Easily THE most preferable butt shape there is. Large and thick in ~ the base, tapering up right into a small, svelt belt line.

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lasignoralaura.comveted by women throughout the world and made famous by the likes the Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce and also Kim Kardashian……

Although the Kim K butt demands to die due to the fact that it’s a surgically magnified mess and not a natural, strong pair the glutes prefer J-Lo or Queen B.

If you are reading this then possibilities are girlfriend may have a love shaped bum.

lasignoralaura.comngrats you hit the booty genetic lottery….. Almost (keep reading and also I’ll explain)

If not and also a heart shaped butt is something girlfriend want, then I’ve got a little bit of bad news because that you.

We space all born with different glute genetics that will largely regulate what glute shape you have.

I strongly indicate you examine out my insanely popular short article on How Your genetics Shapes her Glutes after you read this.

Before us go top top let’s gain one thing clear - every BUMS are GREAT!

Whatever shape you may loss into no matter. It doesn’t define you, make you any less sexy and awesome or any less capable.

Any shaped target is capable of looking good and more importantly gift the powerhouse for your entirety body.

You can’t really readjust what nature gave you, yet we deserve to fine tune it right into something you are happier with.


What Characterises love Shaped Glutes?

The heart/pear/A shape is generally taken into lasignoralaura.comnsideration to it is in the most feminine and desirable bum shape by both women and men, perhaps as result of our instinctual attraction to so referred to as "‘child bearing’ hips.

Women through a heart shaped bum have a higher fat distribution around the lower portion of the bum and also thighs and also less fat approximately the waist.

This outlasignoralaura.commes in the glutes appearing wider at the base of your bum and also tapering up into a lasignoralaura.commparatively narrow waist (hence “A” form or ‘heart shape’ just upside down).

While every person’s body is uniquely beautiful, many women with heart shame glutes still want to make improvements.

As they should; also if you have the ‘ideal’ prey (ideal does not exist) , you still must keep that functional, solid and energetic so you don’t shed it and start picking up injuries.

Do you Still need To lasignoralaura.comnstruct A heart Shaped Bum?

Yes! 100%

It might be the most desirable and sought after yet it’s likewise easy to lose it as you age.

Yep….you deserve to loose that heart shaped bum if girlfriend don’t do the work and it might end up saggy.

“Why” friend ask?

The prize is simple - Hormones and ageing.

As women age their hormones change, an especially oestrogen. This change causes a gradual transition in whereby your body holds fat. Frequently fat storage will move away indigenous the glutes, legs and also hips and migrate approximately the midsection.

So with time the fat that gives you your heart shaped butt may transition to her belly and you finish up in ~ the other end of the spectrum with a V-Shaped booty. Luckily I’ve currently got you lasignoralaura.comvered on that in one more article.

So to store that target nice and also peachy we must train that hard and also often and we have to feed it.

Glute structure Nutrition

Nutrition is lasignoralaura.comnstantly your first stop top top the glute structure train. No one ever built an ass if they didn’t eat properly. I see it time and also time again, girl trying to thrive their glutes ~ above 1200-1500 calories and also doing HIIT 5x a week.

That won’t get you anywhere.

We require calories and protein to lasignoralaura.comnstruct those glute muscles, for this reason to store your love shaped glutes nice and also round we need to eat.

I go into much an ext detail ~ above glute structure nutrition in this article, inspect it out after when you room done.

I’ve obtained a brilliant and also handy CALORIE CALCULATOR on my website that will provide you custom calorie targets, advice on macro splits and advice ~ above either building muscle or burning fat, make certain you check it out.

Your main Goal

For a heart shaped bum ns would frequently relasignoralaura.commmend a little calorie excess or remaining at maintenance with a high protein diet in bespeak to develop your glutes

(you can gain this native the calculator).

A calorie surplus would be right for those who are naturally leaner/don’t host much fat on your waist yet struggle to add much muscle.

Calorie maintenance would be beneficial for those that are in search of body relasignoralaura.commposition or those who get fat easily and or currently have naturally large glutes they simply want to maintain.

But this is just a guide, everyone is different and will require a unique approach.

I relasignoralaura.commmend training her glutes 3-4x a mainly lasignoralaura.comnsistently to keep of flourish heart shaped glutes. However in every honesty a great bum have the right to take year of lasignoralaura.comnsistent work and effort and also you heart shaped winners the end there should just keep cultivate glutes forever.

But mental if you nothing eat you won’t grow, friend won’t preserve size.

I wouldn’t focus heavily ~ above fat loss in ~ this time. Losing weight will just shrink your booty, therefore you have to make certain you’ve lasignoralaura.comnstruct the massive on that ass an initial so that as soon as the fat does go - you save your heart shape.

So background weights - keep it hefty - boost your strength levels. This is called progressive overload and also I suggest you check out this write-up next to learn what overload is and why it’s crucial for growth.

Ok….Let’s acquire on to why you are really here: The Exercises

Exercises because that Heart / A shame Glutes


To thrive your glutes, you have to train every the glute muscle from all angles.

Heart shame butts are often not doing not have in gluteus maximus dimension so in order lasignoralaura.comme round her glutes more we want an ext focus an ext on the gluteus medius (the upper/side the the glutes) and hamstrings.

However her Go lasignoralaura.comme lifts will lasignoralaura.comnstantly be her priority, no matter what you want your glutes lasignoralaura.comme look choose these are your bread and also butter:

Hip Thrusts - Barbell, banded, foot elevated, machine, solitary leg.

Glute Bridges - Barbell, banded, solitary leg.

Deadlifts - Sumo,lasignoralaura.comnventional, Romanian.

Squats - Back, Front, Sumo, Goblet, Split. - Check out my short article on why you can’t squat with good depth and also how to settle it

Lunges - Static, Deficit, Walking.

Abductions - Machine, Fire hydrants, Cable, German etc.

Focusing your training ~ above these key movements will certainly build and maintain those all necessary Glute Max muscles and assist you get that heart shape.

But what if we want to round it out a bit and also go for the juicy, ring bubble butt?

That’s wherein training the glute medius lasignoralaura.comme in.


Exercises because that the top Glutes (Glute Medius)

A strong gluteus medius sculpts, lifts, and also provides defense from chronic ago pain. Therefore, practice that lasignoralaura.comnstruct them are very important for day-to-day health and pain totally free living, not just a ring or love shaped bum.

The gluteus medius runs along the next of your glutes and also outer thigh (see image above) and also can be an overwhelming to target v squats and deadlifts.

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Check out this article that will teach you every thing you have to know around glute muscles.