most loved ones the you great to get gifts for.

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A gift card sure would be nice once you’re acquiring a tiny something for yourself, quite than payment in cash. Don’t friend think so?

It’s straightforward to it is in tempted and also spend a lot of cash or splurge native time to time.

We room only human after all!

A good way to get roughly these potential budget plan breakers is to usage gift cards – and an ext specifically, free gift cards indigenous companies choose Amazon, Apply, and also Visa.

In this article, ns will present you exactly how to obtain started and also earn gift cards rapid from her favorite places.

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15 ways To earn Gift Cards

Why Get cost-free Gift Cards?


You need to be thinking, why stroked nerves trying to earn gift cards?

It’s cost-free money in her pocket, so may as well!

Personally, i am the the approach that if I desire something that’s not in the budget, ns will need to earn extra money come cover it.

If I desire to buy other that’s $5, I will look into ways to earn an extra $5- and I carry out this no matter exactly how much that is!

I’d discover ways come earn the money ~ above the next through selling things ~ above Decluttr to working some extra hours.

Gift cards are great because girlfriend don’t have the temptation of cash burn a hole in her pocket, whispering to you to buy the entire components of the snack section when you’re at the grocery store on an empty stomach.

When girlfriend earn gifts cards, you deserve to keep lock at-the-ready for when you desire to use them, such as at Christmas time or on a funny vacation.

Earn Gift Cards

Luckily, over there are lots of ways to earn complimentary gift cards and also codes!

You can get complimentary gift cards therefore you deserve to have some guilt-free spending, and also cover every one of your gift-giving without any kind of stress or problem at the critical minute.

The goal v your money need to be to have the ability to utilize the to accomplish less anxiety in her life, and also earning gift cards for your purchases will certainly certainly aid you to perform that!

If you’re wondering exactly how to earn Amazon gift cards especially, no to concern – there are many sites the we will certainly be feather at transparent the article that will obtain you there.

15 means To knife Gift Cards

1. Swagbucks: free Amazon Gift Cards ($5 Bonus)


Swagbucks is an all-in-one money-making machine! earn money and also get cost-free gift cards by completing surveys, watching videos, and also even shopping online.

You earn points called ‘Swagbucks’ or “SBs” and also 100 Swagbucks equates to $1.00.

You deserve to earn points when you take it surveys, play games, utilizing the app to watch videos, shopping virtual to get cash back, and also more.

The lot of SBs the you earn because that each job varies depending on what you space doing exactly, and how lengthy it will certainly take – so generally, much longer surveys will earn you an ext SBs.

There are lots of an excellent gift cards that you can get on Swagbucks as soon as you have enough points, such together Paypal, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, and also even complimentary Home Depot gift cards.

I don’t know about you, yet the Paypal and also Amazon.com gift cards would come in handy!

After you take it surveys because that money, you can redeem her SBs for cost-free gift card codes.

This allows you come obtain complimentary Walmart gift map rewards and others like Xbox gift options.

If you head on over to the ‘Rewards’ ar on the website, that will present you the various totally free gift cards the you can get

It’ll additionally tell girlfriend how numerous points friend will should earn to acquire them – lookout because that sales too, together they minimize the amount of SBs you require occasionally.

Sign up with Swagbucks today and also claim her $5 sign up bonusto put towards your first free gift card!

2. InboxDollars: convert Cash to Gift Cards ($5 Bonus)

InboxDollarsis an online rewards club, wherein you deserve to earn cost-free gift cards indigenous doing surveys, playing digital games, signing up for offers, and also reading emails. Check out our complete review that InboxDollars here.

When you’re on the site, look the end for the violet buttons, which to speak things like “Earn”, “Answer” and other similar phrases, as that is mirroring you where you deserve to earn money on there.

There are additionally headers across the height of the site, which you deserve to click on and it will take you to that certain part. For example with the “Surveys” tab, girlfriend can click on that and also it will take girlfriend to every one of the available surveys come answer, with the moment it will take to complete it noted on them as well.

You will simply be asked some questions, and also get paid for doing so – this is normally an easy method for service providers to do some market research.

If you have a little of spare time every day, such as as soon as you are winding down in the evening watching a little bit of Netflix, then this is an easy means to knife cash to transform into gift cards online.

You will need to obtain to $30 in order come cash out, and there are tons of retailers’ gift cards that are available, such as Amazon, Adidas, or Walmart to name a few.

Sign up through InboxDollars today and also claim your $5 sign up bonus!

3.MyPoints Surveys: totally free Starbucks Gift Cards

MyPoints is another survey site where you are able to earn points native answering digital surveys and redeem them for complimentary gift cards.

You can even build up her points to gain even far better deals on your gift cards.

You will be able to redeem gift cards in ~ some good places such together Amazon, Starbucks, iTunes, and more.

Since 1996 MyPoints has paid out over 236 million dollars in gift cards and PayPal cash!

With end 10 million members and also counting you understand you space in an excellent hands to take it surveys on MyPoints.

4. Rakuten: complimentary Gift once You sign up with ($10 sign Up Bonus)

Rakuten (formerly ebates) is a website that wherein you deserve to earn cash back on your digital purchases. Rather than knife points, you basically get part money for ordering v their site!

If you are feeling a little bit skeptical around how this works, don’t worry due to the fact that it’s every very straightforward and legit.

Below is a snapshot of our lifetime income using Rakuten to do you feel at ease.


Rakuten renders their money from gift affiliates for the suppliers that you acquire cash back on.

If girlfriend click with onto another firm to purchase something and also get your cash back, Rakuten will gain a commission indigenous pointing girlfriend in that direction.

You will certainly then get component of their income as your cash back.

When you space planning on making an online purchase, head on end to the Rakuten site (or if you room buying other on her phone, there is likewise an app available) and check if the retailer is on there (there space over 2000 ~ above the site, therefore it more than likely is ~ above there!).

Once friend have uncovered the retailer, you click on it to be taken to their site.

From there, you finish your acquisition as you were going to perform anyway, however your visit to the website will have actually been tracked v Rakuten, and also you will get cash back for this.

It’s complimentary money!

Just for doing a transaction that you would have been doing anyway, so it’s absolutely worth a pair of extra clicks to get some cash or gift cards sent out your way.

Sign up this day to knife your first $10 you have the right to put towards earning your first FREE gift card.

5. Honey Extension: Earn complimentary Amazon Gift Card


Over below on The Savvy Couple, we love the Honey Extension and have one in-depth evaluation of honey explaining specifically how to use it, but we deserve to do a review of it right here for you!

The Honey expansion is a web browser extension the you download onto your laptop or computer system (unfortunately it’s not for iPad or phones), and it will assist you discover the finest coupon password on sites the you are going to purchase from.

For example, speak you are going come buy other on Sephora once you involved the checkout, there will normally be a box there asking if you have a discount code. A lot of the time us just neglect this, due to the fact that we space in a hurry, or have actually a tiny Google find for a coupon code that you can use.

The ideal thing around the Honey Extension is the it will execute this immediately for you. It will certainly pop up through a crate letting you know that it has some coupons available, and also it will uncover the best one for you to use. I have personally used this and also can confirm that it does work, and also saves you a most time searching.

The means that you deserve to earn points and also gift cards with Honey is with their Honey yellow Rewards program. It’s similar to Ebates or Ibotta in the you can get cash back through your site, because that your online purchases.

Once you’ve reached 10,000 point out you have the right to redeem her points because that gift cards. The gift cards the they have actually for friend are:


6. MyPoints Account: sign Up for A complimentary $10 Gift Card


There are loads of different ways that you deserve to earn points to readjust into gift cards top top the MyPoints website– such as:

Cash ago from your virtual shoppingReading emailsWatching videosPrinting couponsSearching top top the internetPlaying gamesReferring her friends to sign up come the site

There space 70 retailers to pick from as soon as you great to redeem her points right into a gift card, such as virtual shops, restaurants, airlines, and also more.

MyPoints is own by the same agency as Swagbucks, so the method that you use the sites is an extremely similar.

Sign up for an account today and also earn your an initial FREE $10 gift card.

7. Credit transaction Card Rewards: complimentary Gift Cards


Using credit cards to acquire rewards is a good way to carry out so, yet you have to make sure that you will be wise with her card, and also not it is in tempted to placed extra money top top it for items that you cannot afford.

Assuming the you room going to it is in ok with your credit transaction card, there space some the end there that offer an excellent rewards in exchange because that you utilizing them – together as free gift cards.

An instance is the uncover It cash back credit card which is a card that will offer you cash ago on things that friend are currently buying such as groceries, gas, etc.

When you obtain your cash back, you room able to adjust it into a gift card.

Another example is the Amazon Prime save Card which offers a $10 Amazon gift card once you open up a new account v them – however make sure that you read the T&C’s before signing up.

Our Favorite credit Cards:

Credit map rewards schemes often offer fabulous incentives – but as already mentioned, make sure that prior to signing up because that a new credit map you are 100% confident the you space going to pay it off every month and are not going to be tempted to usage it for things that room not in your budget.

8. Amazon Trade-In for totally free Amazon Gift Cards


So if you don’t desire to take it surveys and earn points, here’s a various option to check out!

Amazon is a good way come buy things, but likewise make money!

The Amazon Trade-In regimen is a program where you have the right to trade-in your old things, and get Amazon gift cards in exchange.

If we’re all moral with ourselves, most of us have actually stuff lying approximately the house that we can acquire rid of. I think that myself together pretty an excellent at decluttering and love offering my old bits, but somehow I constantly find much more and more stuff to acquire rid of!

With this regimen you deserve to trade in the following:

Cell phonesKindle readersVideo gamesTextbooksTabletsBluetooth speakers and also EchoStreaming media players (e.g. Apple TV, Roku Streaming Stick, etc.)

When you space on the Trade-In section on the Amazon site, it will permit you to find for the items the you want to trade-in.

It will show you specifically what girlfriend can and also can’t profession in currently, and also the condition that it needs to it is in in because that them to accept it.

After girlfriend submit her item that you desire to profession in and it’s accepted, the gift card need to be included to your balance in ~ 2 company days – really handy if you have to buy something critical minute!

Start trading in her items come Amazon for totally free gift cards today!

9. Gain a complimentary American consumer Opinion Account

American customer Opinion is a company that pays you come answer virtual surveys that are available for girlfriend to go into on the website.

You earn points per virtual survey, they will certainly be between 100 come 5000 points, through each 1 allude being equivalent to 1 penny.

When girlfriend redeem her points, they will be offered as cash, yet you are able to victory a complimentary gift card with their lucky attract opportunities.

Bonus: You deserve to use the Honey expansion to gain rewards when you use this site.

10. Join Survey Junkie


One of our favorite survey sites is Survey Junkiebecause that is straightforward to use and it’s fine paid as online surveys go.

Not just that, yet it’s really user-friendly – the site itself is well made and presented, and also you are likewise able to finish the surveys whenever is convenient for you.

This is perfect because that those of united state who have very busy lifestyles and may have a little bit the extra time every now and then.

In exchange for answering the surveys girlfriend will obtain points, and when you have actually reached 1000 points, you room able come redeem this for cost-free e-gift cards (or cash), and also even far better than the – the e-gift cards don’t expire.

Check the end our full review of survey Junkieto learn much more and start earning.

11. Shop through Ibotta & earn Cash Back


Ibotta is a yes, really useful application to have, that will gain you cash earlier on your purchases. Ns don’t know around you, however I love getting totally free money earlier on things that i am walking to be buying anyway!

Grocery purchase is a huge expense for most families, so gift able to obtain cash earlier on the food and drink that you buy have the right to be a blessing, particularly if you are going through a unstable financial patch.

When girlfriend are about to perform your grocery shopping, you deserve to open up the Ibotta app and also select the items the you space planning ~ above buying.

Once you have done her shopping, you will upload her receipt so that it have the right to be checked out that girlfriend bought those items, and you will gain the cash earlier for those.

If you have actually loyalty cards, girlfriend can attach these to the app as well, by making use of the same technique as discussed above.

Another method of earning through the Ibotta app is by obtaining cash ago on your virtual purchases if you room doing the on her cell phone.

Once your account get $20, you room able to cash out and can redeem that in the kind of complimentary gift cards.

When you sign up utilizing our exclusive attach you will certainly earn your an initial $10 because that FREE,which will assist you top top your means to the cashout!

12. Totally free Gift Cards because that Birthdays & Holidays


A really simple method to gain some cost-free gift cards is to simply ask because that them!

Now, ns don’t median go around asking random human being on the street for cost-free gift cards, yet to ask because that gift cards native friends and family that will certainly be buying girlfriend something anyway.

For example, in ~ Christmas and also on her birthday, her loved ones will most likely ask you what you would favor them to get you, and also you can let them know that friend would like a gift card.

A many the time, civilization struggle with learning what come buy people. I personally love a handy gift, fairly than other that will certainly just end up at the back of mine closet.

Chances are, you’re more than likely saving up for something best now, which is why having actually a gift map to go towards that will certainly be really helpful to you.

I constantly ask because that gift cards when I’m asked what i would prefer as a gift, and I am usually details as well and will describe the reasons behind it.

For example, if my partner and also I desire to go the end on an ext date nights, but we are greatly saving, a really valuable gift card could be one because that a restaurant or the movies.

With every one of the different gift cards that are out there, over there are loads of things that you can put it in the direction of that you are conserving up because that – if you have just purchase a home for example, you could buy house appliances or furniture. If you are having actually a baby, gift cards for her favorite baby clothing store would be happily welcomed.

Don’t be fear to let your loved ones recognize what friend are saving up because that – most human being want to help, and also would love to assist you on your method to gaining something the you really want.

13. Knife Points with Opinion Outpost


Opinion Outpost is one more online survey site (the more sites you sign up to, the much more gift cards you’ll be able to earn!), whereby you can earn points and also get paid for every survey that friend complete.

Surveys are such a great way the earning gift cards, since there space always little pockets that the day the we have the right to do them in, and also it doesn’t require much initiative at all. Finding out to get gift cards free with a tiny little of effort is a great feeling, specifically when you are using the gift cards for points that you yes, really want.

You are able come exchange her points because that cash, or gift cards such as Amazon or iTunes gift cards. It’s epic!

14. I-Say


Okay, okay, I recognize that it’s another paid survey site, yet we need to mention all of the finest places the can get you your cost-free gift cards, and this is one more one to add to the list!

There are several surveys up because that grabs on this site, but like all inspection sites, it will go off your demographic. Part surveys will be targeting a certain demographic, so the is simply the luck of the attract when it comes to that.

Once you have completed some surveys or polls that room on the website, and have gained to at least 1380 points, you space eligible to redeem these points into digital gift certificates and high street vouchers.

The great thing around redeeming top top i-Say is that the gift cards will be delivered to you straight away – and also with brand such as Starbucks, Amazon, etc.

15. Test journey Cars come Earn complimentary Gift Cards


A nice wild means to earn totally free gift cards yet it’s totally legit. Many automobile dealerships will offer you free gifts cards for swinging by and also taking among their latest inventory the end for a spin.

This is a great way come not just receive some complimentary gift cards for doing other fun yet you likewise get come drive roughly some awesome brand-new cards.

Be sure you are all set to walk into a dealership, lock will shot and sell to you. Car dealerships do their money by obtaining foot traffic into the dealership and also selling HARD.

Make certain you have actually your security up and also realize girlfriend are just there because that the totally free gift cards and coffee. Don’t get captured up in a salesman sit you down and also tempting you to upgrade her car.

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Final Thoughts

If you desire some earn points and get complimentary gift cards to spend on yourself, pay for Christmas this year, or give as presents to others these little side hustles should obtain you fine on her way.

Take surveys, watch videos, and do your continuous shopping- each room easy methods to earn totally free gift cards come treat yo self later on!

There space some incredible alternatives in this complimentary gift map guide. Occupational your method through them and also find the finest ones that job-related for you! an excellent luck earning!