Gift cards make great gifts to give and receive. They room the next finest thing to acquiring actual cash.

And, together digital wallets become much more prevalent, and we usage cashless typically each year, gift cards are ending up being a more common payment method for day-to-day tasks the we complete online.

Some of the most renowned brands space Amazon, Target, Sephora and great old pre-paid Visa credit transaction cards.

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Our pointer Picks to acquire Gift Cards because that Free

Survey JunkieShare your opinion and also get paid
RakutenGet cash back on her purchases
SwagbucksMultiple means to knife gift cards

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How to Get complimentary Gift Cards

How come Get complimentary Gift Cards

If you are looking to get gift cards because that free, below are several easy principles that you have the right to try.

1. Inspection Junkie

Another method to earn gift cards is to take virtual surveys. Some survey companies will reward you with right cash. However, others will let you receive gift cards.

A reputable survey company to consider is inspection Junkie.

With survey Junkie, you deserve to cash the end your points because that gift cards once you receive 1,000 clues ($10 value).

You will be able to share your opinion ~ above a selection of topics varying from national politics or shopping habits, to what friend eat for her meals.

They will enhance surveys v your interests come maximize the experience and also survey results.

Trustpilot: 4.5/5

Read our full Survey Junkie evaluation here.

2. Rakuten

Okay, Rakuten works a bit in different ways than few of the other sites here. Yet you can still usage the site to get totally free gift cards.

Rakuten is a cash earlier shopping portal. When you sign up because that Rakuten making use of the link listed below in the box, they’ll offer you a signup bonus after ~ you make your an initial purchase.

After that, you’ll earn additional dollars every time girlfriend shop and also buy online utilizing the Rakuten to buy portal.

Rakuten partners through over 2,000 stores.

Each store uses a cash earlier bonus v Rakuten because that every purchase you make. The cash earlier bonuses can selection anywhere indigenous 1% to up to 40% of her purchase.

You’ll accrue a cash balance in your Rakuten account, and Rakuten sends out the balance to you every quarter. They’ll one of two people pay you via PayPal or by mail a check; everything you prefer.

Then you deserve to use the money you get to purchase gift cards native the save of her choice.

If you’re shopping online anyway, friend may as well get some cash earlier or complimentary gift cards out of the deal.

Trustpilot: 4.3/5

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3. Swagbucks

If you know anything around rewards programs, you’ve most likely heard of Swagbucks. Notably, Swagbucks has remained in the company of offering out totally free gift cards because for end 30 years.

They are right now offering a $10 bonus!

Here’s exactly how it works. You knife points (called Swagbucks) by perfect a selection of online activities.

Some of the options for online tasks you can select from include:

Watching videosBrowsing the webTaking surveysPlaying games

And more. Oh, and they’ll provide you Swagbucks as soon as you shop with their digital portal and buy from one of the Swagbucks sleeve partners, too.

One cool thing around Swagbucks is that they payout once you earn as little as $3. To be sure, there space only particular retailers that take part in giving gift cards of that little amount.

But it’s nice to recognize you don’t have to earn a lot to cash in.

Swagbucks has actually paid the end over $517 million dollars in gift cards and cash to date.

Bonus: If you’d rather have actually cash, you have the right to exchange your Swagbucks because that a PayPal deposit instead of gaining a gift card.

Hint: Want to knife even an ext money? Look for discount sales ~ above selected gift map offerings.

Sometimes Swagbucks will certainly let girlfriend cash in your earnings for gift cards that space discounted up to 20%. Check out the site for details ~ above that.

Trustpilot: 4.3/5

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4. Honey

Honey is another cash ago app that enables you to earn Amazon gift cards. The app has a cash earlier rewards program dubbed Honey Gold that can offer you 0% to 100% cash ago at select stores.

Unlike various other cashback portals that give a flat rate on your whole purchase, the reward price is a secret with Honey.

After completing the purchase at a participating retailer with Honey, girlfriend will uncover out if any type of of the commodities you purchased space eligible because that cashback that deserve to be redeemed for an Amazon gift card.

If you constantly shop in ~ Amazon, you have to strongly consider this app.

It have the right to save you money at Amazon through comparing prices of third-party listings to the Amazon price and gently alert you as soon as a savings opportunity is available.

You can also save money in ~ Amazon, and also all various other online stores, together Honey will immediately enter every well-known discount password to help save you additional money.

Trustpilot score of 4.3/5

Read our complete Honey review here.

5. MyPoints

MyPointsis one more rewards site that will assist you earn complimentary gift cards.

As through Swagbucks, there space several ways you have the right to earn points v MyPoints.

MyPoints will give you point out for tasks such as:

Taking surveysWatching videosSearching the netPlaying digital gamesTaking advantage of deals

And there’s more. They’ll give you points when you shop online through the site as well.

MyPoints will give you points once you shop v coupons too. After ~ you’ve accrued the minimum variety of points, you deserve to trade her MyPoints in because that gift cards to your favorite retailers.

You can also use her points for digital purchases in ~ hotels, airlines and also more.

The worth of the gift card you can obtain with her points varies v each retailer. Save that in mind once you go to redeem your points.

Trustpilot: 4.4/5

Read our MyPoints complete review here.

6. InstaGC

Like other platforms in this section,instaGClets you earn totally free gift cards (and other rewards together well) through the many common technique of completing paid inspection opportunities.

You can also earn by the town hall videos, purchase online and surfing the web.

There are over 350+ redemption choices for gift cards, and also you can begin receiving gift cards with just a $1 balance!

Also, all gift cards areinstantly received, which method once friend redeem your points because that one, yes no wait! You’ll instantly receive the gift card password details.

Not only are these gift cards instant, yet they likewise offer PayPal the is prompt as well. These space both good reasons alone to take into consideration instaGC.

Trustpilot: 3.5/5

Read our full InstaGC testimonial here.

7. Fetch Rewards

walk you know you can get gift cards simply for taking photos of your receipts? Yes, that is that straightforward with Fetch Rewards. Just include the apologize or Android application to your phone and start earning points in the direction of gift cards.

The application is super basic to use. The will display you how plenty of points you have actually earned and what gift cards or various other items you have the right to reward yourself with.

To knife points, simply take a photo of your receipts. The app gives you bonus points in the direction of inviting friend (typically 4,000) and also buying particular products. About 1,000 clues is equal to $1.

You can additionally connect your application to your Amazon or email whereby it will certainly search for digital purchases and also then use those purchases into points.

To cash in your points, simply choose your reward. For example, after ~ 3,000 points earned you can reward yourself through a $3 Amazon gift card. Pick that reward climate copy the case code and paste into the Amazon redeem a gift map on her account.

Fetch Rewards does a great job through instructions on just how to use their app. This is a must have actually for anyone the shops and also gets receipts.

Trustpilot: 2.9/5

8. Gift map Granny

If friend buy discounted gift cards online, you might think about shopping at Gift map Granny. V their rewards program, you earn points for cost-free gift cards in no time.

In addition to earning points for each gift card you buy, friend can additionally receive five points each day by reading their day-to-day newsletter and also downloading your Chrome web browser extension.

If you have a coupon or gift card deal to share v Gift card Granny, you have the right to earn even much more points.

What additionally makes Gift map Granny unique is the they find the price listings that several various other gift card discounters choose Raise and also Giftcard Zen.

Not just does Granny offer you points because that shopping, however she find the ideal deals for you together well.

Trustpilot: 2.7/5

9. Grindabuck

Grindabuck is just one of the many flexible sites to earn cost-free gift cards. It is possible to earn rewards points while you hear to music, clock videos, take surveys and also view advertisements.

Also, friend can complete micro-tasks, download payment apps and also games, win contests and take benefit of mobile offers.

You can earn 100 Grindabucks, a $1 value, just for signing up. Reward point out (Grindabucks) can be redeemed for gift cards or Bitcoin. Some of the gift card redemption alternatives include Amazon, Walmart and also GameStop.

Trustpilot score of 3.8/5

10. InboxDollars

Want to gain paid because that the ingredient you already do online? Now, friend can.

InboxDollars will pay girlfriend for tiny tasks that you currently do or even for other tasks that require tiny time.

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You can gain paid for:

Taking surveysDownloading couponsShopping online

So far, InboxDollars has paid end 50 million dollars in prizes. Besides, they pay through cash or with gift cards.

One downside is the theminimum payout is $30 which is greater than most online inspection sites. However, girlfriend do obtain a $5 bonus just because that signing up.