I know. It sounds a bit too great to be true. But I swear to God…if you follow my advice, the chance that she rejects your kissing effort is smaller than this one public hair that’s dangling right listed below her ship button. In various other words, you will do it taste her delicious lips.

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Here’s why ns so confident that it will certainly happen:


I hope that doesn’t sound arrogant, however you’ll have actually super powers. The ability to walk approximately girls and to taste your sweet lips without saying a cursed word is rare. In fact, it’s so rare that less than 9 out 10 seducers can pull the off…and I just count the good ones.

You’ll shortly be one of the couple of men ~ above this planet to have actually this power…

How to acquire a Girl to Kiss You without Asking 

With an excellent power comes an excellent responsibility.

In situation you have actually forgotten it…


Here’s your duty for getting a girl come kiss you there is no asking:

Wait until she’s alone.

Yep, that’s the first secret come success. Don’t shot to perform it in front of her friends. She could want come taste your disgusting lips (sorry, however I’m no gay) an ext than she desires to breathe. Yet she’s surrounded by her friends. That method she won’t perform it.

Women are very strict as soon as it concerns social norms.

But that doesn’t average that they are not kinky. Women want to it is in kissed by confident and also handsome dudes favor you. Unfortunately, most guys, no matter just how handsome or i was sure they are, either do nothing or do the wrong things.

Here’s what you have to do as soon as you’re alone through her…

1. Allow the atmosphere Get she in the the atmosphere

It’s great to be alone through her.

It’s even much better to be alone with her in ~ the ideal place.

Imagine a…

It’s simpler to kiss a girl without asking once you’re in a kissable environment. I mean, no woman wants to make out v a man behind a rubbish can. That’s not romantic. And also it smells prefer rotten underwear. You want to go somewhere else.

Choose the appropriate venue and also she’ll choose your lips.

Here’s the golden rule:

Every venue the looks good, smells good, and/or has actually dimmed lights is perfect. Periodically a street desk lamp is perfect. It’s romantic and also the lights are dimmed. Just make sure that no drunk homeless male pukes on her feet when you relocate in for the kiss.

2. Look at Deep right into Her Eyes

A woman’s eyes disclose everything.

You need to look deep into the two light bulbs right over her nose. No matter if she has actually brown, green, or blue eyes…they speak a clean language. The means she looks in ~ you reveals how she feels about you.


Does she organize eye contact?
Does she laugh while doing so?
Does she look up to you like a puppy?
Observe she eyes and you’ll know if she wants to kiss you. 

Of course, observing is just one part. The second part is….you guessed it…doing! ns all around practical advice. And you deserve to be pretty practical with a woman’s eyes.

Look deep right into her eyes.
Come closer when you perform it.
Smile like a confident motherfucker.

How walk she react?

I hope she blushes, giggles, and also smiles since these are apparent signs the she wants to kiss you.

3. Examine Out she Soft Red Lips

How to gain a girl come kiss you there is no asking

Don’t be shy.

You are here because you want to know exactly how to obtain a girl to kiss you without asking. I can confidently assume that you’re a quite bold dude. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be questioning yourself this question. I mean, everyone can say “I desire to kiss you.”

Only a couple of can do it without words.

And even less guys are confident sufficient to…

Stare at she lips during a conversation.
 Look her into the eyes appropriate afterwards.
Smile and focus on her lips again…and again.

How go this do her feel?

I can tell friend how. She feels like Taylor Swift in almost every one of her annoying songs. Women love the emotion of being desired. But let’s confront it. The rare the a male expresses his desire to kiss her so confidently. And yes, she knows precisely what girlfriend want.

You look at at she lips and also not at she nose and also she to know the factor why.

4. Invite she to Come Closer

It doesn’t matter where girlfriend are

 You’re in ~ the train station? Invite her to come closer.
You’re sitting on the couch? Invite her to come closer.
You are relaxing on her bed? By currently you understand the game.

You have the right to either execute it verbally or physically. Yet hey, you here since you desire to know exactly how to get a girl come kiss you there is no asking. Therefore let’s take it to the next level. Us are worldwide Seducers. We can do it without words.

Use your body language to express your desire:

You open your arms and also invite she in.
You acquire closer if you smile seductively.
You usage your finger come invite she to come closer.

You don’t need words come express exactly how much you want her. When she knows that you desire her, she also knows the you desire her lips. One doesn’t walk without the other.

5. Usage the Tickling skinny In method

What the heck is the tickling skinny in technique?”

Thanks because that asking.

It’s another seduction method I came up with. And because i’m the creator the this highly reliable monster, I’m allowed to pick such a stupid name. The tickling lean in technique could sound dumb however it’s extremely effective.

Here’s what you do:

You wait until she claims something funny or rude.
You use relentless tickling together punishment.
You skinny in while you’re tickling her. 

One that two things will happen:

Option #1: She laughs she ass off yet doesn’t skinny in (that’s okay).

Option 2: She laughs she ass off and leans in (that’s what you want).

Women love to it is in tickled. Ns mean, that funny. She needs to laugh and also laughing provides her feel good. However there’s more to it. Every second you tickle her is a chance to walk in because that the kiss. If she leans in, she desires it to happen.

I have actually news because that you:

Some girls just pretend the they can’t stop laughing.

They do it to provide you the chance to escalate. This shit wake up in few of the worst romantic comedy movies that Hollywood has ever before produced. A man and also a woman are laughing. Suddenly, castle look into each rather eyes. And also boom…it happens.

Don’t underestimate the tickling lean in technique.

6. Provide Her a Relaxing earlier Massage

Here’s how to kiss a girl there is no asking:

Start v a back massage.

“Come top top Sebastian, is that all friend got?”

Hey patience down! i just provided you the an elaborate pantsy tickling lean in technique. Enough with the sophisticated seduction methods for today! The an excellent news is the the easiest things are often the many effective. Keep it simple, baby.


Seduction is not rocket science

And naught is much easier than a massage:

Start with her back.
Caress she shoulders and arms.
Then you odor her hair and softly kiss she cheek.
Women absolutely love massages. 

It feels an excellent and it renders a kiss practically inevitable. Ns mean, she just needs to turn her head slightly to the left. She can currently feel her breath on her left cheek. And also it’s no a coincidence the she transforms her head.

She walk it since she desires you to take it action.

What will you do?

7. Touch Her and See What wake up

You have to take dangers in life.

Boldness is the most essential ingredient because that a delicious success soup. You want to gain a girl come kiss you without asking. So it is in bold! You require the ship to gain physical. And no, I’m not talking around getting your mam beater the end of the closet and also hunting her down the street.

Here’s what ns mean:

Invite her to hug you.
Touch she arm and also her legs.
Hold she hand when you cross the street.

You don’t have to touch she ass in public. That would be too much. One or 2 innocent touch throughout the conversation. That’s enough. Do it every now and also then and also observe her reaction. She’ll permit you understand whether or no she likes what’s happening…and what’s about to happen.

Does she take a action back?
Does she come closer?
Does she smile?

She wants you to make a move. The signs are clear. Friend just have to take action. 

8. Hug Her and Let Her do the Rest

Are you prepared for another simple, yet effective technique?

The hug...

Yep, this time i don’t have actually a fancy name for it. Stop just contact it the hug…similar come the Hulk.


Terrible jokes aside…

Sometimes it’s sufficient to hug a girl. A hug is basic to initiate and also highly effective since it provides her feel numerous emotions in ~ the same time. The physical call feels good. She feel safe because her daddy hugged her as soon as she was little. And also she deserve to smell the opportunity.

It’s an possibility for a long, wet, and slimy kiss.

Oh, and also in situation you think i’m nuts for saying the a hug is basic to initiate:

Say the you provide out totally free hugs today.
Offer her a hug to make her smile.
Tell her that you require a hug.

I’ve never ever met a girl who refused one of these three invitations. They space bullet-proof.

9. Touch she Cheek and Let her Be a Cat

Have you ever caressed a cat?

Watch this dreadful adorable video in instance you have actually no freaking idea what I’m talking about…

There’s a reason why males tend to like dogs while women have tendency to favor cats. Men are prefer dogs. We like to eat, come sleep, and also to wag out tails. Ladies are favor cats. Few of them space moaning every day long and others are ruthless killers. Okay, no much more weird similarities in between women and also cats.

Wait! One more:

Women and also cats react identically when you caress them.

Touch her cheek together if girlfriend caressed a cat and…

She’ll make cute sounds.
She’ll rotate her head towards you.
She’ll snuggle as much as you favor a cute kitten.
What execute you do as soon as she walk that?

There’s just one point to perform in this situation. Kiss she cheek. She wants you to execute it.

10. Relocate Her Head and Kiss she Cheek 

How do you make it happen? 

To be honest, you currently know what to do. As a guy who knows exactly how to kiss a girl there is no asking, you need to be bold. You know that. So it is in bold and also move she head in your direction. You space the player and also her head is the ball (please don’t kick it or throw it).

Touch she left cheek v your ideal hand.
Use your hand to guide her head.
Kiss she on the best cheek.
Women love this move. Watch old James link movies with Sean Connery. He does it in virtually every movie. He rescues the hottie and then that holds her head as if it was the many precious bowling round in the whole universe.

Then that goes in for the kiss.

“But Sebastian, James Bond doesn’t kiss girl on the cheek. The kisses castle on the mouth.”

Yeah, but you’re no James Bond.

Start v a kiss ~ above the cheek. You have still plenty of time to turn into Mr. Bond…

11. Start with a Soft Kiss to discover the Territory 

Don’t ram your tongue in she mouth.

I mean, no now. You can and also should execute that later. Yet for now, a soft kiss on the lips is enough. Among my friend loves to walk camping and also he constantly says “explore the territory prior to you set up the tent.”

Truer words have actually never to be spoken.

Setting up a tent and also kissing a girl straight into heaven is fairly similar.

You start slowly.
You rise the intensity.
 You prepare for the final stroke.
And boom! that’s the minute when her tongue shoot out favor a deadly torpedo. Currently you deserve to be proud of the tent you set up…or of the truth that she tongue-deep in a nice girl’s mouth.

You’ll be as proud together I am of my publication Rise that the Phoenix.

Check it the end after girlfriend kissed a beautiful mrs without asking. It’ll teach you just how to taste her lips under under ~ you tasted the people in she face.

Summed up Wisdom 

Do girlfriend have any kind of idea exactly how to gain a girl to kiss you without asking? dominion number one is come shut your mouth. That’s pretty obvious…but only the guideline of the iceberg. It likewise helps come let the atmosphere support friend on your path towards she wet lips.

And nothing forget her eyes. Practice lengthy eye-contact and she’ll practice tongue wrestling through you. Simply touch her and see what happens. Alternatively, you have the right to use mine incredibly innovative tickling skinny in technique. Yet let’s confront it. In some cases a ago massage is every you need.

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Escalating deserve to be so simple. Friend just have to hug her and also let her perform the rest. The motion of she head suggests her desire come kiss you. The no coincidence the her lips finish up right in prior of yours. Touch she cheek as if you’d caress a cat and also reward her with a kiss on the cheek. Then continue with she mouth.