Getting a girlfriend can be hard for any person of any age. Not only can it it is in intimidating, it have the right to be confusing together well. Yet it deserve to be specifically intimidating to do it once you space in high school.

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Depending on what class you room in, a large number of people at this age have never been in a relationship or gone on a date before. And also even if you have dated before, it is various in high school.

At this time of your life, emotions space stronger and also people take these points a little much more seriously. And also in high school, everyone is still finding out what it means to become an adult. There are numerous factors to think about when you are trying to obtain a girlfriend in high school.

First of all, just how do you even pick someone to be your girlfriend? Who execute you like? Is there someone that you feel drawn to, prefer you have actually a strong connection that might possibly bring about something more? Or perhaps there is a girl in your school who you carry out not know that well yet there is something around her that you cannot get out of her head. If any kind of of this sounds familiar to you, then possibly you have uncovered the girl who you desire to be your high institution girlfriend.

Below are a few tips on how you can obtain a girl friend in high school. When you do not necessarily must do all of these points in bespeak to gain a girlfriend, complying with at the very least some the these tips can help improve your chances of recognize the ideal girl because that you.

How To obtain A girlfriend In High School

Take care of Yourself

The very first step to getting a girlfriend in high institution is do yourself show up appealing. Most girls will certainly not desire a slob. High school boys are recognized for not always being particular about exactly how they groom themselves. This is miscellaneous you desire to consider when you room trying to get a girlfriend.

If you are interested in having actually a girlfriend, one of the very first things the you will certainly really should make sure that girlfriend take care of yourself first. This can be as straightforward as brushing her hair and using deodorant or you deserve to even try to dress decently and look attractive. Make sure that your socks match and that your clothing are washed and do not shot to douse you yourself in too lot cologne either.

How you take care of yourself really counts on what her comfort level is, however you must at least shot to look appealing to girls. In ~ the an extremely least, you should avoid being smelly. Carry out your finest to look and also smell nice, otherwise you can have a tough time recognize a girlfriend.

You could even want to take it this a step further by trying to prevent looking like you just rolled out of bed. In enhancement to washing your face, brushing her teeth, and combing her hair. Ideally, your clothes will not be all wrinkled. If you take some care in exactly how you dress yourself, girls will certainly take notification of that. If you have actually some mrs friends or male friends who room not single, they might have the ability to give friend some aid as well.

Keep in mind that you perform not require to give yourself a complete makeover in stimulate to get a girlfriend. Nor have to you shot to be someone the you room not. But shot to at least smell nice and look presentable because that the girl that you like.

Make Friends

This is no necessarily a ide to day your friends. But when you have actually your own circle the friends, a girl have the right to be much more likely to watch you as an ext approachable. If you keep to yourself and also do not connect with others, then just how will you be able to meet a girl? Friends are also an excellent because lock can help you showcase few of your finest qualities.

When you have actually friends, your crush could see that you have world who worth you and also care around you as a person. Conversely, if you have actually no girlfriend or are always burning bridges through friends, she might an alert that together well and also take it together a bad sign. If you have trouble do or keeping friends, climate she might think that you have trouble with people and also any kind of relationship, be it romantic or platonic.

If you room patient, loyal, and also generous, for example, that could come through in how you treat her friends. And shot to have actually friends the both genders. Having actually friends who space girls can help you to understand exactly how girls think and they might be able to give you an excellent advice that your man friends could not have the ability to give come you.

Having a group of friends will certainly also aid you occupational on your social skills. You will learn exactly how to be a good friend which have the right to be a great base because that learning just how to be a good boyfriend. Having friends might also help you get confidence.

Be Visible

In high school, it can be easy to gain lost in the crowd. Luckily, there are various ways for you to stand the end in school. You have the right to participate and also raise your hand in class once in a while or take part in school activities. Even though raising your hand in course will acquire her attention, girlfriend will likewise want to prevent being a recognize it all. You could know a lot about the subject, but you want to give other classmates a chance to have actually their turn.

At the same time, do not just join tasks to obtain a girlfriend. For example, you have to not sign up with the football team just because you think that will acquire you a girlfriend. You have to participate in activities that genuinely interest you.

Get she Attention

If you execute not also talk to the girl girlfriend like, then just how will you acquire her come be her girlfriend? begin out by saying hello to her every day. You have the right to slowly construct a rapport through her that will certainly make her comfortable and friendly v you.

You can find excuses to talk to her, specifically if you have actually a course together. You can ask her about your homework or shot to examine or do homework together.

In school, you can also get her attention by making rather laugh or through being energetic in your school. Simply avoid do a stupid of yourself. Girlfriend don’t want her to think that you are simply a class clown that will take it nothing seriously.

Find other in Common

A great way to obtain a girl friend is by having actually something in typical with her. This can be uncovered in a common after-school activity, liking the very same music, or a selection of various other things. In order to find out what you have in common, friend will have actually to gain to understand her more.

On a smaller scale, you can also talk around a class you both have, the weather, or a school occasion that is coming up. If you have actually some common friends, then that is a great way friend can attach over. And if her friends space willing, castle can aid you to facilitate the link so you can obtain the round rolling.

When it pertains to the girl you like, girlfriend will desire to protect against faking a typical interest with her. While that is admirable the you desire to feel more closely linked to her, it is better if your common interests are genuine ones that you have the right to really affix over. Besides, if friend fake an attention in something and she find out, she can lose respect because that you.

Avoid having actually a negative Reputation

While that is good for her crush to recognize who friend are, girlfriend don’t desire her to know you for bad things. If you are always getting in problem at school, that deserve to be a large turn off for her. Or if friend are typical to various other classmates, she might hear about that too.

If you room a course clown, there is a chance that she could not be able to take girlfriend seriously as boyfriend material. Therefore be careful of the reputation that you create for yourself.

Remember that world will also judge you based on who you hang the end with, particularly in high school. If you space friends through bullies or human being who are constantly getting detention, girls will take keep in mind of that and many that them could assume the you are poor news together well.

Spend Time Together exterior of School

There are countless ways you and your crush can spend time with each other after school. You have the right to hang approximately her locker and stop come chat for a few minutes after ~ school has actually ended. Girlfriend can likewise offer to walk her home.

You can also spend time with each other at the library and do homework or examine together. If you have actually a mutual interest, climate you have the right to join one extracurricular task together.

If you are much more familiar through each other, friend can even ask her if she wants to grab a bite nearby. Girlfriend can likewise invite her over come your place to do homework or clock TV. This are just a couple of ways that you have the right to spend time with each other after school.

You can be skeptical to jump directly into dates with this girl or possibly she is feeling hesitant about this. You deserve to put she at ease by inviting she to cave out with you and also your friends. This will likewise give her an chance to acquire to recognize the other civilization in your life. In time, she can be an ext eager and an ext comfortable to simply hang out with you.

Get her Alone

This advice does not median that you need to necessarily get her every alone in a room. But you should try to have actually one on one conversations with her. If she is always surrounded by your friends, then how deserve to you really acquire to recognize each other?

If she really is about her friends all the time, climate you could have come ask she if she have the right to talk come you alone for a minute.

You can likewise spend alone time through her if you space able to companion up top top a class project together. If you have a science course together and also none of her close friends are in the class, then you deserve to ask her to be your lab partner.


When you currently know a girl, it can gain tricky once you gain closer to her. If you choose her, you want to stop going straight right into friend territory. This is why flirting is essential as that will display the girl you prefer that you are interested in she romantically. There space subtle means to flirt with a girl without coming off together creepy.

If you recognize where this girl’s locker is, climate you can stop and say hello to her as soon as you walk by. Even if you perform not have classes together, you deserve to walk she to course if you room heading in the same direction.

You can compliment the girl you prefer by saying the she looks quite today. You can hold the door open for her and chat through her top top the lunch line. If you room in a class together, you deserve to see if she will partner with you during group projects.

Another effective flirting method is to find excuses to lightly touch your crush. You can touch her shoulder if she says something funny. In ~ the exact same time, be conscious of her boundaries and also make sure that girlfriend respect them.

Make eye contact with her. This will make her feel closer come you and also it will certainly let her recognize that you space listening to what she needs to say. Looking her in the eyes will display that you have actually an attention in her.

When she talks, you have the right to lean in towards her. This human body language will certainly tell her the you are tuned in come her. You can also nod your head periodically when she talks.

Leave she Wanting More

While it deserve to be tempting come focus all of your attention on her crush, you likewise want her to understand that you have a life and are not way too obsessive. If you do come off that way, climate she could see you as method too intense for her.

It is definitely encouraged to have conversations v the girl girlfriend like. After talking about yourself a small bit, you deserve to leave more information because that the next time you talk. You should certainly leave she wanting to understand even more about you. That way, you will definitely have one excuse to proceed the conversation soon.

Even as soon as she questioning you points such as your plans because that the weekend, perform not tell she every small detail together this can bore her. Just tell she one or two things and do not forget come ask she what she is doing too. You must always show an interest in she life, particularly when she reflects an interest in yours.

Again, do not offer her every little thing right away. If you perform want to make physical moves, shot to no rush things. If you shot to execute too lot with her appropriate away, she will certainly think that all friend care about is a hookup rather of ending up being her yes, really boyfriend. If you space serious around being in a relationship, then you will actually must court her a tiny bit.

Ask her On a Date

There are many ways come ask your crush ~ above a date. You deserve to ask her out in person, happen her a note in class, have a friend offer her the note, or ask she through message messaging or e-mail. So no matter exactly how shy girlfriend are, there is yes, really no excuse not to go for it.

Before girlfriend ask her crush top top a date, make certain she at least knows you. If you have never really had actually a conversation with this girl, climate why have to she desire to go on a date with you? Make sure that you develop some type of rapport with her prior to you ask her out.

If a special occasion like a college dance is coming up, you have the right to ask her as your date as well. At the very same time, you have to be aware that friends will sometimes go as dates together so you will want it to it is in clear that you do have actually romantic feelings because that her.

Do you have actually a institution play, arts show, or some other occasion coming up? You can ask her to go through you and see if she is crawl on coming together your date.

When girlfriend ask this girl to go out on a day with you, prevent being vague. Rather of saying “do you want to take a bite sometime,” friend are far better off reasoning of a specific time and also place. If she cannot carry out that time however is genuinely interested, she will figure out a day that works for both that you.

Do not Act Entitled

While there is naught wrong with making her feelings recognized to the girl friend like, carry out not be obnoxious around it either. Even if you are nice come her, that does not mean that she owes you anything. All the you can do is lay down the groundwork and hope the she will reciprocate your feelings.

If she does choose you back, then you have a very good chance of getting her to end up being your girlfriend. Never ever take her for granted, including when you room still make the efforts to day her. If friend act disrespectful towards her or spurn her, then she will be a lot less likely to want to come to be your girlfriend.

Since you space in high school, you will be surrounded by many other people. You might want come impress various other people, specifically your friends. If you have a girl the you space courting or that is reflecting interest in you, execute not run to your friends and also brag around it. If you perform this, girlfriend will danger embarrassing this girl or she could not prefer you talking around her to various other people. Always be discreet in these matters.

Be a Gentleman

This ties into the last item of advice. Treat her just how you would desire to be treated. Carry out not take it it badly or personally if she does not want to be your girlfriend. Simply move on and find someone that will reciprocate your feelings. You worthy to be through someone that likes you ago and you definitely cannot pressure those feelings.

And if you room lucky sufficient to acquire a girl come be her girlfriend, then do not take she for granted and also do not pressure her to carry out anything that she go not desire to do. Respect her borders and shot your best to be a good listener and a thoughtful boyfriend.

In terms of being intimate, constantly ask very first before you do anything. Whether you desire to host her hand or kiss her, make sure to questioning first. This will assist make certain that you room both comfortable and also ready. You desire to make sure that you have a trusting relationship where each other’s boundaries and needs space respected.


As you deserve to see, there are plenty of steps to gaining a girlfriend in high school. Remember come take care of your appearances, treat civilization nicely, and also to act the girl that you prefer with respect. Present a actual interest in her and also do no be fake as an attempt to make her choose you more.

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Do no be shy. Develop a rapport v this girl and also get to recognize her. Gather the courage come ask her out on a date and if she states no, that is okay. You have the right to use the confidence the you have actually now to move on and also pursue someone else. Be confident and sure of yourself without gift arrogant. And also with some luck and effort, you will get yourself a girlfriend in high school.