The process of obtaining a total in brand-new York can be long and understandably intimidating. Intimidating because you might not recognize where to begin through this long and also potentially enemy process. Hope this overview will demystify the procedure and gain you began in the right direction.

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First the an excellent news! If you space a brand-new York State resident and also do no live in the City of brand-new York you carry out not need any type of paperwork, license, permit or permission on slide to walk to a regional sporting products shop or local gun store and also purchase a rifle or a shotgun. As soon as you go to the save you will must fill out a form 4473 and also pass a NICS (National prompt Criminal Search) before you can complete the purchase.

Now the bad news! If you desire a handgun or want a rifle or shotgun and live in new York City friend will have to fill the end paperwork, salary a fee and apply because that permission to have a pistol, rifle or shotgun. In brand-new York State is a felony to touch one unloaded handgun also in a gun save or at the selection unless you have used to permission to possess a firearm and the permission has been granted in the form of a license. Depending on where girlfriend live come not expect a license to lug a firearm. Rather, the is an ext than likely that friend may obtain a license v a many of limitations that for example may only permit you to have the gun in your home, at the range, searching or fishing or some mix of those activities.

A couple of general rule of ignorance when applying for a gun license.

Be honest! new York Penal regulation 400 (1) entitled eligibility makes it clear that to be eligible for a handgun license your application must be investigated and also that all statements made in the application have to be found to be true. The application will certainly ask around arrests. Brand-new York go not have actually expungements. Carry out not assume that because a situation was sealed you have the right to lie and also indicate that you were no arrested. This is basic and common means that applications are denied. Similarly, if you room asked around summonses, lawsuits, bankruptcies, etc., you have to be honest. Be truthful in all statements.You must not it is in a judge felon or have actually been convicted of a “serious offense”. If you have been convicted of a misdemeanor in brand-new York it is crucial to consult with an attorney about whether the misdemeanor is taken into consideration a “serious offense”. If you have been convicted of a felony you may not use for a patent or possess any pistol rifle or shotgun till your weapons rights room restored. Speak to an attorney prior to applying.You have to be the “good moral character”. This is the catchall the is often used to prevent people from getting licenses. Human being have to be denied under this provision because that being the victim the a crime, for no paying tickets, because that driving offenses and any various other excuse they have the right to dream up. If there is other in her background that deserve to be supplied to suspicion you the not having the ideal moral character for a gun license, speak to an attorney before you apply.Read and follow the direction carefully. Each County has actually their own procedure and the procedures change often. Read the directions before applying.

Inconsistent Applications - Inconsistent Results:

The bottom heat is the each County has actually their own application process, wait times, varieties of patent issued and also fees. Some call for an virtual application if others call for a document application. Fees have the right to vary widely. For example, new York City fees $340 plus $88.25 virtually $430 when Westchester County just bordering brand-new York City charges only $105.25 plus one more $20 if approved. Rockland county charges $150, Nassau fees $200 and also Suffolk just $88.25. The substantial differences in fees is indicative of a larger and much deeper problem which is the inconsistency in who gets approved, exactly how long the process takes, what kind of licenses space issued and also the technique of application.

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Here are web links to some typical applications:

Westchester County: https://publicsafety.westchestergov.com/about-us/pistol-license-unit

New York City: https://licensing.nypdonline.org/new-app-instruction/

Nassau County: https://www.pdcn.org/251/Pistol-Licenses

Suffolk County: https://suffolkpd.org/Portals/59/scpd_pdfs/formsandreports/PDCS-4016.pdf

Rockland County: http://rocklandgov.com/files/5215/7808/4262/Instructions.pdf

If friend have any type of questions contact one of our experienced guns lawyers to comment on whether us can aid you apply for a patent to possess a firearm in new York.